Junko Kobayashi




Brandt Junko Kobayashi

Name Junko Kobayashi
Japanese Name 小林純子
User /u/YandereLobster
Alias Yurei
Chiaki Hotaru
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 24
Gender Female
Birthday 3/6/95
Height 155cm, 5'2"
Affiliations Zanzibar
CCG (former)
Kawaguchi Squad (formerly)
Waller Squad (former)
Ward 5th ward
Rc Level 200
Rating S-
Quinque Ayumu - w/ Hashiba
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Each and every movement infuriated him, not for the fact that he was losing but for the way. Her movements were all smooth and calculated, each movement careful but casual, like a ghost floating through the small forest. Like a Yurei.

— Enigmatic Voice

Junko Kobayashi (小林純子, Kobayashi Junko) is an ex first class investigator, currently working as a vigilante and occasionally a mercenary. She grew up in Yokohama before moving to Tokyo, and has spent most of her life aspiring to become a Ghoul Investigator. Her alias is Yurei (幽霊)

Appearance Edit

Junko has long black hair that slightly covers her left eye, reddish brown eyes, somewhat pale skin, and a short stature.

She normally wears a black dress shirt and tan vest, with a black eyepatch over her left eye, which she lost to Maki Itokawa.

Her 'Yurei' outfit consists of a long white robe, with a slit cut down the left leg to allow easier movement, and leggings underneath. She wears black boots underneath, and generally always has her quinque gauntlets on.

She is missing her left hand after it was cut off by Kichirou. Her left hand has been replaced by her left quinque gauntlet, which has been repurposed into a prosthetic hand. It essentially forms two parts; a more standard white prosthetic, and a custom fit gauntlet which connects to become part of the prosthetic. The inside of this arm is hollow, and houses her knife quinque.

It's not visible for obvious reasons (clothes) but her body is covered in scars from previous CCG operations. The skin under her eyepatch and on the left side of her face is covered in burns, although her hair covers it.

Personality Edit

In the CCG Academy Junko was a prodigy in the field of investigative work, but lacked in combat related subjects. In the CCG she had a reputation for being a kind, naive, and shy to a fault. More akin to a rabbit than a dove.

Nowadays, Junko was seemingly lost the majority of her naeivity, though her natural kindness and disposition towards shyness very occasionally show through, she does a good job of hiding it. Instead, she chooses to dawn the persona of a cocky, maybe even arrogant vigilante, leading to her gaining a reputation of being feared in the 14th Ward. This persona isn't entirely a farce, as she does garner some enjoyment out of her work, and knows that the ghouls she puts down are all ones that she views as evil.

Junko, as a result of her trauma she endured during 2016, Junko has essentialyl become a mute. As a coping mechanism for shutting down communication for fear of being hurt, she steadfastly refuses to speak to anyone, save for Toba and Akane on occasion.

It was shown during the Hospital raid that she likes puns. She's also mentioned that she frequently plays RPGs. She also watches anime frequently, her favorites being JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Fist of the North Star.

History Edit

When Junko was a child she got lost on her way home from School and a ghoul began following her. Eventually the ghoul cornered her in an alley and tried to kill her, but she was quickly saved by a ghoul investigator. After that she became obsessed with the idea of saving people the same way she was saved.

It's been implied that there's much more to her reasons for being so pacifistic and for joining the CCG, but she's made sure to keep her other reasons a secret. When she joined the CCG she became partners with Kichirou Kurosawa, working with him for all of Kichirou's time in the CCG. The two became friends over the course of the next few months until Kichirou would be kidnapped by Aogiri, with Junko losing her eye in the process. Once they finally met again Kichirou had become a ghoul, and while attempting to kill her he cut off her hand.

Relationships Edit

Name Details
Kichirou Kurosawa Junko met Kichirou during the meeting before the Railroad operation, and was partnered with him during most of his time in the CCG. Although his 'death' heavily affected her, and his betrayal of her is one of the main causes of her trauma, she seems to get along well with him now. Junko ocasionally helps out with Zanzibar's investigations and seems to get along well with Kichirou, albeit remaining cautious of him.
Hayate Isamu (Deceased) Hayate and Junko originally met at Anteiku, and almost immediately they got along well. The two went on a couple dates and after spending the night at Junko's apartment they seemed to be very close, until Junko was forced to fight Hayate while he was in his alternate personality. After killing Lancelot Junko realized Hayate's identity, and after tearfully watching him die it seems to have greatly affected her. Junko claims to consider Hayate's death an act of selfishness and cowardice, simultaneously missing him and hating him for allowing himself to be killed. As much as she acts like she hates him now, it becomes apparent that this is just her way of dealing with the loss, and the pain of killing him is something that continuously haunts her.
Makura Toba Junko's assistant at the Dojo, and her closest friend along with Akane. After having taught him for a few months, Junko confided the truth about her history with Hayate in him, and the two seemed to grow closer. After the timeskip, Toba remains one of the only people she still speaks around.
Kishi Haruka The two investigators shared profession and amputation, with both of them having a prosthetic left arm. Junko seemed to enjoy Haruka's company, although they haven't met since she left the CCG.
Maki Itokawa Junko originally met him at Yuureien when she was separated from her squad and bumped into him. After meeting him a few times Junko grew to trust him and almost consider him a friend, but after realizing that he was the cause of her loss of her eye, her hand, and the one who kidnapped Kichirou her opinion quickly changed. After the two fought during Aogiri's raid on the TV Tower she stabbed him through the chest, and since then the relation between the two seems unclear. She doesn't seem particularly interested in further revenge, but it seems unlikely that their friendship will ever return to what it once was.
Kosei Waller(Suicide) She first met Kosei after she was assigned to Kawaguchi squad, where they spoke briefly. They didn't talk much until they worked together against the ghoul 'Crow'. Junko got to know Kosei somewhat well during the two weeks they worked together, and she considered him one of her closest friends and highly respected him. Until his death they regularly trained together as she taught him hand to hand, but after his death at his own hands this ended.
Jiro Horikoshi Jiro was the first person Junko met in the CCG, when they sparred together on their first day. Junko lost the fight but likes Jiro regardless and has worked with once before during the destruction of We've Gone Rogue. She showed some worry for Jiro's sanity during their conversation on the way to the Aogiri raid when they discussed video games. They haven't met since she left the CCG.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Junko's small height and size combined with her speed make her good at dodging, but she has very low endurance and can only withstand a few hits. She's exceptionally skilled with hand to hand, and has very good dexterity, causing her to be skilled with any small weapons. She's very agile and is knowledgeable in most fields of CQC.

Her missing eye causes her to have a blind spot on the left side. Because of her recently lost hand she isn't used to not being able to feel in the left hand has trouble gripping things with the prosthetic, although this doesn't matter much in combat. This can be seen as either a good thing or a bad thing, but because of this she has no feeling in her left hand, and damaging it would be difficult.


Ayumu (upgraded) Edit

Type: Koukaku/Rinkaku

Status: In repair

Rating: B

Appearance: Two black gauntlets that cover her arms up to the elbow, each with short claws on each finger and a red stripe that goes down the back. From a small part protruding from the end of the top of each gauntlet a red blade can extend, reaching from the back of the gauntlet to just past the finger. The left gauntlet of Ayumu has been repurposed into a prosthetic hand, however it retains the same function and appearance apart from she wears the left gauntlet under the sleeve of her shirt, unlike the right gauntlet which goes over.

Strengths: The gauntlets themselves can be used for punching, which focuses mainly on wearing down the opponent through hand to hand. Although the claws can be used to cut, they aren't very long so the blade is preferable when cutting is necessary. The gauntlets don't necessarily make Junko stronger, they just make her hits hurt more.

Weaknesses: The main weakness of the gauntlets is their limited range, although her speed helps her stay close to opponents. The blade that comes from the gauntlets isn't durable enough to block heavier attacks, even though the gauntlet itself is enough to block most hits.

Mechanics: Towards the back of the top of each gauntlet is a small protruding section with a slit from which a red blade cane come out, reaching just past her fingers. This blade can be retracted at any time, and is very sharp despite it's lack of durability. The left gauntlet functions as a prosthetic hand, however it retains it's originally functions. Thanks for a slight modification from RIFT, the bottom of her prosthetic arm opens up to reveal a hidden chamber to hide Lancelot in.

This is Junko's preferred quinque, her first one, and by far the one she uses the most.

Lancelot Edit

Rating: A

Status: Active

Type: Ukaku

Appearance: Lancelot is a a black dagger with a black and white hilt, with two blades pressed together to form one blade (similar to a tanto in this appearance). When a button is pressed it spreads apart into two blades, leaving a gap used for parrying or trapping an opponents weapon. The bottom of the dagger opens up to release a wire leading back to Junko, allowed her to throw the dagger and pull it back. She sometimes stores it inside of her prosthetic arm. While still small enough to be called a knife, it's size is something between a traditional dagger and a short sword.

Strengths: The dagger's second mode works well for parrying, and it's small size works well with Junko's own dexterity.

Weaknesses: Like most daggers it's weak in range, although being able to throw it partially makes up for this. It's possible to cut the wire if she throws it.

Mechanics: The dagger has two functions: the blades can spread apart to allow a gap in the center for parrying, and the bottom opens up to release a wire leading back to Junko.

Lancelot is Junko's backup quinque despite it's exceptional rating, due to her own qualms about it's creation. Regardless, she is extremely skilled in using it.

Rei Edit

Rating: B

Status: Active

Type: Ukaku

Appearance: A dual bladed staff formerly used by Ashton Irika and then Kota Okada, obtained by Junko during the Aogiri Raid, when she fought alongside Hirako Kei. A lightweight staff with short blades are both ends, once capable of firing shards (though this function was never repaired).

Mechanics: All it's mechanics relating to retracting blades or firing shards have been lost or damaged, however it retains its usefulness as a weapon.

Threads Edit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
CCG Newcomers Arc Junko joined the CCG and sparred against Jiro Horikoshi.
Celebration at Yuureien RP Met Maki Itokawa after getting lost.
Raiding the Railroad Arc Junko and Kichirou defended a shipment of quinque steel against Kane Heyma and Kota Okada.
No one ever mentioned the paperwork RP Met Kosei Waller.
Irking Recovery RP Met Akane Hotaru while visiting Kichirou in the hospital.
Sweat and Tears RP Various training
Aftermath One shot Recovery after Raiding the Railroad
Paying Respects RP Investigated a missing Investigator with Kichirou before fighting Veli Batsu and Xeno Akizaki.
Wintertide: Just According to Keikaku Arc Fought three Aogiri ghouls in the 22nd ward, lost her eye to Maki Itokawa, and found out Kichirou had been kidnapped by Aogiri.
Helplessness One shot Recovered from her injuries in the 22nd ward.
Wintertide: Hospital Raid Arc Fought Kane Heyma again.
Working Hard and Hardly Working RP Sparred with Veli Batsu and met Maki a third time. She began sparring with Veli frequently.
Recovery RP Met Dan Hohen.
Dinner for Two RP Investigation into the ghoul "Crow" with Kosei Waller. In the end both investigators suffered injuries, but Crow was killed.
Funeral RP Attended Kichirou's funeral and briefly spoke with his father. She also met Kristof Brandt and Hiraku Kei, then spoke with Akane again.
A Few Necessary Changes RP Met Yuna and spoke with Marune again, helped put together a couch.
The destruction of Rogues One shot Assisted Kosei Waller, Jiro Horikoshi, Andrei Fukov, and Katsuo Hattori in the destruction of We've Gone Rogue.
Waiting for the Arc RP Spoke with Jiro and Shinagati on the way to the Aogiri raid.
Eye of an Eye: 11th ward Aogiri raid Arc Fought a rematch against Kota Okada with Hiraku Kei, fought Nai, and had a short fight with Vincent Nodami.
Eye for an Eye: An Uninvited Guest Arc Crawled out of the vehicle the cat threw through a wall and retreated with multiple injuries.
Eye for an Eye: A Fateful Decision Arc Got ambushed by Hashiba and accidentally killed him.
Eye for an Eye: CCG Wrap-up Arc Requested a transfer to Waller squad while internally shit talking Ren, met Kayami.
Storage Wars Japan RP Defended the CCG storage warehouse and fought Maki. After defeating him she found out his identity and knocked him out, then took him back to her apartment to prevent him from being killed.
Dark Park RP Investigated the massacre in the 8th ward with Dan and Harada Matsuo.
Partners RP Reunited with Kichirou while he cut off her hand and broke into her house, then found out Maki was responsible for most of her suffering.
Candlelight - Aogiri/CCG/Factionless Arc Joined Chiyo in fighting Hinode and Shun, almost killing both.
To Old Friends & New RP Junko stops at Anteiku for coffee after getting out of the hospital, and meets The One Eyed Cat. Afterwards she meets Hayate and the two go on a date, eventually spending the night at Junko's apartment.
Kichirou stalks a crippled midget RP Kichirou meets Junko again on her way home, and Junko expresses her anger after their prior meeting. She agrees not to tell the CCG that she met Kichiroru, but shows that she still considers them enemies.
Going up RP Junko gets stuck in an elevator with Henryk and the two converse while waiting for their predicament to change.
Totsuki Academy for fine ramen RP Junko meets Haruka, a fellow one armed investigator and they have ramen together.
Thou Art Accursed RP Found out Hayate was a ghoul after the two were attacked by another ghoul.
[Arc Wild, Wild East: The Punishment of the Accursed] Arc Fought the ghoul "Lancelot' unaware of his identity as Hayate, finding out after she had already given him a fatal wound. After recieving multiple burns on her face and watching Hayate die she left alone, deciding on her plans for the future.
[Arc Wild, Wild East: Mall Investigation] Arc Investigated the terrorist bombing at the mall with Kenji and Alex.
A lotta whinin' RP Visited Kichirou's grave one more time and ended up running into Kayami.
Ballad of the Fallen Doves RP Join Zanzibar
Bump on the Road RP Saved Hana and took her to Zanzibar.
Mole Mission RP Worked as a mercenary with Serafina Baxter.
Early Retirement One Shot While on patrol with Kenji, Junko encounters Kichirou again. Kichirou helps her leave the CCG by knocking her out and temporarily stealing her quinque, allowing her to retire with no proof of her new occupation.
Clear the way! RP Junko takes the subway to the 16th ward, bumping into (or rather being bumped into by) Hideyoshi Kurosawa, a boy who coincidentally shares a last name with someone familiar to her.
[ARC Platinum - Apex] Arc On her first mission in RIFT Junko is sent to scout out the upper floor, reuniting with Maki Itokawa by chance.
CONSECUTIVE SEA QUEUE SEA RP Junko wakes up after spending the night in Haruna's sleeping bag, and after being awoken by Kichirou the two decide to practice CQC together in the sewer while Charlotte and Kichirou spent the night together.
Transparent partnership RP One night at Zanzibar Junko meets up with Akane, one of the leaders of Colorless, and joins the faction as a mercenary.
Shopping threads and stuff RP While visiting a mall Junko encounters one of her Zanzibar coworkers, Osiris.
Clear the way! RP Junko meets Hideyoshi Kurosawa on a train, and ends up teaching him hand-to-hand in her dojo.
Monochrome - Acquisitions Arc RIFT hires Junko to help steal data from a CCG Office she used to work in.
Ascension - King Arc Junko fights Hachi and saves a pair of humans.
Now We're Only Falling Apart Oneshot Junko saves Charlotte from Shibuya, driving her and Kichirou out of the city.
Help Wanted RP After a short fight to test him, Junko hires Toba as her assistant in the Dojo.

Post-TImeskip Edit

Enigmatic Voice Oneshot Junko hunts a target for Colorless, only to realize Ayumu has run out of power.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • When Junko first started out she had no prior training in CQC, and learned her techniques from JoJo and Fist of the North Star. She's since improved.
  • Junko's natural hair color is actually black, and at the beginning of her time in the CCG she briefly dyed it blonde before settling on brown.
  • While at the CCG Academy she semi frequently assisted Alisa Volkov with her wheelchair, as the girl had difficulty getting around on her own at the time.
  • Her favorite food is curry.
  • She occasionally smokes, a habit she picked up from her former partner.
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