Ayano Morino


Ayano Masked

Name Ayano Morino
Japanese Name 綾乃森野
Alias Queen
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Age 21
Sex Female
Height 1.65 m
Affiliations The Inquisitors
We've Gone Rogue
Rc Type Ukaku/Bikaku
Rating A+
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Ayano Morino (綾乃森野, Ayano Morino), was a female ghoul affiliated with both the Inquisitors and We've Gone Rogue. She is known to be a university student studying medicine in her last year. She is known to the CCG as Queen (クイーン, Kuīn).

Appearance Edit

Ayano was a female ghoul who was of normal stature, standing at 5'5" with a lean body structure. Ayano tended to keep her brown hair in a bun but during battles her long hair may have come out. Her eyes were a simple "cockroach brown" color, or so she once said. 

While she was out for food or on a mission, she tended to wear a red shirt covered by a purple jacket along with some red pants. When she went to school or out with friends, she would usually wear a black sweater, jeans and short boots. 

Ayano's mask was shaped like a knight's helm, with a pointy cone made of metal at the front and a horse tail of red hair coming out from the back. 

Personality Edit

Ayano's enjoyable personality is easily broken in stressful situations, where she is forced to show her more ruthless and strategic personality. She was a person who was very hard to irritate but when irritated becomes someone you simply would never want to deal with. She was generally a playful person with her friends who never fails to show her painful smile.

Ayano avoided most physical conflict, opting for easy missions or things she knew she could handle... She preferred fighting alone to fighting with a friend, greatly hindering her abilities.        

Abilities Edit

Although Ayano doesn't fight very often, she is a very powerful ghoul. She hates the taste of humans and for that reason barely ever eats any humans. Only eating ghouls since she was about 12, Ayano has greatly strengthened herself (and even has a sort-of-not-really Kakuja). Furthermore, Ayano is a very rare chimera-RC cell hybrid. This enables her to utilize two different kinds of Kagune at once.

She has mastery of her Ukaku Kagune and is learning to utilize her Bikaku as an offensive shield. Using both of her Kagune taxes her relatively low RC cell level (she doesn't eat more than once a month) and she isn't able to hold both of them at once for long battles. Her Ukaku is able to convert itself into a helmet for her that is topped with a crown while her Bikaku is shaped like a flower.  

Relations Edit

Name Details
Daren Blackshire Ayano met Daren when they worked together in order to kidnap Xeno from Anteiku. They are currently on good terms and get along well. 
Serafina Baxter Sera met Ayano during the Anteiku kidnapping incident as well. Ayano thinks Serafina is a pro at what she does and has high levels of respect for her. 
Isadora Tricot Ayano heavily dislikes Isa. They were both part of WGR, and had issues during the Corpse Collector arc when Isa lied to Ayano. When they met again, Ayano visibily shows disgust for her. 
Maki Itokawa Meeting in Those damn workplace assignments, Maki and Ayano are on good terms. They work together during the hospital raid in Wintertide and fight Alastair, eventually managing to make him retreat. 
Xeno Akizaki Ayano kidnaps Xeno and interacts with him while he is at the VIP lounge at Yuureien. She acts somewhat kindly to him and feels remorse for kidnapping him.

Development Edit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
The Newcomers - We've Gone Rogue Arc
Wintertide - Hospital Raid Arc
No one ever mentioned the paperwork Interaction
Red Royalty Oneshot


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