Hajime Miura
Name Hajime Miura
Japanese Name ミウラ肇
User /u/Pyrofrozen
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 27
Gender Male
Birthday August 16th
Height 180 cm
Weight 82 kg
Affiliations CCG
Kotsuzan Squad (formerly)
Okazaki Squad
Relatives Unnamed Adoptive Mother †
Ward 1st Ward • Chiyoda
Quinque Tsunagi (Bikaku, Rate C)
Omm (Ukaku, Rate B)
Unrevealed Quinque (Unknown Type, Unknown Rate)
Division Kotsuzan Squad (past)
Okazaki Squad
Rank Rank 1
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Hajime Miura (ミウラ肇, Miura Hajime) is a human male and an active Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator enlisted in the CCG. He is a former member of Kotsuzan Squad and is currenly serving as a member of Okazaki Squad.


Miura is a man of above-average height, standing at 5'9" and baring a well-built physique with scarlet eyes. He has dark colored hair that comes down to the back of his neck and has a few strands that are silvery. His skin is pale, a common trait of the Japanese.

He wears a customized CCG uniform which consists of a blackish overcoat with gray lining. Beneath that is a white undershirt and tie, complete with dark trousers, black gloves and a brown belt of utility items he uses to aid him in battle.

In more casual situations, Miura wears formal clothing, favoring dark blue suits and red ties.


Miura is a silent and stoic individual, rarely ever speaking a single word unless necessary. On the rare occasions when he does express himself, he speaks in a surprisingly soothing tone. Leading others to question and wonder why he doesn't talk more.

He is greatly refined in his manners and shows his peers who rank higher than him the utmost respect, though he is not afraid to question the choices or attitudes of said peers around him.

Despite having no known repugnance for the species, Miura takes a cold and calculating approach to fighting ghouls as per most investigators enlisted in the CCG do. However, he is somewhat merciful towards them and is against needless ghoul slaughter if it is not for the sake of protecting the public.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Miura is a balanced fighter, boasting reasonably equal amounts of both strength and agility an average CCG investigator is known for. Due to rigorous training in the academy, he has become exceptionally skilled in wielding quinques and combating ghouls in general.


Tsunagi: As an initiate, Miura wielded a Tsunagi (つなぎ, Tsunagi); a Bikaku type mass-produced Quinque which is shaped like a long sword without a guard, ending with a unadorned handle. Up until his promotion into a Rank 2 investigator and its eventual decommissioning, Miura used it exclusively.

Omm: The second weapon at Miura's disposal, Omm (オム, Omu) is a Ukaku-type quinque that takes the form of a dark-colored sniper rifle with a scope. Strangely, he personally refers to the weapon as 'mother' for reasons currently unknown.

Unnamed Quinque: Miura possesses another quinque, one that he has yet to reveal in a fight.

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ARC BUILDUP - Wild, Wild East - Know Your Enemy Arc Miura and Ryo Izanagi travel to Cochlea on the behalf of the Okazaki unit to interrogate the incarcerated ghoul, Smiles.
ARC - Wild, Wild East 22nd Ward Investigation (Kotsuzan Squad) - Day 1 Arc Miura and a few other investigators of Kotsuzan Squad challenge the A-rated Megalith.
Starfall - Orion (Quinx Squad/Aogiri) Arc On his way to assist in the fight against SSS-rated Gemini, Miura receives a call for backup through radio from Rank 3 Quinx Kyousuke Aoyama, detailing that he and the rest of the squad were ambushed by ghouls from Aogiri Tree. After pondering whether or not to continue on and ignore the call, the newly Rank 2 decides to change direction and help the Quinx Squad. ONGOING.
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Crocodylidae (I) RP Newly enlisted Miura travels to the 4th CCG Branch Office to speak with Associate Special Class Kotetsu about the Crocodile case.


Name Details




  • In spite of 'Hajime' being his personal name, he prefers to be called by his family name 'Miura'
  • His name means 'beginning' and 'august bay'
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