Name Hashiba
Alias Shingen
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Age 24
Gender Male
Ward 24th Ward
Rc Type Rinkaku
Unique States Unable to use Kagune due to RC Cell Pipe Blockage
Rating B
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Hashiba is a ghoul from the 24th Ward.

Appearance Edit

Of average height with broad shoulders. His hair is a wild mess of brown hair he often wears pinned back into a tail. Wide faced and square jawed he is often smiling. Most of his clothes as stolen and poorly fitting.

Wears a red Mempo mask he stole from a museum. Covers the lower half of his face and has a horse hair moustache. The neck guard is still attached.

Personality Edit

Eternally optimistic and cheery. A little bit naive as well as fool hardy and headstrong.

Powers and Abilities Edit

An RC Cell Pipe Blockage leaves him unable to release his kagune, forcing him to rely on his fists and feet.

A slight obsession with Miyamoto Musashi led Hashiba to practising kenjutsu from a young age and as a result is skilled with a sword.

A Balanced fighter he has a slight emphasis on speed but excels in no particular area.

His regeneration is somewhat abnormally strong, even for a rinkaku.


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