Akane Hotaru
Akane Hotaru
Name Akane Hotaru
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 24
Gender Female
Height 5'4" (162.5 cm)
Affiliations CCG
Hotaru Squad (formerly)
Ward 20th Ward
Quinque Hachiman 1/2
Glaze (formerly)
Rank Special Class
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Akane Hotaru is a Special Class Ghoul Investigator in the CCG. She was the leader of Hotaru Squad before her injuries caused her to be removed from any and all combat duty. She was offered the option for a honourable discharge, but instead chose to stay in the CCG. She has since been relegated to an advisor position.

Appearance Edit

Akane has lavender hair of medium length, being a bit longer in the back and growing outwards. Her eyes are also blue, and notable features include a scar over the bridge of her nose and a mole near the left side of her mouth. After her fight with the No-Eyed Queen, she also has another scar running through her face. Her arms having also taken considerable damage, the doctors were forced to amputate them. Akane has a small frame and a flexible body.

She wears a black vest and tie beneath her standard CCG Ghoul Investigator's uniform.

Personality Edit

Akane is cheery, caring and empathic. She is playful and kind of mysterious, as she refuses to discuss some aspects of her personal life with her colleagues. She is compassionate, as proven when she shows concern for Kouta when he's in hospital after losing his arm. She is has shown that she really hates losing and is a sore loser. She shows immense hatred for those she's lost to (such as the No-Eyed King). Akane appears to also be undergoing a depressive episode after losing both of her arms.

Powers and abilities Edit

Being a Special Class Investigator, Akane was a very capable combatant. She was capable of standing up to even the strongest of ghouls and has shown considerable skill. She's was all around good fighter that excels in speed and agility. However, after losing her arms to the No-Eyed Queen in the 12th Ward Branch Office attack, she has been rendered incapable of any form of combat whatsoever.

General attributes Edit

  • High agility: Akane has shown to be highly agile, capable of avoiding various attacks of her opponents.
  • High speed: Akane is very fast for a human, allowing her to even keep up with ghouls to some extent.

Weapons Edit


  • Hachiman 1/2: Hachiman 1/2 is an S-rated Rinkaku sword Quinque with an immensely sharp edge and extremely high durability. It can also extend into a whip-like form, allowing it to strike targets at mid-range. Finally, the Quinque itself can be vertically split into two, allowing for two thinner, but still just as long Quinques to be used instead.
  • Glaze (destroyed): Glaze was an SS-rated Ukaku Quinque that utilised electromagnetism in order to move around a total of six extremely sharp buzzsaw-like blades and shred straight through its targets. The Quinque could also unleash devastating lightning attacks. The Quinque was destroyed in a highly powerful sacrificial attack that overrode its safety protocols and hence released a lightning strike powerful enough to take down the No-Eyed Queen, but the overheating cost Akane both of her arms.

Threads Edit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
The Newcomers - CCG Arc Akane has been supervising the training sessions between the initiates whom just graduated from CCG Academy.
Raiding the Railroad Sign-Up Arc Sign-Up CCG was reporting about the possible raid towards train's cars as soon after the meeting was concluded, Akane proceeded to tease Marune Nakamori affectionately.
Raiding the Railroad Arc Akane and Hiraku Kei have been attempting to defend Car 1 from No-Eyed King, Kana Itsuhara, and Kotome Nene. Unfortunately they have failed as Akane got knocked out unconscious after her fight with Kana, and Hiraku retreated from his fight against Kotome after suffering injuries.
Wintertide — CCG Conclusion Arc Wrap-Up Akane was spending her time with former CCG director, Ren Kawaguchi as he was scolding her over her language along with the danger she puts herself into until Jiro Horikoshi came in with Ayumi Utada as all of them were having pleasant time with each other.
Eye for an Eye — CCG Conclusion Arc Wrap-Up Akane has been celebrating with CCG investigators after the Aogiri raid, meeting up with Kayami Mizushina and Taka Hyoukin
Candlelight - CCG Sign-Up Arc Sign-Up Akane was delivering a report about the branch offices within CCG as dangerous situations have been occurring around Tokyo's wards. Afterwards Yakoto Kisamura has appeared after Akane concluded her report.
Candlelight - Heaven Feels - CCG/Death Arc The dangerous battle between The No-Eyed Queen, Velvet Devoré, and Akane along with Hiraku Kei, Jiro Horikoshi, and Kouta Matsushita. The battle was ruthless and threatening for the investigators as Velvet proved to be pretty powerful until Akane managed to force the kakuja to retreat by using the overheated attack that made Akane lose her arms, along with receiving a scar on her cheek. It was where Akane suffered a major change in her life.
Candlelight - CCG Wrap Up Arc Wrap-Up Akane was brought in the hospital immediately after her collapse from the brutal fight against No-Eyed Queen, Velvet Devoré. Unfortunately, her burned arms were beyond saving as the surgeons decided to amputate her destroyed arms to free her from the overheated quinque that remained stuck. Hours after, Akane woke up as she then realized her predicament, tensing up beyond relief as she was forced to fall unconscious once again to not risk a possible side-effect. After some time, Akane managed to recover for a bit while starting to fall into a depressive episode over losing her arms and talked to couple of investigators including Torabashi Kotetsu, Joseph "Seph" Winters, Jiro Horikoshi, Shino Kotsuzan, Junko Kobayashi, Asami Kato, and Eiichi Natsuko. Akane shared the hospital room with one of her battle allies, Kouta Matsushita.
Celebration at Yuureien Interaction Akane has been celebrating with CCG investigators as she attempted to start a drinking competition but managed to do that with only Kenji Nakamura. Shortly after that, Akane managed to save Alistair Bake from possible trouble with Yuureien's guards.
Irking Recovery Interaction Akane has been recovering from her defeat against No-Eyed King in the railroad raid as she was ashamed from her mistakes in that particular fight. Akane managed to get various visitors such as Shuya Yagi, Jiro Horikoshi, Joseph "Seph" Winters, Junko Kobayashi, Dan Hohen, Hiraku Kei, Kenji Nakamura, Alistair Bake, and Ren Kawaguchi.
A Squad In a Bar Interaction Thanks to Shuya Yagi's recommendation, Akane and her squad decided to visit Diamond Lounge bar as they made various activities within the place. Stuff such as drinking game, testing out alcoholic drinks, and just normal conversations happened during Hotaru Squad's free time.
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