Kane Heyma

Credit to JokersMaze

Name Kane Heyma
User /u/Owling_to_the_beat
Species Ghoul
Status Dead
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 180 cm
Weight 70KG / 155 lbs
Affiliations Aogiri Tree
Ward 11th Ward
Rc Type Ukaku
Rating A
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Kane Heyma was a ghoul residing in the 11th ward. He worked for Aogiri Tree.

He was eighteen years old.


Kane has a slim build with brown hair and eyes, as well as white skin. He lacks muscle but is otherwise healthy and has an outstanding ability to not stand out.

He seems to prefer hoodies as his go-to clothing, which may stem from a lack of clothes. He has no body modifications aside from the earrings on his right ear.

Wears shirts from time to time.


Kane shows sociopathic tendencies at times, examples including a lack of empathy and violent behavior. He has a lack of respect for life, whether this life belongs to a human or a ghoul. He is often sarcastic and rude.

He dislikes fighting on even ground and will avoid confrontation if possible, with the exception being if the target appears helpless.


Kane was born and raised in the 24th ward by ghoul parents. He left the 24th ward at the age of 16 and never returned. His mother is dead while the state of his father is unknown.

After roaming from ward to ward for years, Kane arrived at the 20th ward where he was employed by Anteiku. He then left Anteiku shortly after and currently works for Aogiri Tree. Born and raised in the 24th ward with ghoul parents.


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  • He has a ghoul acquaintance named Pavlo Richardo. (Deceased)
  • Dislikes sweet things.
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