Kanata Minato
Name Kanata Minato
Alias Little Red
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 14
Sex Female
Height 4'10"
Weight 78 lb
Affiliations Aogiri Tree
Relatives Father (unnamed)

Mother (unnamed)

Ward 13th Ward
Rc Type Bikaku
Rating B
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Kanata Minato (尹戸 金多, Minato Kanata), better known as her alias Little Red, is a young female ghoul in Aogiri Tree.

Appearance Edit

Kanata is a girl on the smaller side for her age, gracing a feminine body with fair skin and bright brown eyes. She looks young and has a flatter chest, also having shoulder length brown hair worn down. Her usual outfit consists of a summer or winter school uniform while pretending to be a human. As a ghoul, she wears a red cloak with black ties and looks a lot like Little Red Riding Hood with wicker-like material over her upper face.

Her bikaku is wider and flatter than most bikakus instead of being round and tentacle like. It can extend to be very long and is enough to wrap all the way around her because of her small frame. It breaks off into three flat prongs near the very end, useful for cutting.

Personality Edit

Kanata's thoughts are almost always displayed in a fantasy setting. She considers various groups of power 'kingdoms' and deems those at the top of said groups 'royalty'. She believes herself to be the queen of her own kingdom and as such much demonstrate behavior proper of a leader.

As the provider for her parents, Kanata is responsible and mature for her age. She understands more about the ghoul world and human society than others her age and is not sheltered unlike many ghoul children.

She puts on a persona for her classmates and acts bubbly and kind even though she can be quite uncaring.


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Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
The Girl and Her Crown Oneshot A tale of Kanata's upbringing and her view of her family.
A New Dawn Public RP Three Aogiri Tree executives give a speech on the new state of the organization.
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