The Ghoul Suppression Agency, (グール抑制局 Gūru Yokusei Kyoku literally meaning "Ghoul Suppression Bureau") better known as the GSA, is a American federal agency devoted to the investigation and intervention of crimes involving ghouls in the United States. The legal foundation of the group is known as the Ghoul Suppression Measures Law and contains provisions for the identification, prosecution and treatment of ghouls located in America. The organization also seems to have authorized use of military force against ghouls.

Their headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington.

American Ghouls often refer to GSA investigators as Agents (エージェント Ējento), referencing the word "Agency" on their official seal. Some agents wear tan trench coats and are referenced as Colonels (大佐 Taisa) or Senior Agents (シニアエージェント Shiniaējento) All agents are the same(except for Augustine's case) and go to the same academy during training and are indoctrinated with the genocidal belief that all ghouls are evil and be destroyed.

Currently, the organization acts as a NPC in certain character's backstories, and has no significant effects on the overall story of the roleplay.

Agents Edit

The GSA employs two different types of agents: field agents and bureau agents.

Field agents are responsible are responsible for carrying out investigations and capturing or killing suspects, and are the only investigators permitted to carry quinque. They are often assigned to one of the United State's major cities in order to give them a specified area of interest.

Bureau agents are less likely to engage in combat and only back up ghoul investigators when necessary. They carry out affairs regarding paperwork but are armed with Q-bullet firearms during combat.

There were only two squads mentioned and shown in the roleplay. These two are the Augustine squad and the Serafina squad.

Members Edit

Chairman Edit

  • Unnamed

Headquarters Bureau Director Edit

  • Unnamed

Colonels/Senior Agents Edit

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