Katsuo Hattori
Name Katsuo Hattori
User /u/Big_Bad_Wulf
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 21
Sex Male
Affiliations CCG
Ward 3rd Ward
Division Hotaru Squad (formerly)
Kotsuzan Squad
Rank Rank 1
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Katsuo Hattori is a human male employed as an investigator at the CCG.

Appearance Edit

Katsuo is of average height and slim build. He had gray hair tied into a short ponytail with deep blue eyes. He regularly wears his CCG coat and other formal attire.

He makes it a habit to always carry a form of protection, be it his Quinque, a knife, or a designated pistol.

Personality Edit

Katsuo aims to be polite to everyone he meets, but will cut loose once he grows accustomed to being with his co-workers.

Katsuo's old fashioned upbringing ingrained many manners and ideals he keeps to, making it difficult at times to get along with the more modern people of Tokyo.

Katsuo strongly believes in honor and valor, but accepting of new ideas and views.

Background Edit

Katsuo was born to a wealthy family not far outside Tokyo. The family preserved many traditions and beliefs long since forgotten in modern times, to continue the mindset carried each heir to become head of the family was taught and trained to master the weaponry and arts once treasured in ancient Japan. At the age of 18, heirs to the family are to duel the current master and take his position if victorious.

On the day of his duel, Katsuo discovered his master dead, later learning the murderer was the kakuja ghoul One-Eyed Cat. The death of his only father figure convinced Katsuo to pursue a different life outside of his family. He quickly joined the CCG's academy, as only the CCG would allow him to fight ghouls and possibly avenge the death of his master.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Swordsman: Katsuo was raised holding a blade, his many years of training has given him the ability to make up for his weakness as a human with his skill.

Speed: Katsuo recognized speed and footwork to be important in combat, and has worked to quickly change his position if he needs to dodge or flank a target.

Strength: Ever since the death of his master and discovery of his murderer, Katsuo has honed his body to handle much larger weaponry and to maximize his damage potential.

Weapons Edit


  • Quinque Greatsword: Katsuo's Quinque is a giant Koukaku greatsword. Half of the blade is black, the other half is red. The sword's weight and size predispose durability and high damage potential. The sword has been revealed to cut through most rinkaku kagune as well as block regular sized ukaku shards.

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