Dice 0001
User Sombre-Alfonce
Alias Dice
Species Ghoul
Status Insane
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 158 cm
Affiliations Aogiri Tree
Ward What is this 'home' you speak of?
Rc Type Koukaku
Rc Level 2289
Rating A+
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Dice is a ghoul affiliated with Aogiri Tree, known for his fractured and sporadic personality. He collects game dice.

Appearance Edit

Dice is a pale and sickly looking ghoul with a drawn face and an almost unnaturally thin physique. He is on the small side and has long, thin arms and legs. His lank hair is jet black and is cut to varying lengths lengths, falling wildly around his head. His eyes, when he hasn't forcefully removed them from his own head, are a deep emerald green and have a perpetually wide-eyed insane look about them. He has multiple piercings in his ears, lips and nose. His clothing consists of a ragged shirt and pants, torn and stained with blood and dirt, and a torn aogiri cloak that falls just above his knees. Underneath the cloak he wears a dirty checkered waist-coat and a necklace of game die from which he takes his name. These are of different sizes, shaped and colours.

After the dismemberment and killing of Kazuko Akita Dice went through a makeover of sorts. He now wears a collection of plundered clothes collected from the corpses of Aogiri victims. He now wears sneakers, scuffed jeans, and a plaid shirt with an Aogiri armband on his left arm. He wraps the remnants of his old cloak around his head and neck like a scalf, and his new mask takes the form of three faces of a die, featuring the 1, 2 and 3. The face with the 1 has an eye hole to see through. The left side of his head from about ear height is shaved after it and is ear were forcefully removed during combat. His ear of course grew back.

Personality Edit

Dice is a manic schizophrenic constantly wracked with hallucinations and a disconnect from reality. To him names and meaning are of a secondary importance. As he sees it, the world around him is constantly changing, objects never retain the same shape for long, shadows constantly move and talk to him and he has trouble discerning between people. He thinks himself lucky to be the only one to see the world in such a light and this obsession with luck led to the creation of his die collection, which he always keeps on his person. Similarly he feels sorry for the world and people around him who can't understand his visions and resolves himself to put them out of their misery in the most fantastical way possible.

Dice speaks in the third person.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Kagune Edit

Dice's kagune takes the form of a long bone coloured and textured blade that extends around his right wrist. The blade seems to alter its shape randomly, having taken both the form of a long spike as well as a vicious hook at different times. It has been shown to be able to alter in length up to a meter to barely protruding from his wrist.

Original: Above the wrist it takes the form of overlapping bone plates that follow the outer side of his arm all the way to his shoulder. By outward appearances it seem inflexible, but the combination of separated plates, and a thin, liquid like red muscle that connects them and seems to fill the bone plates, allows it to be manipulated easily.

Current: After recent events, the bone plating of the kagune has become thicker and has fused. As of now there are only three notable joints in his kagune: at the wrist, elbow and shoulder. The uppermost portion of the kagune takes the shape of a large plate shoulder guard that extends to guard half of his head. The red muscle has also become thicker and stronger, which now allows it to be manipulated without relying on his own arm. This effectively provides him with a third limb.

Constitution Edit

Dice seems to either have an abnormally high pain threshold, or a completely different concept of pain (if any at all). He has been shown to relocate his dislocated jaw with no side effects other than slurred speech.

Threads Edit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
The Die that was Cast Private RP Dice encounters Maki, and is conscripted by force into Aogiri.
Snake Eyes Private RP Dice meets Nai and finds a kindred spirit in the mute ghoul.
Starfall - Supernova (Aogiri Tree/Red Sun) Arc Dice attempts to fight alongside other members of Aogiri, but relations break down between members of the squad and he is left to fend for himself meters ahead of his 'allies'. It is unknown how he escaped. (But it can be assumed that he went uber-badass and single-handedly fought his way out without the help of any filthy ukaku)
Starfall - Aogiri Wrap-up Arc Wrap-Up Dice watches the execution in... how... he just does.
Platinum - Apex Arc Dice follows Maki to the venue, and eventually falls over the balcony to say hello to Okubo Sawamura.
Monochrome - Crossroads Arc Dice joins Takeo for a bout of fun and other die related shenanigans.

Relationships Edit

Name Details
The Shadows Beings that Dice seems to worship. He is always careful to appease them. Unlike the other beings that he hears, he does not hear the shadows, only sees them. They are his only absolute, and he trusts them without fail.
The Speakers A series of voices that dwell within Dice's mind and guide him throughout life. They serve as the interpreters for the the shadows, and on their own represent the only area of coherent thought present in his mind. Currently two have surfaced and one has been mentioned. They are assumed to be different partitions of his fragmented mind, representing the twisted building blocks of his personality.
The Whisperers The most common of The Speakers, The Whisperers often take the forefront of his thoughts, and are what guide him. They are voices of reason, but also of subtle violence and clearly thrive from chaos and live off of deceit.
The Mumblers The second most common of The Speakers, they are always present at the back of his thoughts, questioning anything the The Whisperers say. The Whisperers often quell them by force, and so they are somewhat down-trodden. They are voices of doubt and caution, but are rarely listened to. On the occasion they have been known to turn Dice against the Whisperers.
The Shouters The third of The Speakers, they have only been mentioned by Dice, who seems to fear them somewhat. Judging by their name and Dice's mention of them they can be assumed they represent rage, anger and violence. Not the platonic, twisted version of violence expressed by The Whisperers, but raw, unbridled and knowing violence.
Insishon Dice's favourite leader of Aogiri Tree, he first met him one fortunate night where he dislocated his jaw and slammed him into the ground. Since then Dice has looked up to Insishon as one of the only figures he thinks understand his personal crusade. He thinks that he is related in some way to The Shadows.
The Listener Dice met this mute ghoul one night as he approached the young ghouls cell. They kicked it off immediately and proceeded to bleed some shit together. (Assumedly)
Fodder Ukaku He doesn't like them.

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