Kenji Hamada is a young ghoul investigator serving in Waller Squad. A fact unknown to most, he is a member of the Shirogane family, who due to his 'lax' morals and 'interesting' view on ghouls, chose to distance himself from the family. After being told he would never excel in the CCG without their name, as he was always the black sheep of the family, he vowed to do so in spite of them to prove that one can succeed with their integrity intact.

Kenji Hamada
Name Kenji Hamada
User /u/Kawaii_Crab
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 25
Gender Male
Sex Male
Height 5'11
Affiliations CCG
Waller Squad
Kotsuzan Squad
Relatives Alisa Volkov
The Shirogane Family
Ward 3rd Ward
Quinque Defender
Rank Rank 1
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Kenji stands just under 6 foot. Odd looking at first, upon studying him one will realise he is only half Japanese, explaining his rather tall height. He has extremely unkempt black hair, and an uncharacteristically styled beard. He has piercing green eyes, and a grin ever-plastered on his face. He typically dressed in a tan-brown overcoat, with a black vest and green tie. He also opts to wear black gloves.


Kenji is a kind, light soul. He almost never lets his smile leave his face, and refuses to treat life seriously. Deceptively, he is much smarter than he appears, but his lack of care towards other's opinion of him often leads to him doing things others would refuse out of embarrassment, or more aptly, social skill. He often makes jokes and puns, and attempts to make light of every situation. He refuses to kill, except to save another, and he is adamant that he will not succumb to treating ghouls like points to succeed. He is an extremely driven, determined person.

Relationships Edit

Name Details
The Entire Shirogane Family Kenji REALLY isn't a fan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kenji is by no means an expert fighter. He has a good core, and is a strong man.


Strengths: High strength, Good instincts.
Weaknesses: Almost no formal training, and displays a lack of ability to memorize and consistently use any proper techniques.


Name: Defender

Rating: B

Type: Koukaku

Status: In service

Appearance: An ordinary straight sword and kite shield

Strengths: It forms both a solid defense and offense.

Weaknesses: It has no special properties, and can be unwieldy.

Mechanics: It's a normal sword.


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