Isadora Tricot
Name Isadora Tricot
Species Ghoul
Gender Female
Affiliations Anteiku
We've Gone Rogue
Ward 20th
Rc Type Ukaku/Koukaku
Unique States Chimera
Rating A-
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Isadora Tricot is a chimera ghoul located in the 20th Ward and working within Anteiku.

She was killed by Tomoyuki Otsuji.

Appearance Edit

Isadora has long blond hair, which she tends to wear in a braid, which goes quite well with her piercing green eyes. She is quite tall, and has a quite athletic build, but still manages to appear graceful.

Isadora posses a Koukaku kagune in the shape of an oversized fencing saber. She also has two Ukakus, which take the shape of large black wings, decorated by mouths, occasional appendages the jut out of it and form ornate patterns, and crystallized patches.

She enjoys wearing the latest in fashion, dressing in well researched and thought out clothes, trying to wear the latest outfit. She does this as it was common for her to go shopping with her parents before they were murdered, and it reminds her of them in some strange way. Also, although she doesn't tell herself this, it's because she actually quite likes to dress well.

Personality Edit

Isadora seems to be a strategic individual. In her first appearance, she sums up both her own and her opponent's weaknesses effectively. She also shows a softer side, protecting a young girl she once babysat. She appears to be quite a happy individual, but dislikes a surprising amount of people and things. She will be very friendly towards new people, and tries to see the best in most people unless they tick her off.

Isadora also seeks to get stronger, not wanting to become like her parents. She wants to create a peaceful world for both ghouls and humans, but doesn't care about killing them to achieve her goals.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Isadora has had countless years of fencing and physical training, only recently having to give up ballet. She is quite fast in reactions and movement, and can move even faster with her Ukaku activated.

She is in extremely good shape and maintains quite an athletic build, trying to balance herself between sheer strength and raw stamina.

Advanced Swordsmanship: Isa has been fencing for quite some time now, and could have gone pro if it wasn't for the *blood tests* required to participate in almost all tournaments. She is extremely good with the three fencing swords, and also with her Koukaku one.

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