Alice "Sasha" Volkova is an 18 year old Russian/Japanese Ghoul Investigator born and raised in Murmansk, Russia, and one of the original batch of Quinx. She is the illegitimate daughter of Rokuro Shirogane, and the half-sister of Kenji Hamada. As of the events of Spotlight, she is currently in a coma due to cracking her frames and undergoing an unexpected surgery.

She generally goes by the nickname "Alisa", given by her mother.

Alice "Sasha" Volkova
Alisa Shirogane

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Alisa casual

Name Alice "Sasha" Volkova
Alisa Shirogane
User /u/YandereLobster
Species Quinx
Status Comatose
Age 21
Gender Female
Birthday March 5th, 1998
Height 5'6"
Affiliations CCG
Quinx Squad
Relatives Kenji Hamada (brother)
Rokuro Shirogane (father)
Hisashi Shirogane (grandfather)
Ward 1st
Rc Type Rinkaku
Quinque Yasue
Rank First Class
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Alisa is somewhat short for a slav, but by Japanese standards her height is pretty normal. She has a thin, almost underweight build since until semi recently she was starving as a prisoner of Aogiri. Until she was 18 she'd been a cripple with no legs, and due to the Quinx's regeneration she recently grew them back. Their probably pretty nice legs. Lately she has begun to wear more normal clothing when off work, such as sweaters and regular jackets.

During work she dresses more professionally, wearing a white trenchcoat with black trim, black shirt, and white tie. She is frequently seen wearing thick glasses to negate her ghoulishly sharp eyesight, which sometimes tends to cause headaches from over focusing.

Alisa's naturally blonde hair has been dyed Hunter Green. It's generally tied in a ponytail high on the back of her head, with a braid going around into it. When not working she keeps it down. Alisa's eyes are naturally bright blue, with her kakugan taking form in her left eye.


The most stoic and calm of the Quinx, but very far from the smartest.

Alisa has excellent control over her own behavior, constantly acting stoic and very rarely showing any drastic change in behavior. She isn't devoid of feeling, if anything she tends to think over-emotionally, but she's very good at acting cold and distant. This may lead people to believe she's thinking carefully, but it's actually the complete opposite. Alisa is skilled at fighting and has good instincts, but beyond that she's actually pretty unintelligent. That's not to say she's incompetent, shes actually a very obedient subordinate, but she should never be the one deciding what to do.

Though it doesn't normally show, Alisa does suffer from depression and anxiety. She displays very few if any goals in life, and simply continues on for the sake of assisting the other Quinx. She has a fear of hospitals due to her past trauma with them, and dislikes anything that restricts her movement. Despite generally wishing to get along with other people, Alisa is very stubborn. Her Squad Leader so far is the only one who's advice she's listened to, to the point of refusing to let her frame be removed without his approval, even if delaying risked her life.

Alisa enjoys pulling pranks and small jokes on other people, and in a way this is almost her way of showing that she cares for them. It's never anything too sadistic, but these instances of fuckery and bamboozlement are some of the only times Alisa shows any happiness.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Strengths: Although it's odd considering she didn't have feet for a while, she's surprisingly fast and has abnormal reaction times for a human, causing her to prefer dodging over blocking attacks.
Weaknesses:Her physical strength and endurance are low.
Alisa's first frame has been released, however the results of this are unknown until she wakes up.

Kagune Edit

Type: Rinkaku

Appearance: Alisa's rinkaku takes the form of four long, bright red tencacles. Muscly, fleshy, with brighter veins going through them. Towards the end the rinkaku protrudes silver blades, similar to the tails on the ends of fish. It's outer skin is encased in a silvery layer similar to scales, which slowly covers it the longer she leaves them out. It's kinda weird but hey so are fish. Strangely, the kagune seems to spasm at random and shows visible difficulty in making more precise movements with it.

Strengths: Lightweight, flexible, long, and sharp as fuck. Though it lacks precision it could be compared to a rope with knives on it.

Weaknesses: Although it's size makes it good for strangulation or even just slapping someone away, the more durable koukaku or more rounded bikaku could cut through it as easily as an actual fish. It's strange spasms and difficulty being controlled can make it imprecise.



Rating: B

Type: Ukaku

Status: Active

Appearance: A long grey bow, with a guard covering the hand.

Strengths: The bow's ukaku shards are reasonably long (about a foot or two in length) and as a ranged weapon they provide a good advantage if the user can get decently far away.

Weaknesses: The shards can't pierce most kagune, and require a hit to the flesh to do any actual damage. The time to draw the arrow is an issue, as it takes about 5 seconds to load each one. The bow is useless at close range.

Mechanics: Unlike an actual bow, the quinque does not have any arrows. Instead when the string is drawn it begins generating a thin ukaku shard of about 2 feet of length.

Belobog (white god) Edit

Rating: B+

Type: Ukaku

Status: Active

Appearance: Belobog takes the form of a long spear, black with a white blade. Near the beginning of the blade are two sharp wings, identical to the wings of the ghoul it came from. The blade is reflective, and extremely white. The tip is made of a sharp but not very durable ukaku shard, while the rest is strong enough to withstand hits.

Strengths: The spears length provides it an advantage over shorter kagune and quinque, as expected from a spear. Additionally it's mechanic can be a major wound if it successfully hits someone. Other than the mechanic it's just a spear, and has the strengths you'd expect from one.

Weaknesses: Like any spear, it has difficulties in cramped spaces, or if someone manages to get too close for the blade to hit. After the mechanic is used it becomes an entirely blunt weapon, relying on being used as a staff for the duration of the blade's regeneration.

Mechanics: The front blade is actually a ukaku shard, and can be shot off once every few minutes, after which a new blade will slowly be regenerated. The side blades remain, however they are mainly decorative and won't be of much use.

Belobog is Alisa's preferred quinque.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
A Nu Cheeki Breeki iv Damke Oneshot Alisa wakes up and leaves the Chateau to begin work.
Progress RP The Quinx are introduced to the rest of the CCG, and Alisa meets her squad.
Trouble in Paradise RP Alisa wakes up in the morning and talks to her comrades, then trains with their Boss.
[ARC Wild, Wild East - Ken Ken and The Blue October] Arc Alisa is temporarily partnered with Kenji Hamada as the two investigate the ghoul 'Lycan'.
Starfall - Orion (Quinx Squad/Aogiri) Arc The Quinx are sent to take part in the Anteiku raid, but on the way they are interrupted by Aogiri. At the end Alisa is kidnapped by Juggernaut.
[ARC WRAP-UP Starfall - Aogiri Tree] Arc Alisa sits in her cage, waiting for Aogiri to kill her. During the wait she meets a few members of Aogiri.
Katyusha Oneshot After over two months in captivity Alisa realizes her homesickness for the other Quinx,
ARC Platinum - Apex Arc Alisa is saved by Kyousuke and Shouta, and a fight ensues in which Alisa kills a ghoul for the first time.
Platinum - Wrapup Arc Starving but saved, Alisa reunites with the other Quinx after being rescued. She also meets the new Quinx.
Ken Ken's Bizarre Adventure RP After discovering that he is a Shirogane, Alisa meets her brother and reveals to him that she is his half sister.
Monochrome - Birds of Prey Arc Alisa and Shouta fight Yuki again.


Name Details
Kyousuke Aoyama Kyousuke was the first of her comrades that Alisa met, and seems to get along well with him. She shows a great deal of respect towards him despite continueing to pull pranks, and believes him the only of her superiors that deserves any recognition from her. Alisa puts a great deal of trust into him even compared to her other comrades.
Yukiteru Urushiyama How many people can say; "This is my friend, we met shortly before I slaughtered his girlfriend like an animal. Good times."? Not very many, but Alisa is one of them. Despite having murdered Kami and seeming to despise Aogiri, the two share quite a few similarities which cause them to get along. Whether it's out of friendship or just out of loneliness neither really knows, but they haven't betrayed the other yet. Whether or not this'll be the case forever is unknown.
Shouta Alisa met Shouta shortly after meeting Kyousuke and seems to get along well with him, and despite her demeanor hiding it she enjoys talking to him. She thinks that he's funny, and enjoys the banter between them. Shouta rarely refers to Alisa by her real name, something she always responds to with "It's not ___, it's Alisa."
Hisae Otsuji Unlike the other new Quinx, Alisa seems to have taken an immediate liking to Hisae. Their first meeting gave Alisa good first impression, and she sometimes worries for the girl. They still don't know each other too well though, and Alisa's anxiety doesn't give her many ideas on how to change this.
Tatsuo Yamazaki Tatsuo is the Quinx Alisa knows the least about, and her interactions with him have all been brief to say the very least. She doens't have any particular feelings towards him one way or the other.
Momo Shimizu Out of all the Quinx, Momo is the only one Alisa doesn't like. It's not really any explicit hatred or grudge, but she barely knows Momo and their only interactions have given her a negative impression.
Chiyo Aikawa Alisa only met Chiyo a couple times but seemed to get along well with her fellow stoic Investigator, showing a strong appreciation for her attitude. She has not met Chiyo since her injury, or since her own imprisonment by Aogiri.
Kenji Hamada Kenji and Alisa originally met when they were partnered to investigate Abdullah Yousef, and seem to get along decently. Alisa refers to him as 'Ken Ken'. After discovering that he was a Shirogane they realized they were half siblings, with the same father. She feels very close to him despite not having known him for very long, and considers him one of the few people she can relate to, given their shared distaste for the behavior of the Shirogane.
Kichirou Kurosawa The two half ghouls originally met when Alisa was captured, their capture being only the start of the parallels between the two. Despite having similarities in their capture and their species, the way Alisa reacted to her capture was the exact opposite in every way to Kichirou's reaction. They have yet to meet again since her escape.

Encounters Edit

Participants Opponents Outcome
Alisa (Initiate), Tatsuo (initiate), Miura (Rank 2) vs Juggernaut (A)
Defeat (Alisa kidnapped)
Alisa (Rank 2), Kyousuke (Rank 2) and Shouta (Rank 2) vs Yuki (B) and Kami (B+)
Victory (Kami killed)
Alisa (Rank 1) vs Vali (B) and Batou (C-)
Batou defeated, Vali draw
Alisa (Rank 1) and Shouta (Rank 2) vs Yuki (B+)
Victory (Retreated)
Alisa (rank 1) vs Shun (B+)
Victory (Retreated)



  • Alisa speaks both Japanese and Russian fluently.
  • In Russia the drinking age is 18, so when she came to Japan she snuck in as much alcohol as she could since she knew it was 21 in Japan.
  • Alisa's favorite food is Tarator, her favorite drink is Kvass. She also enjoys the varenyky that her mother used to make.
  • Her favorite song is Katyusha.
  • Her actual favorite song is the first opening song to After War Gundam X (Dreams by ROmantic Mode) but she doesn't want to seem like a fucking weaboo.
  • Alisa doesn't eat breakfest
  • She takes anti-depressants every morning, which kills her appetite for the next few hours (hence the prior fact).
  • Alisa enjoys drawing, and often posts her artwork online under the name 'Slavurai.'
  • Traditionally with Russian names, the middle name is one's Father's first name. In Alisa's case she didn't know her father, so she took her mother's name (Sasha) as her middle name.
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