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Name Brandon Kado
User /u/TheOneTrueSpaghetti
Alias Red Raven
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 6"1'
Weight 49kg
Blood Type A
Affiliations N/A
Ward 5th Ward
Rc Type Ukaku
Rating B
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Brandon Kado is a ghoul who resides in 5th Ward and works as a librarian.


Brandon has silver colored, shoulder length hair which he ties up during his work because of workplace requirements. Brandon also has light brown eyes as he wears round glasses. He has small stubble right on his chin.


Calm and collective. Very mature. Quick to understand things. great planner, very OCD. Quite Friendly and caring, never one to shy away from someone in need of help, especially when they share an interest in creative arts. Has a fear of being in large empty spaces (like the opposite of claustrophobic, at least 2 things [objects, people, animals] other than himself must be in the large space for his fear to cancel out)


Stayed with family up until the age of 18 from which he left and moved to the 5th ward. History yet to be written.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

General AttributesEdit

  • Rookie Swordsman: Currently learning Kendo.
  • Lightweight: Agile, smaller target.
  • High Intellect: Advanced knowledge of many subjects.

Strengths: Able to focus on his goals, quite fearless in most situations, Light weight and agile (agile when not tired), very literate, extremely intelligent.

Weaknesses: Not great in close combat (as of now), Can lose focus on surroundings when engaging in close combat. Defence is below average, relies on skill, not so much strength


Two Ukaku wings which fire extremely thin shards, small enough to make bullet hole sized wounds. both are a dark, cloudy red colour. Thinness of shards make it harder to hit targets, but makes them more aerodynamic meaning the shards can travel further and hit harder.


Kami Shintaro - Employee of Blood Lotus

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Who Watches the Watchmen? Arc One-


Brandon is made known to readers that he has begun stalking out random events about the city when he has the time. In this instance he runs into The Puppeteer and his Aogiri partner, Brandon stays hidden and documents the event
"When you have insomnia... One-shot Introduction into the life of Brandon
Blood Lotus One-


Goodbye Moon Man Social Brandon opens up the Blood Lotus to the other OC's through passing out some fliers the day before
Non-human interaction RP Brandon meets Charlotte and Kichirou
The Food Chain RP Brandon has a friendly encounter with 'The Puppeteer' (Minato) and decides to become stronger
The Way of The Sword RP Brandon finds himself outside a Kendo Dojo, eager to become more skilled as to avoid situations like the one with The Puppeteer
Even a Baby Doesn't Sleep This Good RP Brandon has found that, due to getting involved with physical exercise, he is able to burn off excess energy and actually sleep, partially ridding him of the effects of Insomnia
Convalescence RP Brandon meets and employs Kami Shintaro [The title relates to her One-Shot Anger]


How would he protect his establishment from doves, if he can't even beat the rat's underneath them? (The Way of the Sword)



  • Originally from Leeds in the UK, his accent is very noticeable.
  • Is a movie/tv show fanatic especially blockbuster violence films like Fight Club, Fargo and The Departed
  • Loves making and discovering conspiracies
  • Owns the 血液ロータス (Ketsueki rōtasu, Blood Lotus) library in the 5th ward
  • Has a large family spread out across the globe, who's jobs all lie in the creative/literary genre
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