Evan Fitzroy
Name Evan Fitzroy
User /u/Circle_the_Earth
Alias Silvertongue
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 24
Gender Male
Height 5'10" or approximately 178 cm
Weight 150 lbs or 68 kg
Affiliations None
Ward 12th Ward
Rating C-
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Evan Fitzroy (フィッツロイエヴァン, Fittsuroi Evu~an) is a C-rated ghoul, currently factionless, living in the 12th ward.


Evan is of his own volition a rather plain looking person, apart from being a white person in Japan. His hair is messy, platinum blonde, and reaches to the middle of his neck. Most of the time, his green eyes look dull and lifeless. The only vaguely distinguishing feature about him is the pair of piercings in the upper part of his right ear, which he changes the jewelry for frequently. His build is unnoticeably athletic. Not exactly skinny but not fat by any means.

Like any regular person, his clothing changes quite a bit on a day to day basis. His ghoul attire is standardized as a pinstriped, olive green suit with a red longsleeved undershirt. A tie colored in thick alternating stripes of black and the same olive green as the suit hangs loosely from his neck. Evan’s mask is plain white and covers the whole face. Its only features are a plainly smiling mouth and two eyes, left closed, right open. The open eye fits so that it shows Evan’s eye and the other eye has a small hole along the closed eyelid to allow him to see through that side as well. The mouth and the closed eye are stitched with red thread.


A proper psychopath by the clinical definition, Evan is deceitful, manipulative, and nearly emotionless. He fakes emotions really well, but that’s all. By driving humans to depression, suicide, or simply provoking a strong emotional reaction, Evan derives something close to joy and happiness. As a result, he is constantly seeking out this sort of interaction with others in a variety of ways. Ghouls do not give him the same feeling, but he enjoys poking at them anyway. Though he is not capable of most basic emotion, he still has a sense of respect for those he considers noteworthy or interesting. He is otherwise eloquent with a naturally soothing voice and is unfailingly polite, even to his enemies.

All of these traits drive his way of fighting which is purely through psychological tactics and talking until his opponents are distraught enough to be defeated, willing to give up on their own, or distracted enough for him to escape. He shows no interest in those who cannot be “attacked” this way, believing them boring.

Recently, due to some rather exceptional encounters, Evan has felt stirrings of both irritation and sympathy, which he has done his best to ignore.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Keen Insight: Evan has a talent for reading people's cue and emotions, despite being incapable of them himself. This is due to years of experience toying with people. Any sort of overtly presented visual or verbal cues can and will be picked up by him.

Emotional Stability: Since he lacks the capacity to feel emotion, he is likewise unable to be shaken by intimidation, flirtatious behavior, or attempts to anger him.


Strengths: Exceptionally average. No real weakpoints in strength, speed, or durability.
Weaknesses: As above, exceptionally average, so no real strengths either. Tends to avoid actual combat and has little proper fighting experience. Leaves a fight if it bores him.


Type: Bikaku

Appearance: A rather plain tail-type as most Bikaku tend to be. Its only defining characteristics are its orange coloration and the set of hollow bony plates that manifest at its end that produce a sound similar to a rattlesnake when shaken.

Strengths: Somewhat N/A. He barely even uses it.

Weaknesses: See Strengths.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Pretense of Joy One-shot Evan's introduction. He describes his seduction of a man named Shuuji Takanome followed by carefully orchestrating a series of events leading to Shuuji committing suicide. Shuuji kills himself by hanging from a bridge, much to Evan's delight. A brief reference is made to Evan's hobby of carving wooden figures of his particularly noteworthy victims.
Scavengers in the Night Public RP Evan is out corpse hunting when he runs into Vincent doing a collection mission for Anteiku. A tense standoff followed by conversation ensues. [INCOMPLETE]
Pulling the Wings From a Fly Public RP Evan goes on a typical night on the town, hunting people to play with and break. He has a variety of encounters ranging from relatively mundane to absolutely bizarre. See Relationships for more. [INCOMPLETE]
Mania and Dementia Public RP Attending a lecture on ghoul psychology, Evan takes the opportunity to ask Investigator Kosei Waller a few questions regarding his experiences and the CCG. Though little of value is gained, Evan decides that the CCG may be worth keeping an eye on for future amusement.
Eye For An Eye - Dusk Private RP Daren and Evan stumble upon each other at Yuureien and discuss their respective interests in a chaotic world. The foundations for the faction Yuugure (Dusk) are laid with plans to meet later to execute an as yet unspecified plan devised by Evan.
Drinking Away Their Sorrows Private RP Three ghouls walk into a bar, discover they don't have that much in common, share a tense moment, and disperse as quickly as they came. Evan meets Tadashi and Zen.


Name Details
Vincent Nodami Evan finds Vincent's commitment to justice and peace boring but over the course of their conversation has grown to respect the strength of Vincent's conviction, despite some skepticism that his words are merely talk.
Vincent Nodami Evan finds Vincent's commitment to justice and peace boring but over the course of their conversation has grown to respect the strength of Vincent's conviction, despite some skepticism that his words are merely talk.
[The Broker] The Broker and Evan met during one of his nighttime hunts. The Broker was displeased with Evan's callous torture and murder of a heartbroken young woman. Evan's interaction with him was the first indication that he was not very good at anything other than tearing others down when it came to managing emotion and social interaction.
Sekhmet Sekhmet and Evan met during one of his nighttime hunts. Sekhmet was heavily intoxicated at the time and attempted to engage him in violent combat, thankfully too inebriated to do any lasting damage, though Evan did end up tossed in the snow. They shared a brief conversation, though Evan's engagement with her attempt at humor ended in a less than amiable parting. Despite this, Evan was oddly intrigued by her for reasons that he didn't understand, finding her scars particularly interesting.
[Kanata Minato] TBD
Sachi Raku Sachi and Evan met during one of his nighttime hunts. She had apparently been watching him for a fair amount of time, finding kinship in their shared mental illness. Evan, for his part, was politely indifferent to their interaction.
Daren Blackshire Evan met Daren at Yuureien. The two found an odd similarity in their desire for creating chaos in Tokyo and sowed the seeds for a new faction, Yuugure.
Tadashi Hisakawa Evan and Tadashi happened upon each other purely by chance at some decrepit bar in the 15th ward. As polar opposites in both ideology and personality, they found natural enemies in one another. They parted non-violently, but it was clear to both that their next encounter, if any, would be anything but amiable.
Zen Nagai Zen and Evan happened upon each other purely by chance at some decrepit bar in the 15th ward. Evan found Zen utterly boring, though he had an appreciation for Zen's straightforward and self-serving motivations. Zen likewise found Evan unworthy of attention. The two parted relatively neutrally, though Zen made it clear that if he found Evan in the 15th ward again, things would end poorly.




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