Kaya Mitarai is a ghoul living in the 12th ward.

Kaya Mitarai
Name Kaya Mitarai
User /u/Circle_the_Earth
Alias Bloodbeak
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 23
Gender Female
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight 150 lbs (68 kg)
Affiliations Aogiri Tree, Nighthawks (formerly)
Ward 12th
Rc Type Ukaku
Rating B+
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Were it not for her serious personality and overly practical dress code, Kaya might be considered quite beautiful. As a result of a fight with Minato, her nose is slightly crooked from having it broken at his hands. She is slender but by no means skinny. Her body shows the muscular definition of one who must constantly be ready to fight. Absorption into Aogiri, and the accompanying loss of leadership responsibility, have caused her physique to soften slightly, which she resents greatly. During ghoul activities (in other words, almost all the time), her attire once consisted of a dark-colored hoodie over a sleeveless top. Recently, she has taken to wearing fur-lined jackets instead of hoodies to make it easier to get into a combat-ready stance (similar to this but without the well-placed fan-service slits in the legs or sides). This is paired with usually black, opaque tights with shorts over them. Her skin is fairly pale, so a great deal of coverage is desirable to keep her hidden at night. She gloves her hands in tekkou (example) with a thin iron plate reinforcing them. While ineffective for dealing with kagune, they provide a nice edge to her fights with humans. In recent times, she has foregone the tekkou. Kaya has standard features for a Japanese woman and keeps her shoulder-length hair in a ponytail or bun high on her head. When interacting outside of a ghoul-related setting, she keeps her hair loose and covering much of her face in order to supplement her “timid” persona.

Her mask is dark-brown ceramic with two circular eye holes, similar to goggles, and a beak-like design etched where the mouth would be in off-white slip. The mask was destroyed in Monochrome, and she is looking for a replacement. She has obtained a replacement mask that resembles a modified gas mask, covering the lower half of her face. It's built to be more durable than her last one, less prone to shattering from one ill-placed punch.


A good adjective to use for Kaya would be “cold” or perhaps even “frigid.” She practices extremely tough love with her comrades and subordinates. It would be considered praise of the highest order for her to give an approving nod or a pat on the shoulder. While she lacks kindness, she possesses some raw leadership qualities and a gift for speaking (how else would she have ever lead a gang). She will protect her fellows in as much as they are “allies” of some degree of value. Very rarely does she allow for friendship and rarer still for more than this. Her countenance exudes confidence and competence, helped partially by the efficient bloodthirst that she displays in combat.

It would not be a stretch to conclude that Kaya feels most at home when in battle. She derives a great deal of joy and thrill from fighting others though is less interested in the act of killing as much as the adrenaline of matching herself against an equal or superior opponent. If a fight is good enough, one might even see (wonder of wonders) a smile on her otherwise stoic face. Kaya acts with clinical precision rather than cruelty or rage. It was revealed in Monochrome that prior to leading the Nighthawks, she was quick to anger and often lashed out in fury when opposed. This has been suppressed after years of leadership but still surfaces when she is under duress. Kaya is arrogantly confident in the intrinsic superiority of ghouls, but thanks to her fights during Monochrome has tempered these feelings with pragmatism.

As is customary for a ghoul of Aogiri, she has no qualms with killing humans indiscriminately, and her moral code, contrary to her demeanor, is arbitrary and difficult to comprehend. All of this aside, Kaya has a surprisingly normal set of hobbies and interests that she shows to those who are “close” to her (and will not be detailed here because where’s the fun in that?). When not actively engaged in ghoul activities, she avoids attention by acting shy and reserved. Timid, even. It has occasionally worked to her benefit when less savory types try to take advantage of this and end up as an easy meal.

In recent RP events, her icy exterior has begun to thaw little by little through interactions with Minato, Jun, and Futoshi. She is very slowly becoming more willing to converse and not react with immediate hostility toward others.

Through interactions with Futoshi, it has come to light that Kaya's sense of modesty is, at the very least, not at all similar to that of other women her age. Being raised with a gang of primarily male ghouls that lived on the streets, ideas of privacy and shame are all but lost on her.


Kaya was originally the leader of a mildly notorious gang called the Nighthawks that were based in the 12th ward. She joined them at age 16 and assumed a position of leadership at age 19 after the previous leader was killed in a CCG operation. The Nighthawks' main competition for complete dominance was the Sworn Talons lead by Shun Haruka. The two ghouls have had many conflicts over the past 4 years.

With the rise of Aogiri came the subjugation of all remaining competition in wards under their control. Despite their seeming strength, neither the Nighthawks nor the Sworn Talons were of any threat to Aogiri and were thus not beaten and assimilated until relatively recently. Many of Kaya's comrades were killed brutally at the hands of a still unspecified female Aogiri ghoul. In order to preserve her own life and those of the remainder, Kaya was essentially forced to surrender. The image of the female ghoul tearing through her gang with ease, bare-handed, has become something of a permanent scar on Kaya's psyche, not that she would ever show it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unrefined Charisma: Kaya has honed some degree of leadership ability from years of being in, and eventually leading, her own gang. This has not blossomed into the quality of a true leader just yet.


Strengths: Typical Ukaku speed. Years of gang warfare and other conflicts have given her superior combat intelligence and a cool head when fighting. She is reasonably proficient in hand-to-hand combat though does not have much in the way of formal martial arts training.
Weaknesses: She does not usually have to deal with close-range combat with enemies larger than herself, so she is uncomfortable in these situations and can be overpowered with relative ease. Most of her close quarters fighting relies on judo-like tactics of using the opponent’s weight and momentum against them. Due to her speed and ability to use long-distance with her kagune, Kaya is not particularly used to being injured and her rhythm can be subconsciously disrupted by moderate to severe damage. A second consequence of this is subpar regeneration.
Thanks to Jun's self-defense training, her ability to engage in close combat has improved by a small amount.


Type: Ukaku

Appearance: Kaya’s kagune is a pair of wings with about a 1 meter wingspan from joint to tip that seem slightly more insubstantial than the average Ukaku, more similar to two vaguely wing-shaped plumes of gray smoke. Traces of orange marble the surface transiently as if a soft flame were flickering through the smoke at times. The projectiles produced by this kagune are fine needle-like spikes, the length of half a forearm and about as thin as one too. She fires 6-8 total per “volley” with equal numbers from both wings.

Strengths: Her kagune allows a great deal of control, able to hit a target with high precision. Because their size is relatively small compared to most Ukaku, she has more total ammunition than the average.

Weaknesses: The small, thin projectiles are sharp and penetrate well but lack the raw power and knockback of standard projectiles. Thus, they can be deflected or tanked relatively easily. In exchange for precision and control, Kaya loses out on the “shotgun” like effects of an Ukaku kagune and cannot fire in a wide spread like many others can.

Mechanics: Pew pew. Ghoul gun.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Monochrome - Crossroads Arc Aogiri Tree attacks and massacres the restaurant Amalthea in order to draw out the CCG. Kaya plays her part and engages with the CCG first response team, specifically Initiate Avis Papilio. Time is a fuck, and she somehow managed to fight Jun Otsuji too. Don't question this. Accept it as a nightmare unparalleled. Regardless of timeline, she was injured significantly and lost her mask in exchange for injuring her opponents. In theory, she obtained a Tsunagi as well.
Arc Wrap-up Monochrome: Aogiri Arc The Tree celebrates its victory, and Kaya isn't having any of it. Shun and Futoshi approach her on separate occasions, neither ending as might be expected. She discusses with Shun their mutual situation in Aogiri, and both learn that they have every intention of gaining power to take their gangs back. They reach an uneasy understanding but are not even close to friends. Meanwhile, Kaya meets Futoshi and, after a lot of posturing and hostility plans to measure his strength a week from this Wrap up. The two end up with an oddly amicable relationship.
Spotlight - Worldstage Arc Kaya grows bored with guarding the utterly untouched generator room and, with Daren's permission, seeks a fight. She finds Eri and engages her in combat. After a good while of slowly picking her apart from long distance, Eri manages to get close at severs Kaya's arm, after which she retreats.
Moments of Weakness One-shot Kaya messes up some more fodder in the Aogiri base and, due to being in a foul mood, locks herself in a secluded room and reflects on her ruined mask. The events of her subjugation and enslavement by Aogiri are summarized in a series of flashbacks including the rise and fall of the Nighthawks. Her losses are, for just a moment, overwhelming, and she suffers as single moment of weakness where she allows herself to cry.
PLACEHOLDER Social description
Gang Beasts RP Kaya encounters long-time rival Shun Haruka who has also been assimilated into Aogiri. A straight up battle to the death almost begins, but Haruna Suzuki stops it at the last minute. All parties depart in relative peace with Shun and Kaya sustaining minor injuries.
Hitting the Books (Unwillingly) RP In need of a new mask, Kaya goes to talk to Haruna in her archive. She trades the Tsunagi she "earned" from Jun for information on a mask maker and learns of Abdullah in the 14th as well as his ties to a "vigilante group."
Shitty Heroics RP Kaya gets nearly hopelessly lost trying to find an antique bookstore. A purse snatcher almost gets away with her bag only to be stopped by Jun. The two talk, much to Kaya's horror, but he mercifully doesn't seem to recognize her. They find her bookstore, share coffee, and meet later for Jun to teach Kaya self-defense. Despite what one might expect, the training passes without incident.
Something Something Gangs and Stuff RP After completing a mission originally assigned to a useless shit named Endo, Kaya reports the results to Minato. The two talk for a time, and Kaya gets to bear witness to Minato's brand of discipline. It turns out that he has had encounters with her gang in the past as might be expected. He accidentally provokes her by calling attention to the members murdered by Aogiri. In anger, she challenges him and gets put in her place. The two walk away with a vague respect for one another.
Morning After RP Kaya and Futoshi banter a fair bit after she spends the night in his apartment. A very misleading time is had in which respect and disgust are mutually exchanged. The two set a final time and place for their spar with plans to beat the crap out of each other later.
Meddling Kids RP Kaya and a small group of nameless grunts find and execute a young deserter of Aogiri. This action is witnessed by both the human teenager Yurei and the ghoul vigilante Kaito. Kaya notices Yurei's attention and moves to silence the witness but is stopped by Kaito. After a brief scuffle, Kaito uses a gadget that generates a small electric shock to temporarily immobilize Kaya and escape with Yurei in tow. Kaya mostly has to sit around and be salty as fuck.
Skull Crackers RP Akihiko comes to visit Kaya when she's on guard duty for some safe house on Bumfuck Nowhere Street in the 13th Ward. He comes under the pretense of interviewing members with promise but pokes all the wrong buttons by asking about the Nighthawks. After nearly starting a fight, Kaya calms down when it's made clear that opportunities for advancement are on the line. Once the interview is complete, Aki leaves with no certainty in advancement guaranteed.
In Which Yet Another Vigilante Ruins a Perfectly Pleasant Night RP Kaya encounters Rai Kamiya after completing an assignment. He attempts to put a stop to her killing ways. They clash and Kaya sustains a painful blow to the shoulder before defeating him. In a rare moment of mercy, she attempts to recruit him, punishing him brutally when he refuses. She leaves him with a stinging defeat and her alias as the rewards for their encounter.


Name Details
Shun Haruka Shun was the leader of another gang, the Sworn Talons, that Kaya's gang was in constant dispute with for control of areas of the 12th ward. Both are now part of Aogiri, but the old rivalries have not faded in the slightest. Kaya has an intense hatred for Shun due to their history and their opposing personalities. He is one of the few capable of inciting unprovoked anger in her heart. The two have made an uneasy truce in the face of the monolith that is Aogiri. A plan is brewing for them to rise in the ranks and regain leadership of their respective gangs, and who knows what else.
Haruna Suzuki They have met very briefly, but Kaya was far from appreciative of Haruna interfering with her fight to the death with Shun. Haruna has threatened to kill Kaya should she discover that Shun has met an end at the hands of an Aogiri ghoul and vice versa.
Jun Otsuji Theoretically, she has an antagonistic relationship with Jun, simultaneously impressed and furious with him for his stubborn persistence. She theoretically won their last fight, but the close nature of that victory has left a bitter taste in her mouth. Jun shattered her mask and was able to get a glimpse of her bare face, though the significant blood loss made her unrecognizable. They met again as "civilians" purely by chance, and Kaya now has a begrudging respect for Jun. Any good feeling she may develop towards him is firmly squashed by her own conscious effort, though there are signs that she is beginning to break down a little in this regard.
Avis Papilio Theoretically, she fought Avis during the arc and has a wary respect for him. The two traded blows relatively equally, and she is annoyed to have been pushed so far by a perceived insect. She has retained the memory of his scent for future encounters.
Futoshi Ishikawa Kaya met Futoshi in the aftermath of the operation at Amalthea. Initially hostile and standoffish, the two reached a strange sort of relationship that might almost be considered friends. There is a planned spar later down the road to determine which of the two is stronger. Prior to said spar, Futoshi managed through luck and determination to annoy Kaya into spending the night at his apartment.
Minato Tomori Minato is a familiar face to Kaya from her gang days as he was a notorious gang buster that encountered and beat the crap out of a couple of her grunts. She has a relationship of subordinate-executive with Minato but has proven herself to be at least mildly more competent than the average Aogiri fodder. He accidentally pissed her off by mentioning some of her dead gang members that died at Aogiri's hands, so they had a quick scrap. Kaya lost, but the circumstances allowed the two to maintain their vague respect for one another.
Eri Yukimura Kaya holds a special hatred for Eri as the first investigator to hand Kaya a true loss. The pain of losing is almost as intense as the pain of the arm she lost while fighting Eri, and though she doesn't give voice to it, Kaya bears a deep grudge towards the woman and would gladly murder her given half the opportunity.
Kaito Mori Kaito has done many things to be yet another checkmark on the list of individuals that Kaya plans to kill someday. 1) He fights for justice, 2) He kicked her in the head and zapped her with electricity, 3) He kept Kaya from killing someone she wanted to kill. It's hard to tell which of the 3 is the gravest sin, but suffice to say their next encounter will be far from friendly.
Yurei Toreja Yurei had the (mis)fortune of bearing witness to Kaya doing Aogiri things. As a result, Kaya has to kill her. This is on top of the whole "being human" thing. Yurei managed to escape with Kaito's help, but that doesn't mean that Kaya's forgotten about her.
Akihiko Umari Aki is questionably in Kaya's good graces. As he may hold the key to her rising above "nameless grunt" status, she's willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. She still begrudges him for heedlessly asking about her gang despite her multiple warnings not to.
Rai Kamiya The first noteworthy Colorless ghoul that Kaya's ever encountered. She underestimated him and paid the price in pain. Kaya believes his ideals and his naivete are idiotic, but she respects his courage and tenacity. While she has largely dismissed him as another stupid ghoul, likely soon to be dead, in the back of her mind she remembers the fleeting disappointment that he hadn't joined her in Aogiri. One of the few ghouls that Kaya doesn't outright despise, a fact that is made more ironic by his undisguised hatred for her.


"Trust gets people killed. That's the truth of this world" -Said to Futoshi in Morning After



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