Juggernaut was a Shuukaku Berserker that had been previously affiliated both with the Shuukaku surface cell and Aogiri Tree. Currently, Juggernaut goes by Ume and works in :re.




Name Ume
User /u/Paegen
Alias Juggernaut
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 1.98 m
Weight Unknown
Affiliations Shuukaku (Formerly)
Aogiri Tree (Formerly)
Ward 11
Rc Type Koukaku
Rating A+
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Juggernaut is a massive, humongous giant clad in armour and thick clothing. Little was used to known before Juggernaut had been revealed to Minato Tomori before leaving Aogiri Tree. It had been shown that the giantess bore a foreigner-like appearance. Juggernaut possessed a dark skin-tone, brown eyes, and medium-length wavy black hair. Her facial appearance brought a contrast to her giant outlook considering first reaction from Minato himself when he first saw Juggernaut unmasked.


Juggernaut seems to be both vicious yet somewhat merciful at the same time, butchering whole groups of Bureau Investigators with no remorse but having no desire to kill off defeated opponents such as Kayami Mizushina.

It then was revealed that Juggernaut held strong levels of guilt and anxiety about her own self and her actions, considering the lack of communication and socialisation within Shuukaku. The giantess had only been used to brutality and rage before Juggernaut proceeded to learn more about the society thanks to Minato Tomori. Juggernaut had then preferred the more peaceful outlook in life after living for so long in violence, even though it would take time to adjust towards it socially.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

General attributes:

Immense strength: Juggernaut possesses extreme levels of physical power, being capable of utterly annihilating opponents on hit.

Low speed: Due to Juggernaut's massive size, he is considerably slower than other ghouls.

High durability: Juggernaut's huge frame and tough body means that he is quite beefy and can take a lot of hard hits to bring down.


Type: Koukaku

Appearance: Takes the form of a large, roughly hewn shell covering the torso and shoulder area.

Strengths: Very durable, preventing attacks from hurting Juggernaut directly. Can also be used to bludgeon enemies.

Weaknesses: Can be shattered by a sufficiently great force, destroying a large amount of the kagune's area. Requires a large amount of stamina to maintain and greatly reduces Juggernaut's already low speed.

Mechanics: None.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Candlelight. Arc Juggernaut battles both Kayami Mizushina and Nakano Otsuji. Juggernaut handedly defeats Kayami, but is forced to retreat by Nakano.
Wild, Wild East - 22nd Ward investigation Arc The ghoul, accompanied by Minato Tomori, enters a fight against Bob Smith and Sayuri Kawaguchi.
Plum Blossom One-shot A short insight into Juggernaut's past.
- Social -
Flagellation RP Juggernaut encounters Nai Hanashimasu for the first time.


Name Details
Nai Hanashimasu Juggernaut seems to completely obey Nai, however difficulties in communication between the two render this somewhat suspect.


  • "Hmmmmm?" - While holding a battered CCG investigator.
  • Heavy breathing
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