Blume Brandt is a young ghoul, adopted and raised by the investigator Kristof Brandt off the streets of Tokyo.

Blume Brandt
Name Blume Brandt
User NPC /u/CadaverCollector
Species Ghoul
Status Kidnapped
Age Young Teen
Gender Female
Height 147 cm - 5'10"
Weight 39 kg - 86 lbs
Ward 14th
Rating N/A
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Blume is a young girl, perhaps just reaching into her early teens. She holds a soft, button nose and two rounded, chocolate eyes. Just like her abodptive father, Blume nearly always has a jovial expression about her.

Blume wears her long raven locks in a loose ponytail that often rests upon a shoulder. Upon her quite frail and tiny frame is often just as loose fitting clothing.


The young girl is quite youthful and energetic, often excitable and hyper as most children are. She is proved to be a handful for the elder man to take care of due to such, it is also likely she is unaware of the fact that she is a ghoul.

Nevertheless, she seems to adore and take much after her father likely due to his constant teachings and sharing the experiences of his own life.

Blume is shown to be creative, one of her only pastimes being drawing innumerable pictures to be hung around the house, she has grown into a budding artist.


Name Details
Kristof Brandt The investigator is Blume's adoptive father, who cares for her deeply, and she in turn as well. She takes after his boisterous and expressive nature, learning to not hold back her true feelings and emotions.
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