Akihiko Umari (ウマリ アキヒコ, Umari Akihiko) is a young ghoul that is currently affiliated with Aogiri Tree. He is known to the CCG as Leatherface (レザーフェイス, Rezāfeisu).

Akihiko Umari


Akihiko's Mask Leatherface


Name Akihiko Umari
User /u/FoolishlyGhoulish
Alias Leatherface
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 19
Gender Male
Birthday November 18
Height 178 cm
Weight 72 kg
Blood Type Type O
Affiliations Aogiri Tree
Ward 20th Ward
Rating A
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Akihiko is a young man with wide shoulders that transition into a slender, fit figure. His face is slender despite his sharp jawline, and he does not sport any facial hair. His hair is a dark brown, wavy, and extends down to just above his chin. He occasionally ties it up into a bun or short ponytail in order to keep it out his face. His eyes are thin, sly, and amber/brown in color. His first mask was homemade and consisted of a brown leather face-plate that extended from under his chin up to just over his nose. He also wore black welder's goggles with the face-plate.

His new mask is a full-face leather mask, with a plate 'bolted' across the mouth. The mask covers only his face, and neck, leaving his hair to flow freely. Overall, it gives the appearance of an asylum patient and is the source of inspiration behind his alias.


Very rash and emotionally driven. Aki is known for taking even the slightest of insults rather personally, even if he might not always let it show initially. Known for not being afraid to speak his mind, especially in a incredibly arrogant manner. Tends to be slow to trust others. Radiates a confident aura, even in situations where it shouldn't be warranted.


The details of Akihiko's past are rarely shared with others, but a lot can be inferred from his current life and interactions. 

He has disclosed that he joined Aogiri to get revenge on the CCG for the death of his father. The exact details of this event are currently unknown, though it has been hinted to be relatively recent. During an emotionally charged encounter with the ghoul investigator Kenji Hamada in the 24th ward, Akihiko revealed that his father was not a violent ghoul, and his discovery was likely the result of chance rather than a direct investigation. However, the exact circumstances of his death are still obscured. 

Up until the start of the current school year, he lived with his mother and his father's brother in their 9th ward apartment. His home life was known to be rocky. He constantly argued with his drunkard uncle, always came home late, and his grades were mostly mediocre. Once he joined Aogiri, these issues were only exasberated. To avoid dealing with his uncle and mother's constant nagging, he began spending more time at Aogiri safehouses, mostly isolated from other members. However, with increased social interaction around a couple of the ghouls in Aogiri, namely Ice and Minato, he a new drive to succeed. This led to him opting to put forth much more effort into his personal life outside of Aogiri.

Presently, he resides in the Kamii campus dorms in the 20th ward, which is "paid" for by his status as a Supplemental Instructor for Dr. Zahir Malik. He has begun making a larger effort in school, though he still avoids any social interaction on campus.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

High strength: Strength of a ghoul.


Strengths: Above average endurance and stamina, the result of his intense training with Minato. Hand-to-hand combat experienced. Above average regeneration as his body adapts to his frequent combat encounters.
Weaknesses: Unknown


Type: Bikaku

Appearance: Scaly, rounded appendage with a bright blue center and vibrant green stripes lining the sides with the occasional orange speckle thrown in. Starts rather thick, but tapers off into a sharp, thin point not unlike a reptile's.

Strengths: Rends flesh quite nicely when spiked, pierces and bludgeons well enough when smoothed.

Weaknesses: Unknown

Mechanics: No longer specialized in a single direction, the scales can now be raised or lowered at will, either smoothing or spiking the surface (spikes are 4" in length.) Detachable...?


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Starfall - Orion (Quinx Squad/Aogiri) Arc Akihiko aids in the capture of a Quinx.
ARC WRAP-UP Starfall - Aogiri Tree Arc Akihiko "recruits" a naive member of the Tree. Later, he attends the public punishment of two traitors.
Spotlight - Worldstage (Aogiri Tree/CCG/Colourless/RIFT/Ursa) Arc Akihiko traps Kenji Hamada in the tunnels of the 24th ward, leaving him to die a slow and agonizing death.
Birds of Prey One-shot Kama and Ice begin their search for Soundwave in the 9th Ward.
To Catch A Dove One-shot Kama and Ice kidnap a CCG investigator.
Aogiri Group Training Social Akihiko trains with Kichirou.
Innocence Social While shopping at the 20th Ward mall, Akihiko becomes a victim of a terrorist attack.
A Night Out RP Akihiko joins Aogiri.
Anotha One RP Akihiko is hazed by Minato.
Explosive Emergency RP Akihiko seeks medical aid at Anteiku following the 20th Ward mall attack. Sequel to Innocence.
A Welcome Surprise RP Kama forms an alliance with Ice.
Teacher's Pet RP Kama begins training under Minato.
Drop the Beatdown RP Kama and Ice successfully locate Soundwave, and issue their ultimatum.
Stronger RP Kama begins to see improvement in his training with Minato.


Name Details
Minato Tomori Akihiko was impressed by Minato's strength during his hazing and thus requested to train under the ghoul. Since then, he has gained significant respect for him and trusts him more than most.
Kuroneki Osiris Ice was one of the first members of Aogiri to treat Akihiko as more of an equal despite the large gap in skill between the two. As a result, the two have become good friends. Akihiko has begun to question Osiris's impulsive nature following the hospital kidnapping.
Abdullah Yousef Akihiko leads supplemental instruction for Abdullah's Japanese History class and is using this position to help the other ghoul with his schoolwork in exchange for the mask maker's services.
Kaya Mitarai Despite their direct personality conflicts, Akihiko has promised her a better position within Aogiri. Whether this is a purely selfish decision designed to improve his own position or not remains to be determined.


  • "You can’t be an investigator without first being a murderer!” - Announced in a fit of rage to Kenji Hamada
  • "Entering a battlefield without the will to take a life isn't courage; it's cowardice.....To hesitate is to betray." - Spoken to Kayami Mizushina
  • “Minato, how often do you shed?” - ???



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