Asa Yakou is a strong Aogiri ghoul and the current leader of the 13th Ward.

Asa Yakou
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Name Asa Yakou
User /u/KakujaKun
Alias Optio
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 26
Gender Female
Height 1.59 m
Weight 51 kg
Affiliations Aogiri Tree
Ward 13th Ward (Ward leader)
Rc Level 4456
Rating S~ (CCG rating)
S (True rating)
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Asa is of average height and weight for Japan, being 1.59 m tall and 51 kilos. She has a small frame, but she does have an athletic build and is quite fit, being somewhat muscular. She has a fair complexion, as well as moderately long, black, messy hair and blue eyes. Her attire is normally composed of blue jeans, a white shirt and a red jacket. When in combat, she may also wear the standard Aogiri cloak.


Asa seems to portray the average ghoul quite well - she is ruthless, brutal and cruel and she also possesses an overwhelming, passionate hatred for the CCG and humans overall. She appears to be quite rude and aggressive towards others, although seemingly she can also act mostly normal assuming she enjoys the company of her conversation partner. She knows that she's strong and isn't afraid to show it. Asa sees no wrong in making a display of strength every time she feels her authority challenged. And here is where she goes a bit overboard - she views any and all kinds of vocal dissent as a direct challenge, which means that she can be a pretty hard person to converse with, assuming one is more loose lipped than they should be. Despite having a very tough persona, Asa does have a single insecurity - illiteracy. She does not understand written language and she feels intimidated by the thought of it being something that is actually worth knowing. This is why oftentimes whenever one brings up matters related to schooling or academic knowledge, she either tiptoes around the topic or explodes into a violent anger in a bid to conceal what she believes could be the only thing she's inferior at. Apart from that, Asa appears to be particularly fond of determined and strong people - people that she deems to be similar to her. She even commends others that persist in trying to defy her will, because in that way they prove their "worth" in her eyes (although she's still hell-bent on establishing her word as the final judgement on any matter). Asa also feels a sense of inner duty to help out those whom are set on the same path as her. She herself isn't exactly sure why - perhaps it's sympathy, or perhaps just looking for possible rivals. Nonetheless, all she knows is that she truly enjoys being in the company of strong, similar-minded people.

Her tough life, upbringing and personality have also resulted in a specific, curious insufficiency of her character - she does not know how to be vulnerable. She is used to always being a strong, harsh person - as a result, she has little ability to deal with situations in which she feels vulnerable. This is not to say that her strength is a facade - on the contrary, it is precisely because she's always been strong and has never had to be in a weak position that she doesn't know how to deal with vulnerability. This insufficiency of hers shines through most visibly in her relationship with Minato Tomori. She's been shown to be jealous, possessive and and turbulently emotional when it comes to her boyfriend. It is much more crippling for her to believe that she has lost the affection of the person she loves than to be dealt a severe wound in battle. The reason for that is you're supposed to get wounded in battle so you are ready for it, but you can never be ready to react to something external that you've accepted as a cherished object, be it a romantic relationship or a platonic one or something else in that vein.


Not much is known about Asa's early childhood, but from what can be gathered from observation, it appears that the lives of her family and friends were all claimed in an operation led by an Otsuji. This is why she is shown to despise the clan of ghoul hunters and goes as far as showing excessive vehemence in her desire to put them in the ground. After the young Asa lost her family, she fled and moved around different parts of Tokyo, barely managing to survive, but still succeeding in the task of keeping herself alive.

Originally, when Asa was still a young child just entering her teenage years, due to all the fights she had participated in, she had already become plenty strong. In fact, she had become so strong that she quickly became noticed in her local ward. At the time, the 12th Ward was strongly contested between the Fox Gang and a rival group. Having drawn the attention of the Fox Gang, the group approached her and managed to get her on their side. Relishing in the chance to use her power, Asa killed and killed, until the opposing ghoul gang became so weak that it was trivial for the Fox Gang to drive them out. However, eventually the Fox Gang turned on Asa herself and kicked her out of the ward, due to her being too arrogant and aggressive. Cursing her defeat, Asa roamed the 13th Ward and plotted her revenge. She had also particularly taken note of Kota Okada, the man that the leader of the Fox Gang seemed to treat as his own son. She had never fought him in particular, but knowing that the Fox Gang leader was strong, Asa assumed that perhaps Kota was promising enough to capture the older ghoul's interest. This made Kota an object of interest to Asa as well, considering she had always been looking for powerful peers.

Nonetheless, as time went by, she eventually ran into Gemini, a powerful Kakuja ghoul that had managed to establish his notoriety throughout Tokyo. At first, they only collaborated due to their common links - random ghoul gangs that tried to enlist every bit of muscle they could gather. The two seemed to run into each other more and more frequently and for the time even had friendly relations. Asa herself always viewed Nikki as a figure to admire due to his power and ruthlessness. Despite not being able to acknowledge that, the man had become her role model back then. Eventually, once Nikki destroyed one of the ghoul restaurants and left the ghoul underworld in order to create Anteiku, Asa and him entirely lost contact.


Name Details
Kota Okada Though the two knew each other from their pasts, their relationship was not a very good one. While the gang Kota belonged to had made use of Asa before, they had also betrayed her. Despite holding a bit of a grudge against Kota for that, Asa still remained rather open towards the man - she took up his bet about killing CCG investigators and even went as far as joining Aogiri Tree afterwards. The two did not interact much following that and when Kota perished, Asa did not give his death much thought.
Kuroneki Osiris Right off the bat, Asa considers Osiris to be somewhat sympathetic. He appears to her as a pleasant enough man and despite her dislike of his occasional self-doubt, she takes kindly to him and is readily willing to assist him in the pursuit of his goals.
Tadashi Hisakawa Humour, honesty, carefree attitude, daring ambitions and a set of loose enough lips to share them - Tadashi's possession of these qualities makes him a man of interest to Asa. Being a warlike ghoul herself, the woman respects Tadashi's past as a mercenary and cold-blooded killer.
Nikki Futago The two seem to share at least some form of bond in addition to their past, although despite that bond Asa appears to quickly become irritated if Nikki is being patronising. Despite that, the two seem capable of remaining quite friendly in casual circumstances and are willing to tolerate each other, which means that there is some degree of connection left between them. Despite that, upon Nikki's death, Asa hardly felt impacted.
Minato Tomori Despite initially clashing with Minato and viewing him as an obnoxious brat without a self-preservation instinct, Asa soon came to respect the man's determination to be a huge pain in the ass, all the time. As someone else that stands his ground, he became an object of curiosity for her. As she learned about his name and his past, she became warmer towards him. Willing to assist him, she's offered her support to the man and the two developed a strong friendship, which eventually developed into a romantic connection. Minato is one of the first people Asa had ever gifted anything and the first person she could say she loves. Deeply protective and highly trusting of her boyfriend, Asa holds Minato in tremendous regard.
Kichirou Kurosawa Asa doesn't really have an overly positive or negative opinion of Kichirou. She thinks he's an alright guy but his cockiness gets on her nerves sometimes and from what she's seen he doesn't appear to be too eager to stand his ground against an obviously superior force. Asa finds that to be rather smart, but also not very worthy of admiration.
Akihiko Umari Viewing Akihiko as a stupid person that has no sense of what's appropriate at any given context and what's not, Asa thinks of him to be nothing more than a huge nuisance. It appears that Akihiko himself reciprocates her feelings, feeling negatively about Asa, although he wouldn't dare to express it.
Sho Senhari While she initially tries to go easy on Sho, his obnoxious behaviour resulted in her swearing to beat him to half-death if they are to ever meet again.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

General Attributes:

  • High speed: Asa seems to be rather fast, capable of moving quick enough to breeze past humans.
  • High strength: Asa is strong, capable of performing various feats.


Type: Koukaku

Appearance: Her kagune is very simplistic - it's a big, thick, curved Koukaku blade enveloping her right arm. It somewhat resembles this, but it is curved, bigger and longer.

Strengths: Asa's kagune boasts extreme durability. It is strong and sturdy, allowing it to withstand powerful blows. It is also pretty sharp.

Weaknesses: Unknown


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Candlelight - Aogiri/CCG/Factionless Arc Asa stumbles upon Kota, which results into an unpleasant reunion, but also to her eventual temporary (and later on permanent) entry into Aogiri Tree.
Candlelight - A stoppable force meets a moveable object Arc After Asa butchers the Corniculum reinforcements, Matsushita Squad whmo were responsible for escorting them arrive and lock in combat with the ghoul.
Candlelight - Aogiri Tree/Anteiku Arc Aogiri attack Anteiku in order to frame the Inquistors. Asa meets Minato and Tadashi, as well as her old acquaintance, Nikki.
Candlelight - Aogiri Tree Wrap-Up Arc Asa gets lost in one of Aogiri's safehouses as she looks for Kota, eventually stumbling upon Kuroneki Osiris instead. The two start a discussion and become closer as they talk.
Wild, Wild East - 13th Ward (Aogiri Tree Build-Up) Arc Asa and Osiris go out in the 13th Ward and start murdering local ghouls as well as aiming to dethrone the local ghoul gang. The two also become closer as they walk towards the base of the 13th Ward gang and Osiris even gifts Asa an iPod from where she'd be able to play audio books - something she expressed interest into on their first meeting.
Wild, Wild East - Aogiri Tree/Colourless (13th Ward) Arc Asa engages in a fight against her acquaintance Tadashi Hisakawa and his sister Akane Hayashi.
Starfall - Aogiri Tree Wrap-Up Arc Wrap-Up Attending the disciplinary execution event, Asa gets caught up into the whole mess after she intervenes in order to help Minato.
Monochrome - My House (Aogiri Tree/The Maw) Arc The Aogiri ghoul explores one of the 24th Ward tunnel entrances that seem to provide a challenge to the Tree.
Monochrome - Highwaymen (Aogiri/CCG) Arc Asa assists Minato in his attack on the CCG transports.
Ascension - King Arc Asa does her part for Aogiri by fighting in the melee, only to get attacked by Yukiteru Urushiyama. Disappointed, she nevertheless decides to allow Yukiteru to prove himself. While he ultimately fails to defeat her, Asa begins to wonder whether he really is fated to remain a failure forever or if he actually has what it takes to break out.
Innocent Probity Social Asa and Minato Tomori pay Anteiku a visit. In a funny coincidence, Tadashi Hisakawa is their waiter. Eventually, (as to be expected), Minato pisses off Asa. This is where Nikki Futago comes in to save his precious shop from utter detruction as collateral damage.
Great Aogiri Banter Social Asa runs into Minato and the two soon have an armwrestling match. Once the match concludes, Asa invites Minato to follow her to the roof of the building, where she gifts him a shark tooth necklace. The two then exchange some lighthearted banter and arrange a next meeting in the 19th Ward.
A night out Public RP Akihiko Umari runs into Asa while she's busy killing a scavenger ghoul that had infringed on her territory. Upon being interrupted by the newcomer that seems to express interest into joining Aogiri, Asa offers him a spot if he can kill the scavenger ghoul - a ghoul that Akihiko had expressed desire to save before.
Noble Intentions Private RP Asa and Minato Tomori run into Izumi Yumihime and the trio have a less-than-pleasant encounter.
Chain of Command Public RP Asa speaks to Kane Heyma
Go Fish Private RP Minato tries to fix his gargantuan screw-up and make it up to Asa.
Breath to be sure Private RP The more experienced ghoul trains one of the one-eyeds into the art of fighting.
Etch-A-Skin Public RP Asa and Minato get some tattoos on a whim.
Etch-A-Skin Part 2 Private RP Continuation of Etch-A-Skin Part 1.
A busy man Private RP Asa goes to look for Minato, but ends up running into his sister Kaoru instead.
Get Going Private RP Yuki pays Asa a visit, coming with questions that she may or may not have (potentially wrong) answers for.
A standard Friday evening - Aogiri Edition Private RP Asa and Kuroneki Osiris run into each other once more.
Sink or Swim Private RP Asa deals with a captive Yukiteru Urushiyama.
A boar, a bug and a rat walk into a bar Private RP Asa interacts with her subordinates in the 13th Ward.


  • "What happened? You suddenly started acting all buddy-buddy with this dwarf. If you got nothing to say then at least shut the fuck up, fucking hell." - speaking to Akihiko Umari, regarding Haruna Suzuki.
  • "Hey, wanna go on a little rocket ride you fucking gnome?" - while threatening to throw Haruna Suzuki.
  • "Ah, I know you. You're Yokoyama something, right? What are you doing here? This isn't your position, is it? Don't you have someplace else you need to be? I guess it's good that you've taken care of the CCG here, but you should stick to the plan. I was just about to kill you, you know?" - to Yukiteru Urushiyama at the Shibuya battlefield, ignorant of his change of allegiance to re.
  • "Some ghouls fight their whole lives and they're still shitty killers. They still fail. They are born being suckers, they live being suckers and they die being suckers. All because they never manage to learn how to stop sucking or generally lack the drive to stop themselves from sucking." - to Yukiteru Urushiyama, on the topic of strength.
  • "Your goal is dumb and if that's what you really want, then you're even dumber. What sort of shitty loser wants 'respect'? Only weaklings want respect. Strong people respect themselves." - to Yukiteru Urushiyama, on the topic of goals.
  • "You only get one shot of life. If you're gonna jump into a whirlpool without even knowing how to swim, you're just flat out retarded. That's that. Retarded people can fuckin' die for all I care. In the end of the day, it doesn't matter to me if we got one less moron to take care of at the Tree. If ya can't fight, you got legs to flee. Seems simple enough to me." - to Kaoru Tomori, on protecting 'specialist' ghouls.


  • Asa's illiteracy is a sore point for her and she goes to great lengths to conceal it.
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