Kayami Mizushina
Kayami By Davdul
Name Kayami Mizushina
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 21
Gender Female
Height 1.64 m
Weight 47 kg
Affiliations CCG
Hotaru Squad (formerly)
Kotsuzan Squad (formerly)
Okazaki Squad (formerly)
Mizushina Squad
Ward 4th Ward
Quinque Clover - B rate
R-Ironclad - B+ rate
Rank Associate Special Class
Image Gallery
Kayami Mizushina (水科かやみ, Mizushina Kayami) is a CCG investigator from the 4th Ward, an Associate Special Class and a squad leader.

Appearance Edit

Standing at 1.64 m tall and weighing 47 kilos, she isn't especially heavy. Her small frame and the lithe build of her slender, skinny figure make her physically unimposing and sometimes even hard to notice. The colour of her iris is so deeply dark that it approaches pure black. These features, coupled with the bags under her eyes, her haircut, the fringe of which just so happens to cover most of her forehead and eyes, as well as her tired expression and exhausted smile, give her a relaxed, even if sometimes creepy look. Still, lately the teen has been seen bearing a more energetic expression, potentially a side effect from her new sleeping pattern and training schedule, as set by Izumi Okazaki. Her body, however, is not much different from before, with the sole exception of her muscles having become a bit firmer, even if they had remained completely unchanged in size.

When it comes to clothing, on the job Kayami naturally wears the standard, grey CCG coat. She does seem to hold a preference for wearing trousers over skirts, however. Sometimes when she feels like it, she may even decide to wear a tie, although that is a rare occasion. Speaking of rare occasions, on the off chance that Kayami is outside while not at work, she is usually seen wearing comfortable, simplistic clothes such as standard shirts and jackets of the light gamma. Her trousers are usually grey/dark grey, though.

Personality Edit

Initially a rather carefree and overly lazy girl, Kayami was a rather sloppy investigator and mildly hopeless as a person overall. Previously, the teen could rarely be bothered with doing anything at all. Even now, she is highly resistant to work. In fact, the only person who can reliably get her to do something is her superior, Izumi Okazaki, largely because of a combination of awe, a desire to live up to the faith and time he invested in her, workplace respect and of course, his strictness. While she still enjoys teasing people from time to time and relishes in sarcasm as always, being forced into more responsibility and into maturing a lot more rapidly than she's used to has managed to bring out some awkward traits in her. Granted, those traits were previously there - they were simply dormant. With her new position within the CCG and her squad, however, she is put out of her comfort zone, hence why her communication skills are struggling to cope. Made instantly aware of that flaw of hers, she struggles to find a way to permanently resolve it, just like any of the other many flaws plaguing her. While she is not a workaholic by any means, the pressure behind her caused her to adopt a new mindset of being more open to work and perhaps even willing, even if not for the entirely right reasons. Wishing to be seen as reliable, Kayami does her best in order to push herself beyond her limits and live up to the CCG (and largely Izumi's) expectations. Taking in as much responsibility as she can, Kayami will cautiously approach any new task that makes her feel uncertain and she will stumble her way through it in order to have some sort of success to justify her existence in front of Izumi, in front of Izumi and in front of herself - because on the inside, that carefree girl is tormented by deep-rooted insecurity. Struggling to come to terms with her own uselessness and with how much better everyone else is than her, she's consumed by envy and hatred - something that only makes her hate herself too. Desperately clinging onto the ambitions that the one man who believed into her gave her, Kayami does her best in order to succeed. For the sake of justifying her rank in the CCG, for the sake of improving herself and also for the sake of alleviating her own guilt over being consumed by envy. While she still struggles with handling authoritative figures, it is now a different issue altogether - as she learned to accept the authority of the "hard-asses" she has begun to feel considerably intimidated by them. Izumi being no exception, the only reason she feels at ease talking to him is because of their prior discussions and experienced together.

Other notable developments include her run-in with Misamune Akahoshi and witnessing Hajime Miura's demise. While the first not only managed to draw her attention to the struggle of ghouls, but also succeeded in enlightening her to the idea of ghouls being as intelligent and moral as humans, the second one taught her how evil ghouls could be and why the job of the CCG was so important. Her encounter with Misamune had painted her a rose-tinted image of ghoulkind - one that refused to kill and slaughter. One that refused to even fight. It wasn't easy shaking off that notion, but witnessing the brutal death of Miura was enough to send her over the edge. Witnessing a ghoul that not simply killed a living, breathing human being, but even gloated about it was something that made Kayami feel sick to her stomach. She had not even witnessed death until that fateful day. Seeing the pain ghouls are capable of causing to both humans and their own kin (as they bring negative attention to the species), Kayami was driven into rage, but more importantly - her mind was provoked into exploring morality for her own instead of simply not thinking about it at all. Ghouls and humans could both be good if they wanted to. When they wanted to be bad, however, things were really bad. Taking it upon herself to fight for the sake of innocent ghouls like Misamune and to honour the sacrifice of Miura, who died doing what he believed was right, Kayami seemed to be driven by a new type of determination that she had never before possessed before that. The determination to fight because she found a fight to be worth fighting on her own. Convinced in her correctness and also in Izumi's judgement, the girl pushes herself to the absolute limit, using every second of her free time and dedicating it all to her work for the sake of returning Izumi's kindness back. Of course, a person can only push themselves so far without anything or anyone to fall back on. Having a life focused on goals and nothing more, with the exception of an extremely unhealthy, work-driven mindset has set the teen on a destructive path not much different to Miura's own. Needing a lot more positive treatment and experiences, as well as a nurturing patience and care invested into her, Kayami could eventually evolve to become a confident, reliable investigator... or one that feigns those qualities and tries to make up for them through truly foolish bravery and a self-sacrificial attitude.


Name Details
Izumi Okazaki Starting off from the first time they met, Kayami and Izumi were both treating each other nicely and joking around. The two of them often tease each other, which surprised Kayami as she definitely didn't anticipate someone like Izumi to indulge in more childish activities like that. Additionally, the man seems to be rather nice to her as he offers her tips and even decides to train her in the art of swordsmanship (something Kayami also didn't expect to get into but appears to be gradually developing a taste for). Kayami also shows concern for him and his emotional state, trying to comfort him when he opens up to her about his past (although unbeknownst to her Izumi really didn't feel bad at all). The two seem to now have a rather close relationship, even though Kayami tries her best to avoid the whole "training" thing. Of course, after the training actually started and Izumi quickly progressed through the ranks to become Kayami's squad leader, she couldn't help but stop seeing him as a peer that's enjoyable to be around. That man had started acting a lot colder, for whatever reason. Still, he was the same man as ever, so Kayami did not feel any more uncomfortable to speak to him, although she definitely treated him with awe more than any other emotion. Izumi had become her mentor figure. Seeking advice, training and most importantly - his approval - the teen does her absolute best in order to live up to her squad leader's expectations.
Reika Hinomori Kayami and Reika are in a happy but mildly dysfunctional friendship. Even though the two are good friends and have been good friends for years now, Kayami still uses Reika as an outlet to express her frustration at her lack of success. Fortunately for the both of them, Reika remains blissfully unaware of Kayami's sometimes snappy remarks and the two continue to maintain their relationship, having fun together and caring for each other.

Powers and abilities Edit

General attributes Edit

Having gotten better at the art of fighting over time, Kayami is still fairly bad, although she is more than capable enough of holding her ground against low-level ghouls.

  • Considerable Speed: While her speed and agility are still lacking when compared to the average First Class, those two categories are where she comes closest to a real investigator. Her speed is good enough to give many ghouls a challenge.
  • Potent Swordsman: Having taken up training with Izumi Okazaki, Kayami has attained a good grasp of swordsmanship and is now a potent swordsman. Though she's still improving, she's already an intermediate.

Weapons Edit



Name: Clover

Rating: B

Type: Koukaku

Status: In service

Appearance: When activated the Quinque is held by the briefcase handle, to which a small circle is attached. Said circle is 60 cm in diameter. From it, three large leaves, akin to tongues in shape, but thicker in the base and slimmer in the end, extend in different directions. They are each about 2.5 meters long and are fairly wide.

Strengths: Flexible and versatile, this Quinque allows the user to find various applications for it. It is made of a tough material and has high defensive properties.

Weaknesses: Due to its nature, the Quinque prevents the user from moving at all during usage, rendering them completely immobile. It is mostly a defensive Quinque and its attacking potential isn't that high.

Mechanics: The user can move the three leaves around in order to shield themselves, attack, or even squeeze them together to form a tentacle-like structure.


Name: R-Ironclad

Rating: B+

Type: Rinkaku

Status: In service

Appearance: R-Ironclad is a katana Quinque in a rich, deep red colour all throughout, handle and blade included. It appears as if it is made of a crystal-like material, which makes it look overly sharp but fragile. Neither of those is really the case.

Strengths: The blade is rather sturdy, which allows it to clash with other weapons fairly well. It is also light, meaning that it can be swung around at decent speeds.

Weaknesses: Unknown

Mechanics: R-Ironclad is nothing but a normal katana Quinque with no special functions or mechanics.

Gallery Edit

Bibliography Edit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Eye for an Eye wrap-up - CCG conclusion Arc Kayami gets drunk at the CCG celebrations and meets a wide variety of people, causing the opinion of many to drop to a very low level. She does however, get off to a good start with Izumi Okazaki, Kosuke Ichijouji and Akane Hotaru.
Candlelight - CCG Sign-up Arc Kayami meets Izumi Okazaki for the second time and engages in a conversation with him, mostly revolving around their last meeting which Kayami struggles to remember due to the exorbitant amounts of alcohol she had consumed at the time. Eventually, she manages to recall their meeting, but the teasing doesn't exactly stop there as her and Izumi spend a lot of time joking around. At one point, Kayami asks for advice from Izumi and the man tells her all she needs "to stay alive". They also discuss swordsmanship and the man offers to teach her at their next meeting, assuming she has a genuine desire to learn and, of course, manages to live until then.
Candlelight - 12th Ward Branch Office attack Arc Kayami and Jiro Horikoshi are attacked by Aogiri leader Kota Okada and Shuukaku berserker Juggernaut. While Rank 1 Horikoshi does his best to occupy Kota, Kayami attempts to fight Juggernaut, only to be stomped into the ground, both figuratively and literally.
Candlelight - CCG Wrap-up Arc Kayami wakes up after an operation on her arm at a CCG hospital. She discovers that her wrist has indeed been completely shattered and laments the amount of time it'd take for her to heal from her injury. She then proceeds to meet Reika, as well as Izumi Okazaki, who has a short conversation with her based around swordsmanship and even goes as far as offering her a katana, as well as a list of resources to learn from.
Wild, Wild East - 12th Ward Branch Office investigation Arc Kayami embarks on an investigation with her squad, accidentally stumbling onto the server room that had been tampered with by another Aogiri leader, Maki Itokawa. The Rank 2 calls for back-up in hopes that someone who can help her out with investigating will show up. It turns out that the man to answer her call is the now-First Class, Izumi Okazaki.
Wild, Wild East - Aogiri Tree/12th Ward investigation meeting - Investigator Units Arc Kayami meets up with her unit.
Wild, Wild East - Aogiri Tree/12th Ward investigation meeting - Extermination targets Arc Kayami discusses the extermination target of her unit with the rest of the team members.
Wild, Wild East - 22nd Ward Investigation (Day 2) Arc Kayami encounters Hatsu Laure and the two engage in a fight, as much as their lack of ability allows them to.
Wild, Wild east - CCG Wrap-up Arc Kayami goes to congratulate her new squad leader Izumi Okazaki for his promotion to Associate Special Class and the two then engage in a conversation.
Starfall - Duality Arc The investigator participates in Anteiku raid.
Platinum - Apex Arc Walking into the auction raid together with her squadmate, Hajime Miura, Kayami is utterly horrified when her colleague meets his demise. Lashing out in rage, the woman experiences true fury for the first time in her life as she attempts to rationalise with the attacking ghouls and comprehend why any of this had to happen in the first place. Standing her ground for the first time, she fights with valour due to the weight of newfound responsibility - the responsibility to protect the honour and sacrifice of both Miura and Misamune.
Platinum - CCG Wrap-Up Arc Wrap-Up Kayami mourns Miura's death.
Monochrome - Acquisitions Arc The First Class attempts to stop the fleeing Feng Yi from escaping, but fails to keep speed with the superhuman.
Monochrome - CCG Wrap-Up Arc Wrap-Up While looking for people that can report on their sightings of Soundwave within the CCG hospital, the woman accidentally runs into one of her more recent friends, Yumi Inahara.
Spotlight - The Gambit Arc Having been put on a team charged with escorting Jack Conklin, Kayami tastes the troubles of leadership for the first time.
Spotlight - Worldstage Arc Kayami leads a handful of investigators into the battle for the TV tower, attempting to fill in for Izumi's absence.
Ascension - King Arc With an Aogiri sniper on the loose, Kayami tries to make herself useful by attempting to neutralise the troublesome marksman. Unfortunately for her, she runs into Kichirou Kurosawa and his subordinate Elaine. While the clash remains inconclusive, the man's words reach Kayami and she decides to look into what exactly happened between him and the CCG.
Master Swordsman One-Shot Kayami 'experiments' at wielding a sword and fails miserably.
The Quill is mightier than the Ghoul One-Shot Appalled by the revelation of a new aspect of her own incompetence, Kayami works tirelessly to address this new source of anxiety.
Butterfly Effect One-Shot The First Class investigates a lead into the Aogiri One-Eyed-Ghoul project.
Social - A hive of scum and villainy Social Kayami goes to Yuureien and meets Dan Hohen, who has a brief conversation with her.
Closing time Social While on a visit to Anteiku, Kayami meets Misamune Akahoshi.
The Favour Social Taking a quick break, Kayami goes to check out :re, a new coffee shop local to the 20th Ward.
Progress Private RP As the Quinx are unveiled at a CCG event, Kayami succumbs to her envy and makes her displeasure vocal by lashing out at Kyousuke Aoyama.
A lotta whinin' Private RP Kayami Mizushina and First Class Junko Kobayashi grieve over the loss of old friends.
Arrival Private RP Okazaki squad settle in the 20th Ward Branch Office.
A bit of paperwork never killed anybody Private RP The now-First Class investigator and her squad leader discuss leads on several major ghouls.
Lost at C(CG) Private RP Kayami is approached by a young Initiate that's gotten lost in the main office.
Shopping threads and stuff Public RP Kayami encounters Misamune Akahoshi a second time.
The Lion's grave Private RP The First Class is woken up at night, with her immediate presence demanded for a 20th Ward investigation into the damage caused by the One-Eyed Cat's final fight.
A Hunter's Eyes Private RP The girl trains with Izumi yet again, although this time her boss teaches her some more interesting tricks than the last time.
Work Well and Train Hard Public RP Kayami runs into Nakano Otsuji at the gym.

Trivia Edit

  • Kayami has been shown to hate people who get promoted (above her). She also seems to express guilt over feeling envious of said people.
  • Kayami claims to be "really good with sharp objects". Observation would point towards the opposite (although lately with her swordsmanship training she's been getting a bit better).
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