Andrei Fukov
Andrei Fukov
Name Andrei Fukov
Alias Agent 54
Species Human
Status Deceased
Age 22
Gender Male
Height 185 cm
Weight 97 kg
Affiliations CCG (Nakamori Squad)
RIFT (Atlas Wing)
Relatives Unknown
Ward 1st Ward
Quinque Thanatos B
Rank First Class Investigator
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Andrei Fukov is a ghoul investigator working for the CCG that is also employed by RIFT - a mercenary group. This forces him to live a double life. He serves in the Nakamori Squad.

Appearance Edit

Andrei is 185 cm tall and weighs 97 kgs. He has an athletic build and is quite muscular. He has a youthful face, light blue eyes, and short, blond hair. Andrei dresses in suits for formal events and wears a grey trenchcoat and trousers for anything else.

Personality Edit

Andrei is normally extremely reserved. He shows a neutral, calm and collected personality when faced with social interactions, however he can adapt extremely quickly and become more likeable to those around him. It has been shown that he also has a deeper underlying personality under his calm and collected nature, that can be easily provoked with the right means. Fukov's deeper personality seems to be plagued by some form of insecurity regarding his former rivals and any behaviour that reminds him of them might invoke a violent outburst. Fukov also seems to be extremely cold blooded when he kills assassination targets that the organisation's blacklisted.

Background Edit

Currently little is known about Fukov's background, but it is known that he is under the direct supervision of two individuals going by the aliases "Link 1" and "Link 2". Fukov seems to be employed in the Atlas Wing (the term seems to carry positive connotations) corpus of RIFT (stands for Research, Information gathering, Finances and Termination) - a successful mercenary network that deals in information, technologies and anything of value or interst. It is stated that his mission is to help the engineering division of the group learn more about Quinques, thus his deployment as an undercover agent in the CCG. Andrei's assignment in the Atlas Wing means that he's shown incredible potential for being a proficient agent and excels at deception even more so than in combat, despite him being quite impressive at that as well. Fukov tells other people a fake backstory about him being a former soldier, which is only a half truth. He also inserts other false details that are not actually a part of his life.


Name Details
Kouta Matsushita Kouta and Andrei seem to be on good terms at their first meeting, having a friendly exchange of dialogue. Later they are seen working together during the 20th Ward Investigation (events occur during the Wintertide ARC and the investigation is caused by the events of the Corpse Collector ARC). The experience seems to strain their friendship a bit, however at Ashton's funeral Kouta seems to show regret at the way things turned out and apologises to Fukov, to which Andrei's response is simply that Kouta hasn't done anything wrong.
Shuya Yagi Andrei and Shuya met at the CCG offices and the two became pretty close fairly quickly. Shuya and Andrei also worked together as Initiates during the Wintertide Hospital Raid and fought together against Daren Blackshire and Juha Weirwight. The two seem to become somewhat close, although Andrei seems to consider Shuya to not be very smart, whereas Shuya himself also seems to feel different about Andrei after Andrei's mental breakdown occurred during the fight against Soundwave, which sent him into a berserk-like state due to his rage.
Kristof Brandt Andrei and the older man quickly bond due to the former's social adaptability and the latter's kind personality. Andrei and Kristof have an exchange of dialogue about their past (even though Fukov delivers a semi-fake story). It appears that while Kristof genuinely likes Fukov, he seems to be somewhat suspicious and feels like something is off about Fukov.
Jiro Horikoshi Even though the start of their discussion is kind of negative, Jiro and Fukov seem to bond quickly in the CCG offices, as the two discover they are kind of similar. They appear to be connected by their shared passion for weapons - Fukov shows to be fond of every kind of weapon, whereas Jiro shows a preference for knives specifically. Even though Jiro sees weapons as just as way to kill, Fukov still enjoys the conversation with the younger investigator.

Later on, during the Wintertide Hospital Raid, Jiro and Fukov work together to fight the ghouls assaulting the Hospital. Slight problems arise when Fukov accidentally shoots Jiro in the chest (Fukov blames Jiro for that to this day, but no vocally). After Fukov's rage outburst, Jiro seems to be somewhat angry with Fukov, until the latter delivers an apology (in a rather venomous way).

Afterwards at Ashton and Kichirou's funerals, both of them seem to be on pretty good terms, not really minding what had happened earlier.

Ashton Irika Andrei and Ashton had a short exchange in the CCG offices, after which Fukov concluded that Ashton is asocial and a hard individual to get to, which led him to give up his efforts of trying to socialise and learn more about his colleague. Fukov seemed to be wary of Ashton as he was afraid that Ashton could manage to more easily see through Fukov's facade since he's so socially disengaged and it'd be hard to influence him.
Junko Kobayashi Andrei and Junko had a friendly discussion back in the CCG offices and Junko seems very accepting of the idea of killing being Fukov's talent. The two also discuss a lot of work related matters during their conversation.
Akane Hotaru Akane and Fukov become pretty close as the louder Special Class Investigator acts extremely sociable. The two have a significant exchange of dialogue and Fukov even reveals some of his hobbies, although Akane seems to be quite secretive about hers.
Dan Hohen Dan and Andrei met in the CCG offices and had a somewhat uneventful, traditional discussion. The two seem to be on good terms.
Yuna Sakaguchi Yuna and Fukov meet while Yuna is renovating the break room in the CCG offices. Both of them seem to start off a light-hearted conversation, before Fukov starts teasing Yuna by using her surname and increasingly upgrading the honorifics. She then assaults Fukov, before apologising after Fukov takes an uppercut to the chin. The friendly tone of the conversation seems to be restored afterwards.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a covert ops agent, Fukov is quite capable in various different fields.

General skills Edit

  • Master deceiver: Fukov is capable of changing his behaviour and personality on a whim in order to most properly adapt to the current social environment and fit in best. He is capable of lying and creating believable fake stories without any trouble.
  • Skilled lockpicker: One of Fukov's hobbies is lockpicking and he's become extensively good at it, being capable to open most locks, even reinforced ones, with quite simple and crude tools.
  • Proficient investigator: Fukov's experience as a field agent has allowed him to become quite skilled at collecting and examining forensic evidence. He's quite knowledgeable of field of killing and can easily figure out how most murders have been done unless the killer is extremely proficient as well.
  • Skilled information gatherer: Fukov is knowledgeable of various ways to extract information in day to day conversation by using simple, subtle tricks to get targets to reveal classified or unclassified information about something of interest. He's also knowledgeable about the criminal world and knows where to find what type of information.
  • Capable assassin: A trained killer, Fukov can be a deadly assassin due to his patience and discipline - he can lie in waiting for days until his target passes through a favourable ambush spot. Fukov can also deal with poisons and create "accidents" when it's safe for him to do that. Sometimes Fukov can resort to cruder methods by just simply walking up to a target and outright killing it, however he only does that when he is certain that he can't be caught.
  • Capable interrogator: Fukov knows the value of information and can be quite good in bargaining with captives. He is very capable in noticing patterns in the behaviour of captives, so in most cases he can also tell when information is true or not.
  • Proficient analyst: Fukov is quite skilled at analysing information, events and situations. He can come up with various strategies and plans in order to tackle an issue. He is a very keen observer and is capable of identifying patterns and information of interest in a large volume of available data.
  • Master marksman: Due to his training and his immense love for ranged weapons, Fukov has become a extremely capable with firearms and has impeccable aim. He's knowledgeable of ballistics and can utilise many different kinds of weapons at different ranges.
  • Skilled at using bladed weapons: Fukov is capable of utilising bladed weapons to some extent, although he focuses much more on firearms.
  • Multilingual: Andrei has been shown to speak flawless Japanese. In addition, he's been shown singing in Serbian and it is implied that he has knowledge of several other Balkan languages, in addition to Russian and English.

Hand-to-hand combat Edit

  • Skilled martial artist: Due to Fukov's training, he's become proficient in several martial arts and is quite a threatening foe in close combat. His martial arts are mostly useful against humans.
  • Strong fighter: Fukov has a tough and resilient body and is capable of taking quite the hits before he goes down. He's also very muscular and strong, which allows his attack to pack quite the punch.


Fukov has also been shown utilising objects to his advantage in fights by throwing them/attacking enemies with them.

Weapons Edit

  • Q-bullet pistols: Fukov has two pistols that can use Q-bullets at his disposal - one handed to him from the CCG and one illegal firearm that he keeps as a part of the arsenal that his secret employers provide him with. He is very skilled at using them.


  • Thanatos B: Fukov's Quinque is essentially a massive, portable cannon. It's dimensions are 150 cm x 20 cm x 20cm. It weighs 40 kilos and has a 20 cm bayonet installed. It is extremely durable and can be used to block attacks. Due to its weight, it can also be swung like a hammer. Thanatos B's main strength is in its capability of launching high-velocity 50 calibre (5 cm wide) Q-Cannonballs that are capable of obliterating targets on impact.

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Arcs Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Andrei has been shown to enjoy glaciology.
  • Andrei has been shown to refer to himself as "us".
  • Andrei is very obsessed with following patterns and habits.
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