Hatsu Laure
Name Hatsu Laure
User /u/GRaffle
Alias Blanket
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Age 22
Gender Male
Height 175 cm
Weight 155 lbs (77.5 kg)
Blood Type O
Affiliations Aogiri
Rc Type Rinkaku
Rating B+
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Hatsu Laure is a Database Administrator for Japan's largest telecom company. He finds everything quite boring and is quite a boring person himself. He joined Aogiri Tree to become a high ranking member, where he can then sleep the rest of his days away in peace.

He carries his blanket everywhere, and is too lazy to walk. He instead uses his Rinkaku tentacles to do the job for him as he dozes off.

Appearance Edit

Laure is of normal build, with no notable traits except for his dark green hair and even darker green eyes.

Personality Edit

Laure is extremely lazy and will take every single opportunity possible to sleep. He goes around in his giant wool blanket, and uses his tentacles to walk.

Laure is so lazy, that he appears to have a high resistance to pain. The opposite is true, he feels pain as much as anyone else but is simply too lazy to express his feelings.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Regeneration: Laure's only good trait is his regeneration. Cuts disappear almost instantly, and large wounds take less than a minute to heal.

Weaknesses: Everything else. He is incredibly slow, has no strength, no fighting experience and slow reaction time.


Type: Rikaku

Appearance: Laure's kagune takes the form of three Rinkaku tentacles.

Strengths: [Strengths]

Weaknesses: [Weaknesses]

Mechanics: [Any specific mechanics or abilities it might have. How any of it's different forms may work.]


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Name Details
One-Eyed Cat Laure seems to be largely terrified of the One-Eyed Cat and her power.



  • Laure is always seen walking around covered in a blanket.
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