Jia Huiqing
Jia Huiqing
Name Jia Huiqing
User /u/FogKnight22
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age Pre-Timeskip: 28

Post-Timeskip: 31

Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Affiliations Red Sun
Ward 20th Ward
Rc Type Bikaku
Rating B+
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Jia Huiqing (Huiqing Jia) is a ghoul who is the head maid to the Zhi siblings and also a ghoul of Chinese descent. Jia is the "Bishop" of the Red Sun and currently serves, along with living, at the Ivory Castle Estate in 20th Ward.

Appearance Edit

Jia is one of the few people within the residents of the estate to have a dark skin thanks to her tan, but not as dark as the head butler, Shouwei. The head maid's height is 5'8". One of the recognizable features of hers would be her crowded light-red hair with multiple bangs, braided ends, and two rolled pieces of hair with long strands of them let loose. It is also easy to recognize her dark-blue eyes and a beauty mark right under her left eye. Jia's body is well-built with an athletic build hiding behind her always-worn maid uniform of the Red Sun's Ivory Castle Estate. It is also known that Jia always wears a singular earring of unknown origin on her left ear.

Personality Edit

Jia is a very laid-back woman when she considers someone worth of her actual behavior and not the one she uses while serving people and all. She is especially like that towards the siblings and Shouwei outside of her actual work she would usually tackle such as cleaning the estate and helping out the fellow maids and butlers. At times, she would join in with Yun's antics in joyous fashion while teasing Shouwei almost all the time with a playful smile plastered on her face. However, she mostly acts professionally around Liao but also appreciates her deeply.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Strengths: Jia is dangerously fast and has the durability to back her up along with stamina.

Weaknesses: The head maid's strength isn't exactly that good as she relied on her speed and durability throughout her whole combat life. Jia also lacks in reflexes and regeneration.

Kagune Edit

Type: Bikaku

Appearance and Mechanics: A giant yellow tail which is big in terms of width, not length. It used mostly for defense rather than offensive attacks. Jia could defend herself and/or anybody else behind her own kagune against most attacks that don't surpass her own strength (rank).

Relationships Edit


Shouwei The head maid and the head butler had worked together for a long to, serving their Zhi masters within Red Sun. Jia personally had always been interested in Shouwei and appreciated his company dearly during their work, but always kept bottling up the frustration towards his extreme work ethics. Both of them had a serious emotional exchange later on, developing stronger bond between one another
Zhi Yun The younger master of the two, the head maid had served Yun the most during the years, establishing a close bond with her. Jia has deep care towards the younger Zhi sister, but started to become concerned after the revelation of the older master's, Liao, tragic death.

Threads Edit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Platinum - Red Sun (Wrap-Up) Arc Jia was mostly responsible for sake-keeping the 'souvenir' brought by the head butler, Shouwei, for the Zhi masters in Ivory Castle as they discuss what had happened in the assignment.
Chinese Hospitality Social The Zhi masters had hosted an elegant party within the Ivory Castle, inviting the outsiders. Jia was responsible in both serving the invited guests and keep an eye on the maids while making sure they are at their top appearance and performance. Soon after, the head maid noticed fellow head butler doing similar job, deciding to communicate with him a bit for the time-being.
Back to Serve Interaction The head maid had finally came back from her dreaded undercover assignment within the main Chinese branch of the Red Sun, barely avoiding any sort of serious repercussions considering how wary the Chinese staff was in general. In the day of her return, Jia had the reward of ordering Shouwei around for whatever she wanted during the whole day as they went through both humorous and unexpectedly emotional exchanges. The day after, Jia encounted her younger master, Yun, after so long with a welcoming reunion along with reporting what had happened back in China.
Ascension - Queen's Gambit Arc Jia was involved with attempting to keep the spreading rumours about Yun within the castle under control along with Shouwei after the tragic death of the older master, Liao. It then progressed to the younger and living master herself giving out the order to chase against Aogiri Tree.

Trivia Edit

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