Hana Katsuro is an unemployed human who resides in 11th Ward.

Hana Katsuro
Name Hana Katsuro
User /u/FogKnight22
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 22
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Ward 11th Ward
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Appearance Edit

Hana is a young adult woman with almost-white skin with fair complexion. She doesn’t usually groom herself so her long pale red hair would seem messy most of the time. Hana would have three earrings on both ears. She has light-blue eyes and a petite look on her face. Hana would have a slim figure for her body as she is also 5’4” tall. Usually she would enjoy wearing black buttoned shirt with white tank-top underneath. Hana also wears dark-blue jeans and black sneakers.

Hana would also look visibly tad tired as she has small eye bags.

Personality Edit

Hana isn’t exactly a lively person in her life to put it in a simple manner. She has proper socials skills so she could easily communicate with people but she wouldn’t seem that approachable at first. Hana would act as if she was tired while she doesn’t realize it until it gets to something that interests her, which would liven her up but ever so slightly.

Hana has always been knowledgeable about life and all though, as she could share and show some odd wisdom in her own ways while talking to people. She also doesn’t really care about ghouls and their dangers as Hana sees them as fellow people and would treat them just like with humans. Hana used to have a childhood friend whom was a ghoul who defended her against another ghoul at one night. Unfortunately during the moment, a nearby investigator killed her childhood friend too. That implemented the idea that both ghouls and humans have their positives and negatives.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Good Eye: Hana's only combat-related strength would be her accurate aim with guns if she would ever have access to them. Her father, who was an animal hunter, trained her during her childhood but Hana didn't appreciate such hobby so she abandoned it.

Jogger: Hana's other strength that isn't related to combat would be her good stamina and speed thanks to her much preferred hobby. She could escape quickly while keeping it up for long without getting too tired.

Strengths: Hana’s only combat strength would be that she would have a good eye with ranged weapon’s ranges and accuracy if she ever gets across one. Other strength would be her speed and stamina as she is quick and could take long for her to get remotely tried, which is pretty useful for escaping.
Weaknesses: Hana is never a combatant so she is pretty useless when it comes to struggling without a gun or small blade on her hands for self-defense. Her only way to respond in a fight would be escaping if she didn’t have anything to defend herself with, while a blade wouldn’t increase much of her chances.

Trivia Edit

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