Hannah Blacklea
Name Hannah Blacklea
User /u/Sombre-Alfonce
Alias Swan
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 22
Gender Female
Birthday 21st September 1994
Height 5'8"
Affiliations Aligns with Re:
Relatives Silas Aberdeen (Father)

Allister Lockwood (Younger Brother)

Emelia Frost (Younger Sister)

Aunt Bea and Uncle JP (Carers)

Mother (Status Unknown)

2 Step Mothers (Status Unknown)

Ward 19th
Rc Type Bikaku
Rating C-
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Hannah is a friendly ghoul hailing from London, England. She is a professional gymnast who is currently living in Japan on a cultural exchange scholarship. She is the eldest daughter of the man known as Silas Aberdeen.

Appearance Edit

Lean and toned from years of gymnastics, she’s highly flexible. By all appearances she's elegant and proper, with shoulder length black hair that she ties loosely in a bun at the back of her head Her eyes are a deep green. She can commonly be found wearing tights and a skivvy, with a scarf wrapped loosely around her neck. When masked she wears pretty much the same clothing, with the addition of a tight red leather vest to keep out the cold. She will also tie her hair back more carefully.

Personality Edit

Jovial and relaxed, she enjoys being around people. Outwardly Hannah never seems to take life seriously, however she understands her limits and knows when not be a detriment to the team. She's a coffee addict and has a severe dislike of smoking. This passion is so much so that she goes out of her way to hide or get rid of them if at all possible. She can be a bit of a show-off sometimes, but this trait is more often directed towards people she dislikes. She puts a great stock in friendship and family.

She's quite smart and enjoys a degree of amateur sleuthing on the side. To a degree this stems from an interest in people, but she also enjoys the challenge and the tension that comes from solving such puzzles.

Of note, she has a strong detest for physical confrontation, and prefers to avoid such situations. In this way she could be seen as a sort of pacifist.

History Edit


Powers and Abilities Edit

Strengths Edit

- Agile and quick, after years of gymnastics she excels at getting places others can’t and using the world around her to her advantage.

- Excellent stamina.

Weaknesses Edit

- Would much rather avoid an attack all together since her body isn’t built to take consistent hits.

- Tends to avoid combat as much as possible and prefers the defensive until someone else deals with it, and will never deliberately do something that may put their life in danger.

- Untrained in physical combat.

Kagune Edit

A bikaku kagune that takes the form of two rich opal, lithe and tensile tails about the width of an arm. They can stretch to quite a length giving them long reach for a bikaku and have barb-like hooks on the ends to allow for better purchase and grip. At close ranges and confined spaces it is extremely awkward to use.

Threads Edit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
A Letter of Apology Private RP Hannah arrives in Japan, intending to meet with Tadashi and Akane.
Ursa Private RP Hannah meets the individual known as Tomoe.

Relationships Edit

Name Details
Silas Aberdeen Her father. Early in her life she was left in the care of a close family friend living in the UK in order to keep her away from his lifestyle. Until recently she had only met him 8 times in her entire life.
Allister Lockwood and Emelia Frost Her two younger siblings by her father, all three of them have different mothers.
Aunt Bea and Uncle JP Trusted friends of Silas, they maintain a strong relationship with the entire family and until recently still cared for the two younger siblings.
Mother/s Rarely mentioned.
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