A human inquisitor.

Haru rn
Name Haru
User /u/KiraKhameleon
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 20
Sex Female
Birthday May 14th
Affiliations Inquisitors
Ward None
Quinque N/A
Rank B
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Haru has dark purple hair which nearly reaches their shoulders, usually kept out of their face. They are taller than the average person, but not tall enough to be considered a giant. Overall, they appear rather androgynous.


Haru is polite and respectful to whoever they meet, whether they are polite back or not. Socially they are rather confident, and may speak to strangers as if they were old friends. Although when talking with a stranger Haru may be more formal than usual. Whilst Haru forms bonds and relationships, she prioritises herself over others. If she needs to, she can easily toss aside ties and emotions to do what she deems is necessary. There may be a hint of sadism within her.


Her past is currently mostly unknown, all that is known of it is that she has taken multiple mercenary jobs and caused an incident. She is somewhat new to the city of Tokyo.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Haru possesses heightened reflexes, senses and agility. She is able to pull off a creepy smile to spook people.



Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description Private RP A thread showing how she entered the Inquisitors


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