The first base Aogiri Tree have been shown using is an abandoned mall in the 11th ward. It is an old building that is slowly degrading in, but still retains an astounding amount of not just structural, but also cosmetic quality all things considered. The upper floors serve as quarters for the members of Aogiri, as well as Kana's personal chambers. A particularly large room on the underground floor houses Juha Weirwight's modern laboratory that has been provided to him by Aogiri. The Aogiri hideout has also been shown to have some sort of old alarm systems. The Aogiri recruiting event was also conducted in this very same base, which resulted in a lot of blood staining the mall for a prolonged period of time despite the best efforts to keep the mall clean. The base is also shown to have some commodities such as a fridge, a sofa and even a coffee machine. Such break rooms can be found around the mall.

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