Atsui Koi is a small male ghoul residing in the 21st ward. He works as a freelance artist, practicing a wide variety of artistic mediums. As a secondary source of income he frequently trades items in the black market, usually stolen goods or drugs.

Atsui Koi

Atsui Koi


Name Atsui Koi
User /u/Lonely_Duckling
Alias Koi
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 18
Gender Male
Birthday February 19th
Height 5'4" - 162 cm
Weight 56 kg(125 lbs)
Blood Type Unknown
Affiliations Aogiri Tree(past) We've Gone Rogue
Relatives Unknown
Ward 21st Ward
Rating C-
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Koi has a small figure, standing at 5'4" and 125lbs. Although small, he is surprisingly well built for his size. He has medium length hair with long bangs that he pushes to the left, generally covering his eye. He prefers to dress in a minimalist streetwear style, preferring greyscale colors and tighter fitting clothes with plenty of layers.

Koi has a standard bikaku kagune with a brush of thin kagune tendrils at the end that forms into a brush. The brush functions much like a real brush would, being able to hold fluids such as kagune secretions, or "paint".


Koi puts on a pleasant, albeit a bit distant air for most people, being concise, polite, and a bit cryptic about his feelings and intentions in social interactions. Although he is easily agitated and annoyed, he rarely shows these emotions publicly, instead preferring to stay silent and ignore them, although he has exceptions for certain people.

In stressful situations Koi is seen to be quick-witted and creative, being able to make decisions on the fly to alleviate whatever problem he may face. Koi's personality when he's hungry or in life-or-death situations have yet to be seen.


Little is currently known about Koi's life as a child. By the age of 14 Koi was already tangled in a life of crime, frequently resorting to theft and selling illegal substances to provide for himself in the 21st ward. Living in a relatively safe ward, Koi had little to worry about in terms of being a ghoul, having scarce competition with other ghouls as well as the CCG.

During a trip to the 20th ward Koi encountered 3 thugs picking on a lone girl. Deciding to help her out he took out the thugs but was injured by a quinque in the process, leaving a scar on his neck. He was saved by the girl who ended up being a ghoul as well. Named Cher, they quickly bonded over their similar situations and positions in life. Together they pulled off many stunts throughout the city of Tokyo, until one day Cher disappeared. After seeing her in the streets of the 21st ward after months of absence, Koi made it his goal to figure out what she had gotten herself into.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Bikaku ghoul, Koi has no notable weaknesses to the other RC types. He is quick-witted and creative, being said to able to think up plans on the fly. He has also shown exceptional skill with his kagune and is somewhat experienced in hand-to-hand combat.


Strengths: N/A
Weaknesses: N/A


Koi's Kagune

Type: Bikaku

Appearance: Koi's kagune takes the form of a standara bikaku tail with a brush of thin tendrils at the end of it, making the tail itself look like a paintbrush. His tail also has the unique ability of Kagune Secretion, and is able to hold fluids or paint. Koi uses this to make a floor or surface slippery for his enemies.

Strengths: N/A

Weaknesses: N/A

Mechanics: Koi's tail functions like what a real paintbrush would.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
The Newcomers — Aogiri Tree Arc Koi attends the Aogiri Tree training regimen, searching for his friend, Cher. During his search, he's attacked by a Ukaku ghoul named Juuka and engages in a brief battle with the assaulter.
arc_sign_up_raiding_the_railroad_arc/ Arc Signup — Raiding the Railroad Arc Koi participates in the raiding of a train carrying quinque steel and RC suppressants to the CCG, acting as a raider for the Rogues. While waiting for the operation to commence, he engages in a conversation with Tatsuhiro Owari.
Raiding the Railroad Arc The raid begins and Koi enters the train to team up with Jack Conklin to combat CCG initiates Kristof Brandt and Kouta Matsushita.
Arc Signup — Wintertide — Aogiri Tree/Rogues Arc Koi makes a appearance at the meeting between members of WGR and Aogiri, seeming satisfied that there's a new mission.
Anteiku Interaction Koi stops for a coffee at Anteiku with his sketchbook, and has a chat with Nikki Futago.
Those Damn Workplace Assignments Interaction Koi wanders around a computer hardware store and recognizes Maki Itokawa from his sketchbook. The two then begin chatting about the train raid.
Arina: Begin Interaction Koi is shown attending a event in the Rogue's underground battle arena Arina. He's given the duty of being a janitor with his brush-like kagune. Koi spots Isadora Tricot making a bigger mess, forcing him to go over to confront her. The two engage in a conversation, Koi shows his disdain for the whole nightly event, only for Tatsuhiro to eavesdrop. Koi and Hiro have a heated debate and Koi soon departs.
Atsui Koi Oneshot Koi follows his friend Cher around, having not seen her for half a year. He follows her to a large crowd of ghouls and loses her, the crowd of ghouls is later revealed to be a cult called Aogiri Tree.
Atsui Koi (2) Oneshot Flashback featuring Koi and Cher. The two plan to break into a bar and sport newly made masks.
Atsui Koi (3) Oneshot Koi and Cher break into the bar and steal blood wine. During their escape through a hallway, they discover a dead ghoul security guard, who was killed by two investigators.


Name Details
Cher Koi first met Cher in a alleyway where she was surrounded by three gangsters. Koi appears and protects her from the attackers, but is taken off guard by one of them wielding a quinque knife. He's stabbed but receives backup from Cher's kagune. From then on, the two became close friends. It's implied that Koi cares a great deal about her, going so far as to search for her whereabouts after her strange disappearance.




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