Dan Hohen
Name Dan Hohen
User /u/OneEyedTurkey
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 24
Gender Male
Affiliations CCG
Kawaguchi Squad (formerly)
Kotsuzan Squad
Ward 1st Ward
Rank Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator
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Dan Hohen is a Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator working at the CCG. He is currently a member of Kawaguchi Squad.

Appearance Edit

Dan is a man with a decent built, slightly taller than average. His appearance deceives his strength. He also has blue eyes and brown hair that is usually combed back, as well as a goatee.

Personality Edit

Dan seems to care about his comrades, having shown that he harbours regret due to being unable to protect his partner in the best as well as an Initiate who fought alongside him and Kouta Matsushita against Daren Blackshire and Ayano Morino. During the 11th Ward Aogiri base raid, Dan showed concern for Andrei Fukov and upon the latter being severely injured, Dan attempts to avenge him and attacks Hayato Yoshikune with doubled strength.

Powers and abilities Edit

Dan appears to be a balanced fighter, possessing fairly equal amounts of strength and speed. He has shown skill at wielding bladed weapons, namely swords. He has also shown durability in his fight against Hayato Yoshikune, where despite taking a blow to the stomach, he manages to get up and continue fighting.

Quinque Edit

  • Quinque Sword: Dan possesses a plain Quinque sword that seems to have a fair amount of durability and cutting power. It seems to have a fairly sharp blade.

Development Edit

Arcs Edit

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