Bike Guy (Daniel Napoleon)
Bike Guy
Name Bike Guy (Daniel Napoleon)
User ArnonShinta
Species Human
Status Deceased
Age 63
Gender Male
Birthday 11 May 1952
Blood Type O
Affiliations Wanderer
Ward Roaming
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Bike Guy (びけ おとこ, Bike Man) is a human that rides bikes and enjoys everything there is to death.


Buzz cut, with a peppered goatee. He is a very thin man with thick legs built of pure BIKING muscle. He wears glasses to make sure the wind at mach speeds doesn’t slice his retinas. He occasionally wears a hat with his “Bike Guy” logo whenever he decides to bike at a leisurely pace.


Vigilant, Bike-enthusiast, Loves witnessing destruction whenever he can.


Bike Guy was born as Daniel Napoleon. He grew up in a small town in Kansas with his best friend Alice. He always tortured small animals he bought from a pet store. His favorite species to torture was turtles. He loved the way they hissed and the taste of their hearts when he ripped from underneath their plastron.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Biking at 130 MPH without breaking a sweat.


  • "Well time to get the operation started!" - A 10 year old Bike Guy getting ready to torture his pets.


Bibliography Edit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Uncontrollable happiness One-shot

10 year old Bike Guy learns about the JFK assassination.


  • Likes Bicycles
  • His favorite song is Bicycle Race by Queen
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