Abdullah Yousef, is a Ghoul university student and Mask maker living in the 20th ward, who hails from Syria. His alias is Lycan ( オオカミ人間 Okami ningen )

Abdullah Yousef



Name Abdullah Yousef
User /u/CardistryWolf
Alias Lycan
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 23
Gender Male
Birthday June 15th 1997
Height 6'1 ft (185.4 cm)
Weight 205 Pounds (~93 Kg)
Blood Type A+
Affiliations The Colorless


Relatives Zakaria Yousef (Brother)

Yasmeen Bakr (Niece)

Ward 20th Ward
Rc Type Bikaku
Rating A+
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Abdullah is of tall stature and was of a slim-athletic build due to his calisthenic and Parkour training since childhood, and has a tan complexion, Wavy, but well kept black hair, and amber eyes. He is almost always in either gray or black clothing, very contrasting to his personality.

In the recent months after joining :re, his appearance has changed quite a bit. His skin has lightened just a bit due to Japan's more merciful weather, and his hair has been cut and styled, along with a thick beard. His body also changed, as he put on a decent amount of muscle, now looking less like a calisthenic athlete and more like a bodybuilder.

In his nights as Lycan, he wears dark clothing with his mask, usually along with a hoodie zipped up and over his head. His mask is a silver half mask over his mouth, nose, and jaw, resembling a wolf's open mouth.


Abdullah has always been one of charisma and cheerfulness, bringing optimism to whatever environment he finds himself in. Socially, he is an Ambivert, not bothered by too much company and action, but prefers sometimes to be left to himself. He is very curious and often ponders about the purpose of life and the world, and withholds integrity and honesty in high regard. He is a profound and articulate speaker and artist. He's mostly kind, but fierce when there is a threat to himself and even more so when its to those he cares about. He is quite fond of the human race, befriending them since he was a child, and due to that feels guilty when he eats and is very selective, usually eating criminals, never women or children. He has never had any experience fighting other ghouls before coming to Tokyo, and is now experienced and proficient in combat.



Abdullah grew up in Deir Al Zour, a village in the Syrian countryside. His parents preferred the countryside as it was less monitored for Ghouls. Ever since he was a child he loved physical activity, playing with the other village children many days and nights, and studied poetry enhancing his talent of speech. He caused a lot of mischief and used his speed and parkouring ability to flee. Eventually when reaching his teen years he had minimized his immaturity. Unlike him, his brother Zak had evolved his mischief and left home, having an impact on Abdullah's view of him, later resenting him.

He'd grown fond of humans from befriending them as a child, and always wondered of a way to coexist without hiding so many secrets and resentment. It's later revealed that Abdullah had a ghoul friend, Adnan, who was as close to a brother as anyone in Abdullah's childhood life. Adnan got into a fight with a drunk Investigator, being executed in front of Abdullah as he watched helplessly. This had its severe effects on Abdullah, and how he viewed Investigators and the world.

With the Syrian Civil war igniting around this time, it was discovered by Abdullah's parents that Zak was in a relationship with Adnan's sister, Laila, and had an illegitimate child with her before he ran away. He had ran before knowing of the pregnancy, and it was covered up with great effort by most of Abdullah's extended family to not shame them, or involve them with a bastard child they'd need to take care of in such hard times. This created a wedge between the families of Abdullah and his deceased friend, all under his nose as he was growing up. The girl was named Yasmeen (Jasmine), and in the current time is 5 years old.

When he reached the age of 17, the war climate was heating up in the village, so him and his father agreed that he travel to Japan, to further his education whilst he was unable to safely at home, and to live in a place with a bigger population of ghouls to get a taste of his reality as one.

As of the Ascension arc, Abdullah had become a very active member of Colorless and :re cafe`, rising to become the co-leader of Colorless alongside Akane, taking the place of Tadashi Hisakawa when he retired the position to become the manager of :re.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Strengths: Very fast and agile, with great stamina due to his strenuous calisthenic and parkour training, Combined with his focused and strategic combat style making him an excellent fighter and rarely underestimating his opponents.
Weaknesses: Abdullah has a difficult time fighting when cornered and in tight spaces, and is much more reliant on his speed than brute force, which is a disadvantage when caught by those who best him in that ability.



Type: Bikaku

Appearance: Abdullah's Kagune takes the shape of a Wolf's tail, grey, slim, long, and patterned spike-like as wolves fur is.

Strengths: Is great for piercing and jabbing at enemies, as well as blocking their attacks, not so good at slashing.

Weaknesses: is prone to being sensitive to Ukaku projectiles like most Bikaku.

Mechanics: Abdullah sometimes wraps his tail around his leg to add force and pain to a kick. and when parkouring wraps it around poles and similar objects to fling himself up from them, and curls it like a spring under him to have a safe landing. He can now split the tail in two separate ones that can act on their own.


(Obviously I'm not going to list every single one, therefore I'll continue putting in only the most relevant threads and one shots to Abdullah's character development.

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Here We Are Again.. One Shot Showcasing a night in Abdullah's week, hunting and eating criminals.
Golden Apple Interaction Abdullah discovers a restaurant in the 18th ward for both ghouls and humans, and wants to find out more.
Finding one's purpose Private RP Abdullah meets and joins The Colourless
A Hive of Scum and Villiany Interaction Abdullah investigates Yuureien
A Saint in the house of the Sinister Private RP After speaking to Haruna in Yuureien, Abdullah visits the archive for some research concerning Tokyo's more violent-acting ghouls.
"Man" Hunt (Part 1) Private RP Abdullah meets Akane at The Colorless HQ, and after a chat that he wants a more ambitious job, she tasks him to hunt down the ghoul "Ice"
"Man" Hunt (Part 2) Private RP Abdullah's battle with the Aogiri ghoul Ice
To Old Friends & New Interaction Abdullah has a talk with Tadashi while he works his shift at Anteiku.
Ya Akhi Al-Habib One Shot Abdullah finds out his brother is in Tokyo, obviously up to no good.
Reunited We Are! Private RP After finding out his brother is in Tokyo, Abdullah tracks him down and confronts him.
Recognition Arc Event Abdullah and Silas Aberdeen are sent to kill a trouble-making ghoul in the 5th ward.
The Discourses on the saltiness of Ghouls Private RP Abdullah and Kuroneki Osiris have a deep philosophical discussion in the 13th Ward.
The Seeds One Shot In a state of rage after nearly losing his comrade Silas in battle, Abdullah sets out to kill Investigators for sport.
The Roots One Shot A segment of Abdullah's past is shown during the start of the Syrian Revolution that began to ravage his town.
The Flowers One Shot Abdullah assaults two Investigators, only to come to his senses and make another decision.
Oh Brother, My Sweet Brother Private RP Haruna comes to Abdullah with some grave news.
Princess Jasmine One Shot Abdullah's past haunts him once again, this time in the form of a life in need.
Princess Jasmine - 2 One Shot Abdullah sets out to rescue the last bit of innocent hope in his life.


Zakaria Yousef Their relationship as brothers is quite complicated. Zak deep down, somewhere in his heart loved his brother, but due to his sociopath-like tendencies he felt little guilt abandoning him so easily when leaving home, and depended on his brother getting over it. While Abdullah on the other hand, for many years resented his brother for his carelessness and the sorrow he bought upon him crushing his view of him as an idol, but made the decision to go after and make amends with his brother, despite his prank-like, immature behavior. It did not go well, and soon after he joined Aogiri was killed on a mission.
Tadashi Hisakawa Abdullah found his unusual, innocent looking behavior a sign of his inherent morality and has respect for him because of it. He is one of the closest people to Abdullah's heart as a friend, not just his (previous) boss at Colorless, and reminds him many times of his deceased friend from Syria Adnan. They had many heart felt conversations before, causing the two to learn lots from each other. He genuinely trusts him. He's now his boss in the :re cafe.
Haruna Suzuki Abdullah met her after breaking into Yuureien. He seemed to be interested in her quite a bit, visiting her archive for some research. He was in a casual friendship with her, until the murders that were committed by Shuukaku happened in the Candlelight arc. He had not seen her since then until months later, and did not plan on continuing being friends with a woman who associates with cultist killers who branch off a terrorist organization, until they spoke about their differences and realized nothing was black and white. She's now Yasmeen's babysitter and helps with her learning Japanese.
Kichirou Kurosawa It was an utter surprise for Abdullah meeting Kichirou, him being neither ghoul, nor human. He finds him to be the weirdest individual he has ever met. Ever since the events of candlelight, he thought lightly about him and his revealed involvement in Aogiri Tree, and considers him now an enemy (Albeit one he highly respects)
Akane Hayashi Abdullah knows her as his co-leader in Colorless, great friend, and comrade. He highly respects her for her determination in their cause. She displays a lot of care for her brother Tadashi, and the effort she puts into leading the vigilantes. He sees her as an older sister and feels he can open up to her and consult her with his problems, even if they were outside Colorless matters.
Kuroneki Osiris Abdullah had first encountered him when given the order by Akane Hayashi to attempt to hunt and kill him for cannibalizing in the 13th ward. Abdullah put up a decent fight until his loss of focus caused him to get stabbed through the chest by Osiris's Kagune, and left unconscious. Abdullah met him again at a park during midday, where they almost violently discussed Ghoul and Human affairs, turning into quite the intense debate. Osiris then became involved in Ghoul-Gang activity in his ward, causing the colorless to send him and Silas Aberdeen after him. After another violent defeat, he left Abdullah in a very angry state. His current emotions towards him are currently unknown.
Kazumi Atsuhiro He met the Aussie during work at :re, only for her to be a mercenary Tadashi bought to help with :re's night work, as well as the coffee shops normal routines. She did not excel at them however, as it was her nearly killing everyone with cleaning chemicals that caused Abdullah to speak to her in the first place. He finds her quite adorable, and seems to like seeing her around.
Junko Kobayashi He met Junko when he was sent by Tadashi to recruit her into Colorless. They went on a mission together and saw they made a good team, and found himself willing to learn more about her. He sees her as one of Colorless' more interesting members, and sees her as an equal to himself, unlike the other members.
Rai Kamiya He met Rai when he nearly beat him for his shitty job at stealing around the wards he happened to be watching one day. After seeing he was a young man with potential for both the force of good and becoming a strong ghoul to enforce that kind of good, he willingly inducted him into Colorless. He calls on Rai and Kaito for Colorless Errands often no matter how tedious as he sees them as good investments of his time and guidance.
Kaito Mori Abdullah was quite.....taken aback by his choice of Motif and outfit when he first met him. But just like Rai, he saw he was young and full of the life that a team like Colorless would need in the future. His views are solid and craziness exceptional.


- "All men are born equal, even if some of those men must feed on others to live. Its who and what we feed on that defines us, but its never made us more than equal"

- " I was like a wolf wrestling without his fangs. I was drawn into the challenge of fighting a man of my own progeny without using the very organ god had planted within us for that very purpose" - After getting stabbed and left knocked out by Kuroneki Osiris -

- "I guess that's the thing about Arab Ghouls. We're Arab before we're Ghouls."

-"YASMEEN!" - Abdullah, everyday.

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- Abdullah is fluent in french from it being a second language taught in Syrian schools.

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