Gao Mahoshi
Name Gao Mahoshi
User /u/I_Am_The_Brickman
Species Human
Status Deceased
Age 26
Gender Male
Height 179 cm
Weight 71 kg
Affiliations CCG
Ward 12th Ward
Quinque Scorpion
Rank Rank 2 Investigator
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Gao Mahoshi is a convicted criminal currently serving his time as a CCG investigator.


Gao is fairly tall, standing at 1.79 m and weighing 71 kilos. He is quite slender and lean and is somewhat muscular. He has a normal build and a standard frame. Hazel eyes and short brown hair with a long fringe, Gao's tired expression is definitely a sight to see. He's always seen with an ominous, dark grin and he's always tired. He wears the usual CCG invesitgator outfit, but his coat is always unzipped.


Gao is cheeky and somewhat of a dick. He is cold blooded and heartless and is not really concerned by much. He doesn't feel a particularly strong sense of conscience and rather enjoys his bloody work. Additionally, he's very easy going and lazy, so he doesn't usually rush into combat on his own.


Gao used to work as a thug and knife for hire for a while, before finally getting arrested and sent to court. In order to avoid a jail sentence, the killer for hire pleaded with the judge to allow him to serve in the CCG instead. Happily enough for him, this gave him a way out of prison.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

General Attributes: Gao is a proficient fighter leaning towards speed oriented combat.

High speed combatant: Gao is extremely quick, both in moving and attacking. This allows him to strike fast and with decisiveness.

Highly agile combatant: The CCG investigator has impressive agility and can avoid many different kinds of attacks due to that. He is quite flexible and skilled at dodging.

Knife expert: Knives are Gao's true forte, as the man excells in wielding short weapons. He is capable to utilising them to great extent, both in close quarters and as throwing weapons.



Name: Scorpion

Type: Bikaku

Status: In Service

Appearance: A simple Bikaku Quinque dagger.

Strengths: Well balanced, light and sharp.

Weaknesses: Not durable and generally not a particularly notable weapon.

Mechanics: It's just a dagger.


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Bibliography Edit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Candlelight - 12th Ward Branch Office attack Arc Gao stumbles upon a Shuukaku ghoul named Kaiyo and meets his doom after concluding that Ukakus really are a bunch of bastards.
A model citizen One-shot Gao's past as a thug is revealed. The man had been at one point captured and sentenced. Preferring to do "social work" instead, Gao goes into the CCG.
Social name/link here Social Social description


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