Sound... Blast!

— Daren Blackshire, while wielding convenient military-grade sound projection gloves in a snowball fight against Hana Katsuro, Veli Batsu, and Maki Itokawa

Daren Blackshire



Name Daren Blackshire
User /u/Pyrofrozen
Alias Soundwave
Blackshire (past)
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 187 cm
Weight 79 kg
Affiliations Discord (formerly)
Inquisitors (formerly)
Rogues (formerly)
Anteiku (formerly)
Aogiri Tree
Ward 8th Ward (formerly)
9th Ward (formerly)
12th Ward
Rc Type Ukaku
Unique States Incomplete Kakuja
Rating S
Image Gallery

Daren Blackshire (ブラックシャイヤ, ダレン, Blackshire Daren), is an American male ghoul residing in Tokyo.

Currently, he goes by the notorious moniker Soundwave (音波, Onpa), and is largely associated with audio and sound. He is affiliated with Aogiri Tree, serving as its second-in-command. He has former ties with the Inquisitors, Rogues, and Anteiku.

Formerly, he was widely known by his last name Blackshire (黒シャイア, Kuroshaia), a revengeful and scornful ghoul who led a pro-ghoul organization called Discord to fight the GSA and take over a small city in the state of California. The group was eventually defeated and destroyed, with Blackshire fleeing and disappearing, leading the GSA and the nation as a whole to question his fate.


Daren is a dark-skinned man of above-average height, and slim to well-toned build. He has very short black hair, styled in a buzzed cut. His eyes are light brown, although his blank expression seems to give them a darker shade of color. His neck is also strong in appearance, with the Adam's apple being well developed.

In the past he wore a slim, a deep black battle suit, in the style of an orchestra conductor's uniform, as well as his signature mask.

After the events of Platinum, Daren's overall appearance changed somewhat. He now has longer hair, styled in an undercut with dreadlocks flowing down the right side of his face. He has also developed a full beard and moustache. He has abandoned his original ghoul attire and mask completely, favoring a black cloak and dark clothes underneath, as well as a dark partial mask.


Daren has a very polite way of speaking and seems to be friendly towards most people he encounters. Although his expression almost never changes, he's capable of being silly and possesses a good sense of humor. He is highly attentive to sound and associates his own voice as beautiful, while others tend to be annoying until they are reduced to gurgles. Additionally, he constantly seems to be searching for something he describes as the "perfect sound", which he has only heard once. As part of his music, he likes to record the screams and noises of his victims, suggesting that he is also fairly apathetic about what he does.

He is not shown to be without mercy, however, as many times he has finished off those he deems pitiful. Moreover, during the training arc for the Inquisitors, he took initiative and attempted to kill the girl whom Sierra Gray was ordered to finish off despite her clear reluctance, making it so that she would not have to do the deed herself. He also did not want to kill the children whom Shidu told the group to get rid of, though he complied without audible protest. Formerly as the days moved along in Tokyo, he was seemingly changing into a better person behind as time passed. But after the death of his girlfriend Veli Batsu, he underwent a mental transition and has since then returned to his old savage ways. Albeit becoming more harsh, sadistic, and unforgiving than before. Additionally, his cannibalistic acts have worsened and as a result his sanity began to greatly deteriorate. He has since then stopped feasting on other ghouls, and appears to be stabilizing as he copes with past losses and trauma.

As the Senior Executive of Aogiri Tree, he is shown to have zero tolerance for foolishness and failure from those who work under him, and will often reprimand his subordinates violently or even kill them in cases of disobedience. He isn't totally cold and ruthless to them however, and will often give them useful advice for improvement in their skills. This is nothing short of an act however, to show case a hard exterior, as he doesn't truly care for leading another ghoul organization and only truly wants to support his friend, Maki Itokawa.

Early LifeEdit

Daren was raised in the port city of Oakland and happily lived with his small family that consisted of his fairly young mother, father, and himself. His two parents were musicians and naturally, they possessed the same passion for music as he did. While he loved both of his guardians equally, Daren took after his compassionate mother and had a somewhat better relationship with her than his father, even inheriting his mother's ukaku kagune, rather than his father's rinkaku.

Around the time Daren was merely months old, there had been a major food shortage for ghouls who hunted or scavenged in the city. Due to heavy suppression operations commenced by the GSA and an evening curfew Oakland's mayor had issued upon all human residents. In response to this, many ghouls took to initiating nightly home invasions in order to get their rations for the month, only to be found by field agents and killed the next day. 

As weeks passed, Daren's parents eventually ran out of human meat that was stored in their fridge and deeply lamented the fact that there were little to no sources left for more in the city to feed their hungry newborn son. Left with no other clear option or choice, the two fed their child pieces of their own flesh and binged on each other in order to get by through a new age of starvation. This solution lasted only for a short while before realizing that if they continued, their son would lose his mind and possibly become a kakuja too early on in his life. 

Knowing the danger of this, Daren's parents took matters into their own hands and set out into the city to acquire the proper food for themselves and their child through ambushes on small groups of field agents, taking them all out with exceptional teamwork and execution. Among this, they also raided several warehouses and factories belonging to ghoul gangs who stored food inside. These were heinous and dangerous acts they committed, but the two cared little for that and only thought of their son's well-being, shedding no tears over the lives they took in order to keep him healthy and alive.

To be continued at a later date.



Daren was one of the new recruits present at the Inquisitors' initiation and arrived late to the shady and secretive event. There he met one of the mercenary leaders Shidu, who instructed him and the other newcomers torture a politician held captive under a photo shoot while photographers took snapshots to send to the contractor from whom they were hired by.

When his turn came, Daren began by impaling the man's lower abdomen to rip out his left kidney, which he nonchalantly discarded to Shidu. He continued on with his turn, but was almost sent into a berserk-like state during so due the snapping sound the photographers' cameras made, which he found to be heavily annoying to his ears.

He later killed one of the children who were caught eavesdropping by Ran on Shidu's order, and showed internal reluctance and regret for doing so. When Sierra Gray was pressured by Shidu to kill the child she was sent after and hesitated, he took the initiative and killed the little girl himself in a neck snap. When questioned by Sierra in an emotional rage, he merely told the woman that he killed the child for her sake before departing on Shidu's command.

Raiding the RailroadEdit

Daren was shown present at the outside gathering between Aogiri Tree and We've Gone Rogue members and their respective leaders at the time. He gazed up at the sky and thought about something briefly, but noticed someone watching him from afar. Once the raid on the train begins, Daren didn't participate and departed elsewhere.

Corpse CollectorEdit

After the Inquisitors' large assignment to collect corpses, in which he did not participate, Daren spoke with Shidu in private and discussed the overall performance the hired ghouls. While Shidu gave him her harsh opinion of the overall results of the operation, he reminisced about the day he himself was a new recruit and shared his thoughts aloud with her in a playful manner. Shidu disapproved of Daren's merciful nature he showed towards Madi, whom he saved from being killed by Shidu herself. He told her that if he killed the child, it would have been a boring outcome and that letting her live was sure to bring about a more interesting factor.

The two continued to talk before Daren was dismissed by the female mercenary leader.


Daren attended the assembly held by the leaders of Aogiri Tree and the Rogues; the No-Eyed King and the Ender. It was explained by the two that both organizations would work together to raid a hospital in the 3rd ward for the sole purpose of obtaining RC suppressants for Kana and her disease. Daren expressed negativity about the idea, irritated that the No-Eyed King could not go obtain the suppressants she desperately desired herself with her own vast power.

He was later present at a meeting called by Shidu with the topic being Sierra Gray and Anteiku. As she explained the details of Sierra's predicament and the assignment, Daren was sympathetic for the former inquisitor, and worried for her well-being.

Later, days before the raid on the hospital, Daren made an anonymous tip to the CCG and purposely misinformed them that a 'small group' of ghouls would raid a hospital located in the 3rd ward two days before the present time. He then suggested that a certain number of investigators be placed near the entrance before the call was ended.

Once the hospital raid began, Daren entered the building through a first floor window which led to one of the many labs located within the sanatorium. He slaughtered the scientists found within and journeyed out into the hallways where he then encountered a ghoul who went by the moniker of Mad Jack. He very briefly chatted with the other ghoul, before both were discovered by CCG investigators Shuya Yagi and Andrei Fukov, whom Daren and Mad Jack combated immediately. Near the end after the fight, he retreats from the hospital after buying enough time for Storyteller and a gravely injured Mad Jack to escape from a large group of doves.

Later, a few days after the Hospital Raid, Daren travels to the 20th Ward with Ayano Morino and Serafina Baxter accompanying him to Anteiku on orders from Shidu to kidnap Xeno Akizaki. The group were successful in their mission and hauled the unconscious Corpse Thief back to Yuureien.

Candlelight Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As an Ukaku ghoul, Daren is immensely fast and agile. He is able to outpace his opponents with relative ease. He is intelligent, strategic, and tactical, often taking an analytic approach to combat. To a small degree, he is also a decent strategist, having sufficient enough knowledge to lead Discord into successfully conquering his hometown.

Daren was once well-versed in hand-to-hand combat, but through experiences and rigor training sessions with Veli Batsu, he has since then obtained a near mastery in bare fisted fighting and is equipped with a powerful variety of abilities and physical attributes.

He has a heightened sense of hearing, better than most ghouls, and is able to deduce who enemies are and how the battle flows based on solely sound vibrations.

Although not particularly large in muscle mass, Daren has also displayed a high amount of physical strength, seemingly able to snap the necks of both humans and ghouls with relative ease or obliterate concrete with his limbs.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Immense Strength: Having been born as a ghoul, Daren is naturally seven times stronger than humans and possesses superhuman strength. However due to his refined body, he is also shown to be much stronger than most ghouls, and can rend them apart with his bare hands as easily as humans.

Immense Speed & Reflexes: Daren has displayed amazing speed. He is able quickly dodge the vast amount of ukaku shards being fired at him from close range by Kane Heyma, as well as evade extremely powerful and fast quinque attacks from Torabashi Kotetsu. His agility eventually becomes high enough to where he appears as a thin dark streak when he runs.

Immense Endurance & Stamina: Though not having much resistance to pain, Daren is able to continue fighting in an unfazed manner even with severe injuries that would normally cripple or completely incapacitate another ghoul. Daren can continue to face foe after foe, even taking on numerous investigators from the CCG all at once. There's still a limit to his stamina however, as he began to grow fatigue while trying to defeat Torabashi Kotetsu. Despite his exhaustion, he still managed to escape at high speeds from the powerful investigator.

Inhuman Regeneration: After a period of time, Daren was able to recover from critical wounds inflicted on him by numerous ccharacters in the roleplay. His mending speed has since become much faster, though it remains slower than a rinkaku's regenerating prowess.


Ukaku: Daren has been shown using a pair of vermilion ukaku wings in combat. Slightly larger than others of his rate, each wing possesses great dexterity and durability. Aware of how weak ukaku ghouls are in close range combat, Daren often uses his kagune wings as melee weapons at short distances, as a way to negate this weakness. Additionally, projectiles shot from his wings are capable of severely damaging or even destroying koukaku kagunes/quinques around and under his rating, as a testament to his strength as a S rated ghoul.

Ukaku Blade: As he progressed in strength and power, Daren eventually gained enough control over his kagune to shape it into a blade that encases either of his arms. Though it hasn't been shown much in combat, it can be assumed that the youth is experienced in using it against his foes.

Ukaku Kakuja: TBA


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
The Newcomers — Inquisitors Arc The newly hired Inquisitors were brought to a warehouse in a quiet neighborhood and ordered by Shidu to torture a local politician in a photo shoot. Soundwave snaps a young girl's neck, attempting to kill the child so Sierra Gray wouldn't have to herself. Child survived and now lives on as Madi Booshi.
ARC SIGN-UP Wintertide — Aogiri Tree / Rogues Arc Daren attends the rally for the hospital raid Aogiri Tree and WGR are plotting. He complains about Kana not getting her own medicine herself.
ARC Wintertide — 3rd Ward Hospital Raid Arc The raid on the 3rd Ward hospital commences. Daren initially teams up with 'Mad Jack'(Juha Weirwight) to raid labs, but are confronted by initiates Shuya Yagi and Andrei Fukov. Reinforcements come for both sides as the battle continues on.
ARC Wintertide — 20th Ward Anteiku Arc After surviving the hospital raid, Shidu reveals the special assignment to Daren, Ayano Morino. and Serafina Baxter. They're ordered to trash Anteiku and kidnap Xeno Akizaki.
(Arc Signup) Candlelight - Anteiku Arc Daren relaxes in Anteiku, waiting for his scheduled nightly patrol.
(Arc Signup) Candlelight - Factionless Arc Daren attends a mercenary meet up with various others.
ARC Candlelight - Aogiri Tree/CCG/Factionless Arc Daren participates in the branch office raid.
ARC Candlelight - Aogiri Tree/Anteiku Arc Daren defends Anteiku.
ARC BUILD UP Wild, Wild East - These Roots, They Will Spread Arc Daren destroys a random bar and claims Shinagawa.
ARC Wild, Wild East - This Tree, It Will Grow Arc Daren chases Kamen, also largely known as Kiro.
Wild, Wild East - 22nd Ward Investigation - Day 3 Arc Daren is first shown with Maki atop a roof. The two ghouls engage in brief conversation, to which Maki challenges Daren to a competition of sorts and he agrees. Later, Daren confronts operation leader Torabashi Kotetsu and fights him.
Starfall - Supernova (Aogiri Tree/Red Sun) Arc After the Aridzuka tunnels are attacked members of the Red Sun using explosions, Daren sends out a response team led by himself to go investigate the surrounding area. He, along with Kuroneki Osiris, Hachi Kasamatsu, and Ginji Tatsuyama later come across a ghoul named Amari at an abandoned radio tower and face him together.
ARC WRAP-UP Starfall - Aogiri Tree Arc In the aftermath of Aridzuka's destruction, Daren hosts an open ceremony in which he executes Kane Heyma and has Kami Shintaro beaten to near death for their disobedience in the underground tunnel system.
Platinum - Apex Arc As the CCG collides with the grim forces of Aogiri Tree inside the Rose Club, Daren attempts to impede Tadashi Hisakawa’s mission to rescue Hayato Yoshikune.
Monochrome - Crossroads Arc Leading one of three major attacks on the city, Daren conducts a massacre of partons inside the popular restaurant, Amalthea. Amidst the chaos, Nakano Otsuji’s squad finds him and a fierce battle ensues, resulting in defeat for the band of humans.
Spotlight - Awaken Arc Daren and two of his elite guards enter the 24th Ward to investigate the disappearances of several scouting teams sent to combat the Red Sun. Daren splits the group up and sends them into the tunnels, only to be ambushed and killed by Zhi Liao, whom he later engages in a fierce battle.
The Perfect Sound One-Shot Daren's debut oneshot. He's called by the funder of Yuureien for a big job involving six Aogiri soldiers. He finds them in a warehouse and kills them with great skill and speed, all the while gathering their screams to see if one of them holds the 'perfect sound' he's been looking for.
Memorable Discord [Part 1] One-Shot Daren's backstory begins in Oakland, California. Where he leads the ghoul organization named Discord, who have conquered the city. A sudden airstrike hits Downtown Oakland, and sets a building ablaze. Inside the building is Discord co-leader and Daren's girlfriend, Kayleigh.
Memorable Discord [Part 2] One-Shot Daren's backstory continues as he and Jacob rush towards Downtown Oakland to save Kayleigh, all the while being hunted by Colonel Augustine.
Memorable Discord [Part 3] One-Shot Daren's backstory continues as he and Jacob enter the burning building and rescue Kayleigh. But encounters Augustine inside.
Memorable Discord [Part 4] One-Shot Daren's backstory continues as he and Jacob escapes from the burning building and Augustine. They retreat into the sewers to access the underground tunnels for means of escape.
Memorable Discord [Part 6] One-Shot Daren's backstory continues as he and Kayleigh are unable to escape from Augustine. Daren is shot by Augustine and Jacob was confirmed dead.
Memorable Discord [Part 7] One-Shot Daren's backstory continues as Kayleigh wakes up and protects Daren from Augustine. The two engage in a quick fight, but Kayleigh is defeated and killed by a gunshot to the head. Augustine then proceeds to sexually assault Daren.
Memorable Discord [Part 8] One-Shot Daren's backstory continues as Daren consults with himself inside his mind. He confronted by a version of him called "The Voice". The voice tells him that he is weak and must become stronger. Daren agrees and decides to become 'Soundwave'.
Memorable Discord [Part 9] One-Shot Daren's backstory continues as Augustine finishes her heinous act on Daren and prompts to finish him off with a gunshot. Daren catches her off guard by biting into her arm and cutting her face with one of his wings, the two fight, and Daren succeeds in killing Augustine. He departs from the tunnels while dragging Kayleigh's body and holding Jacob's severed head.
Memorable Discord [Part 10] One-Shot Daren's backstory concludes as he wanders through the Mojave Desert, his destination being the city of Las Vegas. He has a grisly nightmare and encounters a hooded figure known as 'The Watcher' After a brief chat, Daren attacks Watcher but is knocked unconscious by their kagune. He wakes up to find that he has been relocated to Tokyo, Japan.
A faux melody-A synthetic harmony One-Shot After being relocated to Tokyo, Daren visits Tatsuhiro Owari's mask shop to order a mask.
The Sound of Evil <Money> One-Shot Shidu assigns Daren with the task of killing big time politician, Hana Oni.
[Wintertide] The Tip One-Shot Daren tips off the CCG about the upcoming raid on a 3rd ward hospital, he gives them wrong info however. He describes a small group of six ghouls attacking the front entrance, and suggests that eight investigators be placed there.
Dark Cadence One-Shot Once again, perhaps foolishly, he seeks...
The Favour Social Daren enters the :re cafe and interacts with Ayumi Miyazono, who questions him about the cause of Kazuki Eiji's mysterious death. He also speaks with Tadashi Hisakawa.
Mercenaries RP After the successful kidnapping of Xeno Akizaki, the Inquisitors recline in a peaceful manner. Daren sneaks up on Ayano and scares her, the two chat before agreeing to a spar. Later, Daren finally makes Shidu agree to a spar.
Spelling Eternity RP On a busy night in Yuureien, Daren hears the Anteiku staff outside, prompting him to warn the other Inquisitors of a possible raid.
Gift Giveaway RP After the events of Wintertide, Daren visits Anteiku to apologize to Xeno for kidnapping him and receive his present from Veli.
The Queen's Musician RP Daren and Ayano take their spar outside to the 9th ward, where they engage each other fiercely. The spar is stopped however, when a trio of ghoul investigators roll by. As Ayano engages with Dan Hohen and Saigetsu Kiji, Daren fights Rank 1 Kouta Matsushita.
Two Fates RP After completing a mission given by Shidu, Daren leaves the scene along with Serafina through a backstreet heading back to the the 8th ward. He engages in a casual conversation with the elder, who constantly refers to him as 'Lil Soundy', much to his dismay and ire. Eventually, their talk comes to a end once the woman hops into cab and is ferried away, leaving Daren alone to walk home in the night.
Mercenary No More RP Daren leaves the Inquisitors.
To Old Friends & New RP Daren works in Anteiku.
Break Time is Great Time! RP Soundwave visits Nikki.
Where Everybody Knows Your Name RP Daren arrives in Zanzibar, seeking out Haruna Suzuki for a special assignment.
Chain of Command RP Daren is shown present at a gathering where Maki delivers a speech to the majority of Aogiri Tree.
High Life RP Running an errand for Maki, Daren enters the Ebony Lounge Club and meets Red Sun's knight, Zhi Liao.
Doctor's Orders - Part 1 RP Daren is called by Juha Weirwight to discuss a shortage of quality test subjects for OEG experiments. He later orders a meeting, and assigns a task to retrieve healthy patients from a hospital to Haruna Suzuki, Nai Hanashimasu, Koharu Tagata, Kuroneki Osiris, Koharu Tagata, Akihiko Umari, and Futoshi Ishikawa


Name Details
Mr. and Mrs. Blackshire Daren is shown to have had a great relationship with his two parents, who were loving, caring, and very protective of their son. Daren himself had greatly loved them as well, but after their deaths, he seems to hate both of them now and regards them as failures.
Kayleigh Kayleigh was Daren's girlfriend and co-leader of the American ghoul organization, Discord. Not much is known about her, but it is said that she was a strong rinkaku ghoul, and loved Daren greatly and cared for him, going so far as to train him to grow stronger, and sacrifice herself for him. Following her death, Daren believes that she, along with Jacob, pitied him because of his weak nature, and for that, he seems to hate her. It is unknown if Kayleigh actually felt this way, or if Daren is deluding himself to think that.
Jacob Jacob was Daren's best friend and co-leader of the American ghoul organization, Discord. Not much is known about him, but it is said that he was a koukaku ghoul and loved Daren greatly and cared for him, going so far as to sacrifice himself for his friend. Following his death, Daren believes that he, along with Kayleigh pitied him because of his weak nature, and for that, he seems to hate him. It is unknown If Jacob actually felt this way, or if Daren is deluding himself to think that.
Colonel Celica Augustine

Augustine was a ghoul investigator working for the Ghoul Suppression Agency and the one solely responsible for Daren's lifetime suffering and his transformation into a much brutal and ruthless person. She mercilessly hunted down Daren, Kayleigh, and Jacob through Oakland and the underground tunnels, where it was later revealed that she was not a human, but a ghoul who betrayed her own kind, she later confirmed that has no reasons for doing this nor any qualms.

The Watcher Daren first encountered The Watcher in the Mojave desert, where he promptly attacked and engaged in a battle with them before being knocked unconscious by the individual's kagune. After waking up, Daren finds himself in a apartment in Tokyo, with a pre-recorded message left by The Watcher, explaining to Daren that he was now one of their proteges and they would keep a watchful eye on him.
Sierra Gray Daren has a complicated relationship with Sierra, mainly because of the action he took during the Inquisitor invitation arc. Sierra openly expresses her hatred towards him whenever they cross paths, but Daren doesn't seem to be bother by it and often ignores her. Daren himself views her as a interesting, yet annoying person. After she gets herself involved with the CCG, Daren displays sympathy for her current predicament but admits that the information she holds is a danger to all ghouls in Tokyo.
Shidu Daren's relationship with Shidu is a silly, yet serious one. He refers to her as "Shidu-senpai-senpai." He talks with his employer frequently, often teasing her to the point where she viciously slaps him. He also follows her orders without hesitation, as he's aware of how strong she is.
Ran Daren often annoys Ran with his presence and puns, forcing Ran to threaten him or ignore him. Other than that, the two don't talk much to each other.
Maki Itokawa The two first met in Yuureien, where Maki bumped and spilled a drink onto Daren's clothes when he was trying to sneak out of work. Daren is quite fond of Maki, calling him a "total bro" and visiting him at his job. Like Maki, who taunts his enemies when fighting, Daren does the same, even though the two have yet to fight together. According to Veli, Maki and Daren are a 'mischievous duo', hinting that the two hang out and annoy others. After the death of Veli Batsu, Daren later joined Aogiri to be at the side of his last dear friend. The two ghouls now work together more closely than before, with Daren often offering Maki advice or assistance with manners concerning the ghoul organization.
Veli Batsu After their initial meeting in the park, Daren developed a love interest in Veli. He finds her to be attractive, strong, loving, and caring. He often trains with her to improve his own skills. It said that Veli reminds him of a "lost loved one", who is most likely Kayleigh. After her death, Daren reverted back to his old ways, the loss of yet another loved one shaking him and further breaking his sanity to near irreparable levels.
Isadora Tricot Daren is shown to have a friendly relationship with Isadora, despite only meeting with her once. The two engaged in conversation for the first time in Anteiku, and discussed various topics. He seems to admire her gorgeous looks and height.
One-Eyed Cat During their initial meeting, Daren expresses kindness and suspicion towards her, and refers to her as 'KittKat'. After their conversation, Daren is shown to be quite fearful of her, and is aware that she's a extremely powerful ghoul.



T R I V I AEdit

  • His favorite parts of the body (to eat) are the vocal cords.
  • His favorite animal is a gray wolf, due to its howl.
  • He dislikes sounds that are bad to his ears, often becoming irritated after hearing one.
  • Some examples of this are bells and broken records.
  • His favorite music genre is Electronic Rock, and his favorite musician to listen to is Celldweller.
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