Issei Yukishima was an Initiate investigator for the CCG living in the 1st ward.

Issei Yukishima
Name Issei Yukishima
User /u/Circle_The_Earth
Species Human
Status Deceased
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 5'8" or 173 cm
Weight 150lbs or 68kg
Affiliations CCG
Ward 1st Ward
Quinque Tetsuzame, Scorpion x1
Division Division IV
Rank Rank 2
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Issei is a damned halfie of Japanese and unspecified European ancestry with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. His hair is short but little he has is unkempt as he can’t be bothered to comb or brush it. He has soft, boyish features that often earn him unwanted compliments. These have thankfully been much less frequent because the CCG academy doesn’t do appearances. He is a bit on the short side at 5’8” but quite muscular at 150 lbs, producing the bizarre image of a boy’s head on a man’s body. Most of the time, his clothing covers this up, however. The typical CCG uniform is spurned by Issei in favor of a simple long-sleeved collared shirt, tending towards striped patterns, and fitted black pants belted snugly. Casual wear is a sweater and shorts, regardless of weather. He keeps a silver pocket watch, a gift from his father, on his person at all times. Messing with this watch is the only utterly unforgivable offense in his eyes.

Since his encounter with Hideyoshi, Issei has taken to wearing a pair of aviator goggles when he's out on missions to protect himself from "sneaky eye attacks."


His existence can be described as carefree and free-spirited. Issei rarely lets anything trouble him or takes anything seriously (except for doing stuff to the watch. DON’T DO STUFF TO THE WATCH). The only time he really pulls himself together is for CCG missions. Moments when he has to be serious outside of a strictly mission or investigation based environment make him very uncomfortable. He has a robust sense of humor, but his jokes tend to run a little too morbid to be actually funny. His favorite things in the world are takoyaki and videogames, and he indulges heavily in both when he can. These are also excellent ways to distract or bribe him. A lifetime of being raised on purely martial arts have left him sorely lacking on basic knowledge about a lot of culture and even certain intricacies of language. He is practically made of confidence born partially of ignorance and partially of completely not caring about others’ opinions. These traits naturally lead to him speaking bluntly with others, unafraid to point things out without fear of repercussions.


Probably to be revealed via RP

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Martial Arts Training: Issei has been trained starting at a frankly inhumane age in martial arts. focusing mainly on Muay Thai, Jiujitsu, and a few forms of Silat.

An Idiot's Composure: Due to a mixture of confidence and having few fucks to give, Issei rarely loses his cool and stays positive even in terrible situations.


Strengths: Secondary to his training, Issei has a strong body and high pain tolerance. He can shrug off simple cuts and bruises without batting an eye. He also moves with great efficiency, allowing him to conserve stamina and react well.
Weaknesses: His training placed little emphasis on actual foot speed, and his body isn't suitable for dodge city, so he isn't the fastest. His general lack of caring and academic intelligence makes him easy to trick/manipulate. It also means that giving him orders must be done carefully and specifically, or he'll mess things up.



Name: Tetsuzame

Rating: B

Type: Koukaku

Status: Retired

Appearance: Two armguards with an extension that wraps around the wrists to give it support and stability. Curved blade-like spikes with the tips flared backwards are dispersed evenly in the outside surface. Each is about 3 inches in height. The edges and tips are sharp enough to cut and pierce ghoul flesh with ease.

Strengths: Capable of generating multiple bleeding wounds with a single strike. Synergizes well with Issei’s martial arts

Weaknesses: A bit heavy due to its Koukaku origins. While it can cause a good amount of tissue damage, the spikes are too shallow to deliver deadly blows to the kakuhou or organs.

Mechanics: The Quinque is kept in a modified case with two holes to put his hands into along one of the sides with the “seam”. Once he puts his hands inside, the case falls away. Spikes can be extended and retracted by bringing the palms of his hands together firmly. Spikes must be fully out in order to deal damage.

Issei is also still in possession of one Scorpion.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Monochrome - Crossroads Arc Issei makes his fair share of dishonorable kills responding to the attack on the restaurant Amalthea. While this is going on, he runs into Hideyoshi Kurosawa who is just watching the chaos. Hideyoshi blasts Issei with hot sauce from a water pistol and temporarily blinds Issei. In the resulting chaos, Hideyoshi makes a quick getaway, and Issei learns a valuable lesson about guarding the eyes.
Arc Wrap-up - Monochrome CCG Arc Issei, who got away remarkably unscathed, pays Yumi Inahara and Ernest Ravenwater visits in the hospital. Shenanigans occur (IN PROGRESS)
Spotlight - The Gambit Arc Issei is part of the squad charged with protecting the APC holding VIP Aogiri captive Jack Conklin. Predictably, Aogiri attacks, and Issei engages Yukiteru Urushiyama. After a hard-fought battle, Yuki gets the upper hand and, after incapacitating Issei, finishes the job with a barrage of shards.
Dress Code RP Issei needs to buy new clothes to fit into the CCG's code of conduct. Unfortunately, he doesn't know anything about what that means. He enlists (forces) fellow Initiate Yumi Inahara to assist him (IN PROGRESS)


Name Details
Yumi Inahara Yumi was conscripted into helping Issei buy formal clothing and initially didn't seem to like him much. Issei, however, admires Yumi's sharp sense of attire and fearfully respects the strong will she can display when provoked. From time to time, he finds himself regarding her as "pretty" and promptly has to scrub his brain after that. The two had a falling out in the hospital when Issei was incapable of basic tact. Unfortunately, now that he's died, this will never be resolved.
Kurosawa Hideyoshi Issei doesn't know much about Yoshi apart from his foul mouth and apparent lack of battle sense (who leaves their opponent alive at the end?). Yoshi was the inspiration for Issei's change in attire. Issei also harbors a slight grudge at Yoshi for stealing his knife.
Ernest Ravenwater Issei and Ernest have a strange relationship, not quite friendship but more familiar than simple coworkers. Ernest's status as a foreigner as well as his relative nonconformity are appealing to Issei, but he can't reconcile the other man's dislike for takoyaki. Issei is slowly learning more about the wider world (or at the least the United States) by interacting with Ernest.
Yukiteru Urushiyama Issei's killer.




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