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Name Charlotte M. Kurosawa
Japanese Name 春菜
User /u/YandereLobster
Alias Scribe (Japan)

Jack the Ripper (UK)
Bakeneko (alt mask)
Yuki Nakamura
Amiable Albino
Small Scribe
Weary Writer
Noble Novelist
Austere Author
Lovestruck Librarian
Hidden Historian
Tremendous Transcriber
Bilingual Biographer
Worrisome Wordsmith
Pale Pandemic
Closet Lesbian (suggested by kakuja)
Boisterous Bookkeeper
Knife Wife
Genetic Aberration

Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 25
Gender Female
Birthday May 29th, 1993
Height 4'10" 147cm
Affiliations Shuukaku (Former Acolyte)
Aogiri Tree
Relatives Kichirou Kurosawa (husband)
Mary Badcock (Mother)
Unnamed Father and Brother
Ward 9th
Rc Type Bikaku
Rating S-
Quinque Clarent
Image Gallery

Haruna Kurosawa (黒澤春菜, Kurosawa Haruna, real name Charlotte Mary Kurosawa, maiden name Charlotte M. Badcock) is a ghoul historian and the wife of Kichirou Kurosawa. She is one of the two owners of the info brokering bar Zanzibar, and a high ranking member of Aogiri.

Her usual alias is Scribe (スクリーブ, Sukurību). While performing her own personal work as a Ghoul, she uses a separate alias to help avoid accidentally giving any hints to those Investigating her, and goes by Bakeneko (化け猫).

Along with her husband Kichirou Kurosawa, she is co-leader of the 9th Ward.

Appearance Edit

Charlotte is a female ghoul of short stature. Her most noticeable features are her bright pinkish-red eyes and sickly pale skin.

Her usual Aogiri attire consists of white bandages that cover her body from the neck down, with a large red cloak worn over it. While acting as a human she wears a red turtleneck sweater with a long black skirt and matching gloves, with black leggings and shoes.

She also has Albinism, as visible by her red eyes, blonde hair, and pale skin. Because of the Albinism she's sensitive to sunlight, causing her to prefer to wear clothes with hoods (such as robes) and she tries to usually only go out at night.

After Clipping the Wings she has a giant scar across her back, running from her left shoulder to the bottom right of her abdomen.

While acting under the alias of 'Haruna Suzuki', her human pen-name, she wears a pink wig and purple version of her usual outfit.


Charlotte (or Haruna) has an extremely curious personality, and spends almost all of her time writing about Ghoul history. She's spent her entire life that she can remember writing about it and has devoted most of her life to it. She tries to keep a cheerful demeanor most of the time. Even though she enjoys talking to people she has trouble with it, due to having never spoken to anyone for the past 10-20 years. Even now she generally stays in the back rooms of Zanzibar and only goes out at night because of her light sensitivity.

Despite seeming naive and innocent sometimes, she's been shown to have been extremely intelligent, with impressive attention to detail.

Naturally as a writer, she tends to be very creative with her work. She often writes horror novels in her spare time, although she doesn't let anyone see them. Other things she spends time on include reading the internet, and just reading in general.

Because of having never had anyone to talk to or tell her what to do she has little understanding the differences between something being right or wrong, and lacks a basic understanding of how to talk to people. She also suffers from a large amount of anxiety after talking in front of groups of people, but she's working on improving this.

She constantly writes down everything she's told and everything that happens to her. Unlike most ghouls, she doesn't have any particular goal or dream, other than the be useful for other peoples purposes. Were she to ever regain her memory though, she would most likely realize what her dream is.

Above all else Charlotte is obsessive. Obsessive about her own cleanliness, obsessive about writing, obsessive about Kichirou, and obsessive about learning. Anything or anyone she likes, she gains an almost unhealthy passion for, whether that be a good or a bad thing.

She prefers to go by her real name (Charlotte) but normally goes by Haruna with people she isn't familiar with.


Nobody knows exactly where, but Charlotte was born a weak and sickly child.

How can a ghoul be born sick? She never found out, and would never know. From the very first moments of life she barely hung onto her own breath, and even making it to the age of one was nothing short of shocking. Her ability to regenerate was barely existent, she was nearly as weak as a human, and she didn’t take a step until she was two. Her reddish brown hair slowly grew more and more pale, eventually fading into a creamy white, with her faded blue eyes shifting to a reddish hue as she grew. Whether it was a byproduct of whatever unfortunate regeneration she possessed, or simply a rare sickness is something she never knew. But even when strangers and other children found her terrifying, her family remained kind to her.

She never knew her mother. Her parents were wed privately without any public records, so when her mother’s identity was found by the CCG, she felt it was best to simply leave her family and head out into the world, hiding wherever she could. Charlotte and her father Charles never did see her again. And while Charles tried his best, his own issues didn’t begin to show their signs until a good while after her mother had left.

Charles, her father, suffered from schizophrenia. Much like Charlotte herself would later come to know very well. It ran in her father’s side of the family, though it generally skipped a generation. It was Charles who introduced his daughter to her love of books early on, as she’d sneak into his library to find the horror books he’s normally deny her.

As her father’s mental illness worsened, he began to fear that he would end up harming Charlotte, or be unable to give her a proper upbringing. So he requested that a friend of the family watch over her while he sought professional help for the sixth time in his life, desperate for some kind of improvement. But Charlotte was a quiet child, she’d been afraid to voice concerns over her own problems, along with being ignorant to many of them. So when Charlotte was sent to live with her father’s friend in Norwich, she felt like she’d been impaled. In Charlotte’s mind, it was nothing but the same betrayal and abandonment her mother had committed. She’d seen how miserable it made her father, so why would he do it to her?

Eventually, as happens to many less fortunate ghouls, that friend was investigated by the CCG. And when they came knocking, Charlotte was forced to escape. She found herself a six year old child completely alone in a city she barely knew, with no idea which way home was. Not that she would’ve gone home even if it was. Charlotte had had enough of being moved around and abandoned, and a new idea came into her head.

“No matter where I go, I’ll always be abandoned. One day I’ll just be killed by the CCG. So let’s explore the world for as long as I can before I’m killed.”

And she did. She visited Liverpool, Edinburgh, Leeds, and so many more. She ate a guard in the Tower of London, and spent time with a stray cat near Stonehenge. She went where she wanted, killed when she was hungry, and slept when she felt like it. There was only one issue; her father’s misfortunes were genetic.

A semi-common issue in schizophrenic children is imagining people that don’t exist. Not as simple as imagining a friend or pretending to talk to yourself, but entirely fabricated conversations and interactions that could go on for as long as you can imagine.

Charlotte was schizophrenic.

As her life grew lonelier and lonelier, and more and more older ghouls found her a prime target for abuse, Charlotte began to feel miserable. As the freedom of exploration grew stronger, her will to live sunk. Older ghouls kicked and stole from her, and the ones her age would just mock or find her terrifying. Charlotte realized when she turned 9 that she no longer knew why she was alive. And the way she adapted this loneliness was in the form of a sister she didn’t have. Mary Badcock, the same name as her mother. And, for all Charlotte knew, her own real name. As life continued on Charlotte began to differentiate less and less between herself and her “sister”. Looking back on it, there will really never be any definitive proof if Charlotte or Mary was the imagined sister. They both had the exact same memories, after all.

So Charlotte thought maybe a change in scenery would help.

She remembered one of her father’s horror novels was set in Japan, so why not? She never talked to anybody anyway, so the language wouldn’t be an issue. She made her way to London, and in no time at all she’d snuck aboard a plane.

Four months later Charlotte was walking from Osaka to Kyoto. She and her supposed sister finding the new world fascinating, admiring all sorts of odd birds and strange animals she’d never heard of. But even still, Charlotte found herself crying every night. And she couldn’t explain why.

It was at this point that Charlotte found out just how violent the areas surrounding Tokyo really were. Grunts from the still growing Aogiri Tree would either make offers that came off the wrong way, or threaten to beat her to death for extra money. And in no time at all, Charlotte learned what the rule of a ghoul’s life is.

Violence breeds violence.

Her kagune was small and weak, a brittle and short bikaku hatched that barely reached past her hand. Weak enough that a mere human could’ve pulled it out. And still, Charlotte began to kill. She’d fight off dozens of ghouls stronger than herself (though she rarely killed any, instead she relied more on causing chaos then escaping in the confusion), kill dozens of humans who she thought suspected her of being a ghoul, and even binge-eat to try to make herself feel better.

But she still kept crying every night before bed.

Although she didn’t realize it, there wasn’t anything to be satisfied. Even the lack of love or attention was irrelevant; Charlotte really was crying for no reason. She needed help, the kind a homeless child would never get. So for those next few years, Charlotte only felt worse.

By the time she was thirteen Charlotte had developed a sort of persona. A vulgar, violent delinquent that loved nothing more than to talk shit about her opponents. Yelling slurs and foreign insults she didn’t even know the meaning of, snapping at other ghouls for even the slightest odd look, desperately hoping to prevent any further fights.

But over time, Charlotte’s kagune was improving, even if she herself was still frail. Her kagune grew longer and longer as she slowly grew taller, until eventually it eclipsed her. She found herself unable to move it more than an inch at a time, and it still kept growing.

And then the worst thing that could’ve happened, happened. The CCG requested information from their English branch on the C- rate ‘Jack the Ripper’, the child-ghoul who’d carried out the exact same killings so many times in England. They figured out the killings Charlotte had performed were the exact same, and in no time at all, she was being tracked by them. They’d figured out her route, and her life only grew worse.

After a year of sneaking around and using her tiny size to her advantage, Charlotte finally found herself trapped by the CCG. Her only mask being an old scarf, she rushed into the Tokyo Metro, and desperately tried to hide. When the CCG caught sight of her, she finally snapped.

Official records never listed a clear body count, as there were too many injured who later passed away to figure it out. But suffice to say, the deaths in that metro surpassed anything Charlotte had ever seen. She nearly completely lost her mind, and in a desperate bid for survival panicked. And all but her saw the consequences. After all she wasn’t a fighter, and wasn’t very durable, but her size was her advantage. Doves would hesitate before swinging a weapon in a crowded metro; she didn't.

Not that Charlotte herself got out without injury. In fact if she’d been even just a little bit weaker, she’d be dead. Her arms were both broken, forehead sliced to the bone, entire body covered in scars. She limped through the Metro tunnels, crawling out through a maintenance exit and passing out in some alley.

That was when she met Haruna. The first person in nearly eight years to show her even the slightest amount of kindness.

Haruna quickly discovered what was wrong with Charlotte. Haruna had studied psychology a good amount, and she was an avid reader of stories relating to it. So without Charlotte even realizing, Haruna went through the trouble of researching how to help her.

For about four months Charlotte lived with Haruna, constantly fearing that the CCG would find her again, until finally Haruna found something that helped. Anti-psychotics. Was a cure? Not at all. Did it help? More than Charlotte could ever express. For the first time in years she felt like her head was clear, like she was normal-ish. Which only made the guilt worse when what she’d been doing set in.

After seven months however, the anti-psychotics ran out. Charlotte began to relapse into her old self. “Where’s Mary?” she’d wonder constantly, terrified she’d lost the sister she never had. She’d go out and, unable to use her kagune, take a knife to hunt down Investigators. “Where’s Mary Badcock?” she’d repeatedly ask them. Of course, Mary not being real, they never had an answer. Charlotte felt like she’d failed.

And in the final day of her old life, Charlotte’s fears reached an all time worst. She didn’t know what exactly the trigger was, perhaps it was just years of trauma all reaching a boiling point, but Charlotte had a complete breakdown. She thought she’d failed her sister, her family, and been abandoned by everyone. And not knowing what she was doing, Charlotte accidentally drove a knife in Haruna.

Haruna passed away nearly immediately, and Charlotte was completely destroyed, mentally. Her mind desperately tried to shift the blame, blaming it on Mary, but eventually Charlotte relented. Eventually she decided to believe that everything that had happened was entirely, and only her fault. And so, sick of everything that’d happened, Charlotte decided she’d seen enough. She wrote a goodbye note the same way Haruna always did before work, and admitted to the majority of her crimes.

Charlotte Badcock climbed to the roof, and threw herself off in a desperate bid to commit suicide. And in her last moments, Charlotte desperately hoped that if reincarnation existed, the next life would be a better one.

But Charlotte survived the fall. She was a ghoul, after all. And as she regenerated, she cried over her own failure to die. Whether it was the suicide, or the murder, or any of the others things that changed her is something Charlotte never knew. But in an instant, she stopped crying. She stared up at the sky for what could be anything from days to hours, until eventually she sat up.

“…Haruna… Suzuki…”

Those were Charlotte’s first words in the new life she’d acquired. Her trauma reached a boiling point, and her mind simply was incapable of lasting for even a moment longer. Charles, England, her Schizophrenia, the way she’d gotten here, where ‘here’ was, all of it gone in a moment. Each and every memory completely blocked out. Instead, all she remembered was a name.

And so Haruna Suzuki, Scribe, was born.

Haruna would grow up homeless and poor, but from her lack of a history she would desire to give others one. So she became a Ghoul Historian, obsessively transcribing the history of other ghouls for future generations, and now possess the widest collection of information in Tokyo. She eventually married her fellow Aogiri member Kichirou Kurosawa, and became an Information Broker at a bar called Zanzibar.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Charlotte's senses of smell and hearing are both extremely high, making her perfect for tailing people or looking for someone. Her speed is somewhat above average, but because of her low strength endurance and stamina she prefers to run away from fights. Unlike most ghouls she is naturally weak, and can be left exhausted for weeks if she overexerts herself.

After having been trained by Kichirou she is extremely proficient with her rapier, almost becoming better with it than her actual kagune.

When she was a kid her kagune was too heavy for her, so she used kitchen knives to hunt humans and lived as a pickpocket. Because of this she's good at hiding and pick pocketing people.

She doesn't enjoy fights, and prefers to scuttle away and hide when she thinks something is dangerous. She tends to work as a non combatant in Aogiri, instead focusing on information and avoiding actual combat.


Charlotte's kagune is an average length bikaku with both a blunt side and a sharp side.

Type: Bikaku

Appearance: Her kagune is an average length tail, leading up to a heavy bat like part which gets bigger at the end. The bottom of the end part has a sharp point sticking out, similar to an axe head protruding from a bat. The kagune is blue with red veins going through it. The tail has gotten longer than it originally was, and it's about 6 feet long now. The thin part of the tail has also grown plating to protect it from being cut.

Strengths: The end of the kagune is abnormally heavy causing it to hit much harder, and the two sides give it the advantage of allowing Charlotte to choose whether or not she wants to attempt to cleave her opponent with the sharp side or bash them with the blunt side. When she switches to the sharp side of the tail she can slash with it somewhat faster than she can with the blunt side, but she rarely uses the sharp side.

Weaknesses: The heaviness of the end is also a disadvantage, and despite the durability of the tail itself it isn't thick enough to make precise movements with the heavy end. It's extremely difficult for her to block consecutive hits and she begins to swing the tail it's hard to stop mid swing.

Mechanics: The tail is too heavy to be used for precise movements, so it relies more on the momentum of the heavy end than actual controlling the movements. Charlotte switches the end she's using depending on the situation.

Quinque Edit

Name: Excalibur

Type: Rinkaku

Appearance: Excalibur is a reforged version of Charlotte's previous quinque, Clarent, made using the blade of a tsunagi, and a small piece of Kichirou's Rhongomyniad. It caries an identical shape to a tsunagi save for its hilt and blade end, and a pitch black color similar to Clarent, with the same red accents. The guard and hilt mimic a European longsword, similar to Clarent, while the blade's end forms a two sided V unlike the single slant of a Japanese sword. The sharpened edge of blade specifically is made using the Rapier's metal, while the rest of the blade is made using her tsunagi.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Shuukaku RP Met Takashi Ikusaki and joined Shuukaku, then met Nai.
The Scribe One shot Haruna returns to her home in the 11th ward and reminisces on the circumstances.
Zanzibar RP Haruna visits a bar named Zanzibar and meets The Broker, making a deal with him to exchange information.
Shibito RP Met Kichirou "Shibito" Kurosawa and was ordered by Jack to join Hinode in overseeing Kichirou's first time killing one of his former comrades.
Uncertain Principles RP Haruna met Hinode and showed him where the Aogiri labs were, and although they didn't speak for long he gave her the idea that should could be an albino, something she had never considered.
Challenge RP Joined in on a free for all fight again Sekhmet
Entschlossenheit RP Hinode and Haruna oversaw Kichirou's fight with Kristof Brandt to make sure he didn't try to betray Aogiri or spare Kristof.
A new dawn RP Haruna met Tojo and Maki Itokawa, and was offered a place to stay in Aogiri's base.
The Scribe's Archives RP Various members of Aogiri visit Haruna's Archive, and Jack asks her to investigate Nikki, Shidu, and the One Eyed Cat. Maki visits the Archive and Haruna gives him a list of vigilante ghouls, a list of powerful ghouls, and access to her full archive. After this Maki visits Haruna's main Archive, and then the two have dinner the next day. Then they get drunk, go to a mask shop, and Maki trains her on using her kagune.
J.K Investigations RP Haruna hires The Broker to help her find information on Nikki, Shidu, and the One Eyed Cat.
A scribe and an information broker go to a cafe and talk to a guy RP Haruna goes to Anteiku under the alias of Yuki with The Broker to investigate Nikki Futago.
Eye for an Eye: 11th ward raid Arc Joined Takashi in fighting Rin Zuki and Kazuto Hijiribe.
Eye for an Eye: An Uninvited Guest Arc Questioned the One-Eyed Cat before seeing it kill Takashi. Haruna was saved from the cat by Nai before it could attack her.
Eye for an Eye: In Squalid Halls Arc Escaped the One-Eyed Cat with Nai, Kichirou, and Sachi before discussing the future of Shuukaku with them.
Valentine's Day RP Haruna stalked humans to see what they did on valentines day, ended up running into Xeno, met Kosuke while sitting in a tree spying on people, and got thrown off of said tree by Kichirou. For some reason, kicking him in the teeth sparks her romantic interest in him I guess.
Morning Wood(en bookshelves) RP Gave Kichirou information on his father (leading to Kichirou killing him), talked to Sachi, helped Nai figure out what baths are.
A Hive of Scum and Villany RP Investigated Yuureien for information on Patient and ran into Kosuke and Abdulah before being asked to meet with Shidu.
Eye for an Eye: Aogiri/Shuukaku wrap-up Arc Gave Jack her information she found on the One Eyed Cat and Nikki.
A change of pace RP Found out Jack was leaving Aogiri.
Streamlining, Synergy and other Organisational Buzzwords RP Got orders from Kota to kill random people in the 8th or 20th ward.
The Branches of the Tree RP Became Maki's right hand and part of his division of Aogiri.
Dote In Idolatry RP Watched the massacre at Sango's concert and then met Veli.
A Saint in the house of the Sinister RP Abdullah visited her and Kichirou at the Archive.
A Night to Remember RP Pickpocketed Sayaka and stole her money.
Building Bridges RP Questioned Sayaka in Xeno's restaurant.
Nym RP Met Nym while eating and protected her from a ghoul.
Mark Your History RP Xeno came to the Archive.
Candlelight: Aogiri/CCG/Factionless Arc Haruna took photos of CCG corpses and stole around half the files in the CCG while Osiris guarded her, and burned the remaining files. She also saw Ayano die and took her quinque.
The Kurosawa Family Legacy RP Haruna began to work for Kichirou after he became the new Broker, met Eiichi, and helped fight off Kane.
Better times One shot [Charlotte's Memories 1/5] Haruna finds the grave of the actual Haruna Suzuki, and remembers a small portion of her past along with her real name.
Something edgy RP Decided to give Maki copies of the books on Jack, informing him that Jack is dead.
Candlelight wrap-up Arc Wrote about Kichirou and revealed her real name to him.
Kichirou makes Haruna not shit RP Kichirou teaches Charlotte how to use her newly acquired rapier. Eventually she manages to beat him (albeit when he isn't using his kagune). Afterwards, Kichirou fucks her in the sewer.
Oh Arthur, Where Are You? RP Met Hayate Isamu while stalking someone, and discussed Arthurian lore with him.
A Night Out RP Watched Asa and Akihiko's conversation as she stalked them. Once discovered she was throw by Asa, ending the conversation.
The Scribe's Archive part 2 RP Charlotte meets Maki again and they investigate what memes are.
Spinning in Circles RP Charlotte and Nym stalk humans.
JugJug's Bizarre Adventure: Kagune is Breakable RP Juggernaut and Charlotte carry crates.
Zanzi(bar) RP Kichirou finds Charlotte asleep, so he stacks things on her and they interlock flesh sockets.
The New Crew RP Charlotte meets new employees and writes.
Where Everybody Knows Your Name RP Charlotte wakes up to find Kichirou out working and Tadashi busy, so she takes it on herself to become the bartender for a day and serves various customers. Later that night she gets an important mission from Daren to find Serafina, and meets the One Eyed Cat again.
Apex Arc During the defense of a Ghoul Restaurant, Charlotte reluctantly ignores her hatred of Ghoul Restaurants and gives out orders to the Aogiri members.
Apex - Wrap up Arc In the new Aogiri base, Charlotte sets up her second Archive. During this she meets with Yuki and dishes out a very light punishment for his failure, and spent sometime with heterosexual life partner.
Down the rabbit's hole RP Charlotte is bartending when Kenta Saito walks in, and out of sympathy for his daughter she assists him in searching for his daughter. The two make their way to an Aogiri safehouse she frequented.
Another Crumb on the Trail RP Arriving at the Aogiri base the two ghouls meet with Minato and Kaoru, and Charlotte eventually loses her temper at Kenta.
Bugs in the Bar RP Walked to the Aogiri base with Kichirou, and revealed to him that they had gotten married immediatly after the events of "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" when Kichirou was drunk.
Home Inspection RP During Kichirou's absence from Aogiri, Charlotte invites Yuki to come inspect the new Aogiri base and look for ways to improve it.
Piqued Interest RP At Maki's suggestion back in Scribe's Archive, Charlotte visits Juha and questions him on One-Eyed Ghouls, and gathers historical information about his intentions with the project.
Resuscitated Memories Oneshot [Charlotte's Memories 2/5] Charlotte recovers from her injury in Clipping the Wings, and uncovers more of her past memories in the process.
The Gift of Life is Often Fleeting Oneshot Nine months after Takashi's death against the One-Eyed Cat, Charlotte pays a visit to where she buried him. After thinking it over she concludes her involvement with Shuukaku, and finally moves on from the death of her father-figure.
Human After All Oneshot Kichirou discovers he can consume human food, and he and Charlotte decide to leave Tokyo.
Ascension - King Arc Charlotte fights Asami and is seemingly mortally wounded after her rapier is damaged.
Now We're Only Falling Apart Oneshot Upon waking up from the King arc, Charlotte discovers she was resuced by Kichirou and Junko, and is taken to their safehouse in Yokohama.
Reality - The Scribe's Regret (1/3) Oneshot (series) [Charlotte's Memories 3/5] Charlotte and Kichirou briefly return to Tokyo to investigator the old house Charlotte was staying in.
Reason - The Scribe's Regret (2/3) Oneshot (series) [Charlotte's Memories 4/5] Visiting Aogiri, Charlotte asks Maki for advice, and tries to get help with finding out where she was in the pictures on her old camera. Luckily Maki recognizes the locations, and at the same time Kichirou makes a new discover at the old house.
Over the Hill and Far Away - The Scribe's Reget (3/3) Oneshot (series) [Charlotte's Memories 5/5] After a decade of searching, Charlotte discovers her identity. But not all stories have a satisfying conclusion.
The Smell of Trauma RP Three years later, a new customer arrives in Zanzibar's new location, and Charlotte does her best to serve them the information they want.
Like a Phoenix RP Charlotte encounters an odd woman who doesn't know she's a ghoul, and attempts to recruit her into Aogiri for her protection.


Name Details
Kichirou "Shibito" Kurosawa "No matter how confusing my past gets, my thoughts on Kichirou are a fact that I can be sure of. Regardless of what happens what happens I'll always be loyal to him. At first I thought he was just rude and... well an asshole, but over time I started to understand him. And the more I understood, the more I started to love him even noticing."

Charlotte's husband, partner in Information Brokering, and primary confidant. She has known Kichirou since she joined Aogiri, and he's the one she's closest to. Although her following him originally began out of interest for writing, she slowly began a friendship with him, eventually leading to their growing closer. Kichirou is an information broker, which makes the two a perfect partnership for Zanzibar. Charlotte harbors both an respectful view of him as a fellow member of Aogiri who's survived a lot with him, as well as an almost unhealthily obsessive love towards him.

Maki Itokawa "I want to be useful to Maki. Not because he forced loyalty on me or anything, but because I want to see him succeed. My loyalty to Maki is second only to Kichirou. For all intents and purposes, I will carry out his will however he sees fit. Not just because he's my leader, but because he's my friend even before that. Actually... more specifically he's really the first friend I ever knew."

Maki and Charlotte have known each other since even before he was the leader of Aogiri, and she considers him one of her closest friends. She owes him for giving her an Archive in Aogiri's base, although that Archive is now destroyed. They don't do things together as much as they did before Maki became Aogiri's leader, but they still seem to be close. After the timeskip this doesn't seem to have changed, leading Charlotte to feel a bit lonely and miss spending time with him.

Kosuke Ichijouji "He's not the most intelligent, but for a dove he seems alright. Not that I'd ever let him know I'm a ghoul, but I like him. Wonder what ever happened to the guy? I'd like to see him again."

Kosuke and Charlotte originally met when she was stalking humans on valentines day and writing about people, when she was sitting in a tree above the bench he was sleeping on. He's unaware that Charlotte is a ghoul, and despite his being both a dove and much larger than her she doesn't seem intimidated by him. She finds Kosuke interesting for his straightforwardness. After the timeskip Charlotte seems to have not heard from him, but hopes he's doing well.

Takashi Ikusaki "It took me a long time to understand it, but I really did love you and Nai like family. But sister’s can’t stay with their brothers forever."

Charlotte treated Takashi as a kind of 'protagonist' for a lot of her writing about Shuukaku. She was interested in his goals and was determined to see what happened to him, which in the end she did. Although she rarely shows it, she was strongly affected by his death and built him a makeshift grave outside of one of her archives. Since Takashi's death shes focused more of her writing on Kichirou and Maki. Three years later she's moved on from his death, but still misses him.

Nai Hanashimasu "They shouldn't have treated you that badly, that's just horrible that they'd do that to you. But As long as your happy like this though I guess it makes sense to stay."

Nai is the second cultist Charlotte met, and although they don't know each other very well she tends to treat him like a brother. She finds him interesting and seems to like him, although she has trouble understanding him. Charlotte is grateful to Nai for having helped her escape the cat, although she thinks she could have survived on her own. Charlotte seems to have gone her separate ways from Nai, and does not seem concerned with his current whereabouts.

Hinode Suiryusei "I miss that old scientist. He wasn't as intelligent or skilled as Juha, but he was my friend. I hope he's doing fine, but I'm sure that's just wishful thinking."One of Haruna's oldest friends, the one who initially made her aware of her English origin and Albinism, and someone she is still unaware of the fate of. The two observed Kichirou together the first times he was sent on orders from Aogiri, and got along almost immediately. Their last meeting was on the way to the Aogiri attack on the 12th ward's CCG Offices, and she is still unaware of his death in the same operation. She currently has him listed as missing, although she does suspect that he didn't make it out.
The Broker "The Broker was kind of a dick. He was good at what he did though, if it weren't such a sensitive subject I'd like to know more about him. Maybe I should ask Kichirou one of these days."

Charlotte didn't know much about The Broker, and neither did he know much about her. The two had a mutual interest in gathering Information, which led to them forming a deal in which The Broker had access to Charlotte's information for as long as he told her interesting things to write about. Despite finding him interesting she didn't even slightly trust him, and because of this she gave him access to her second Archive rather than the one she let Maki and Shuukaku into. After Kichirou found her information on him he murdered him, while Charlotte watched and wrote about it. She seems to have had a low opinion of The Broker, but wishes him and Kichirou's lives could have gone differently.

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Quotes Edit

  • "I can't say I ever thought I'd have fond memories of a sewer, although considering the things that happen in this city I guess it's not the most unusual. What a strange life this is, I wonder if my first one was any more normal."
  • "Well, don't you find it kind of interesting even with that stuff? I just find it amazing to think of how every single person has difference preferences, different thoughts, entirely different things to write about. It makes me want to write about every last detail."

Trivia Edit

  • Haruna frequently stalks and spies on humans while writing about them, despite never killing them unless she needs food. For some reason she doesn't see anything weird about this.
  • Haruna is bilingual, able to fluently speak and write in both Japanese and English.
  • She has an English accent, although it's barely noticeable unless she's speaking English.
  • Charlotte won both first and second place for best smut in the Best of TGRP Q1, 2, and 3 contest.
  • She has Aquaphobia.
  • Charlotte's middle name, 'Mary', comes from her Mother's name. Her first name is a French feminine variant of her Father's name Charles, lending credence to her French heritage on her mother's side.
  • She is Schizophrenic, and has been since childhood.
  • Her natural hair color is ginger, and her natural eye color is dark blue. She had freckles before her skin turned pale, and technically still does although they aren't very visible.
  • Charlotte always cooks her food, using the advice she got from Maki to cook human flesh for herself and Kichirou.
  • Her favorite songs are Life On Mars and Space Oddity by David Bowie.
  • 'Haruna' is written as 春名 (using 春 meaning springtime, and 名 meaning name.)
  • Her alias (Scribe) comes from being seen in a lot of ghoul related incidents over the years, always watching both sides and writing without participating in the conflict.
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