Kinmaru Kurotsuchi
Name Kinmaru Kurotsuchi
Alias Black Rose
Species Human
Status Deceased
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 1.73 m
Weight 59 kg
Affiliations CCG
Kawaguchi Squad (formerly)
Waller Squad (formerly)
Kotsuzan Squad
Ward 3rd Ward
Quinque Tsunagi
Rank Rank 1
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Kinmaru Kurotsuchi is an academy graduate and a CCG Rank 1, as well as the heir of the extremely wealthy Kurotsuchi clan. Secretly, he is also a member of Rose Club - a hedonistic ghoul restaurant. Within the establishment, he is known as the Black Rose, one of the four kingpins.

Appearance Edit

Kinmaru has short dark-red hair and very pale blue eyes. He has youthful features and when not in service at the CCG he dresses fancily. He is 1.73 m tall and weighs 59 kilos. He is normally seen with an arrogant smirk on his face and a cocky expression. He has a lean, muscular, but light body. When in his Black Rose disguise, the man sports an extremely extravagant getup, boasting a black mask, as well as a rather expensive suit of the same colour and a sizeable scarf of raven feathers.

Personality Edit

Kinmaru is extremely arrogant, pompous and condescending. He thinks he owns the world and that everyone should cater to his every whim and desire. He treats no one with respect and sees everyone as an object meant to entertain him. He places no value on human or ghoul life. If he deems someone to annoy him, he does his best to screw them over and kill them. He thinks he's entitled to, and thus demands that everything he wishes for be granted to him. He's a hedonist and only does what he deems interesting. His reason for joining the CCG was purely for the excitement of putting your life on the line, although the opportunity to feed insider info to the Rose Club was also rather appealing. Of course, in the end his thrill-seeker nature got the better of him, as he sacrificed his allies for the ability to experience a large scale battle as the defender.


Name Details
Okubo Sawamura Kinmaru seems rather confused as to what Okubo even wants, since he completely fails to come even remotely close to understanding the man. He does, however, come to the conclusion that Okubo must be from the lower aristocracy, considering his dialect. On the other hand, Okubo himself seems to be rather infuriated with Kinmaru due to the latter's use of complicated words and mistreatment of burgers.

Powers and abilities Edit

General attributes Edit

Extreme Agility: Kinmaru possesses a flexible body and is extremely agile, which allows him to evade enemy attacks with ease.

Fast combatant: Kinmaru is a very fast combatant for human standards.

Quick reaction speeds: Kinmaru has quick reactions, which allows him to keep up with most reasonably quick opponents.

Weapons Edit


  • Tsunagi: The Tsunagi is a light Bikaku sword that allows its user to move swiftly and clash with kagune easily.

Bibliography Edit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Candlelight - CCG Sign-up Arc Kinmaru misses the initial briefing and then meets Okubo, accidentally knocking his hamburger out of his hand. This results in the latter exploding in rage. Kinmaru, used to sophisticated accents and dialects, completely fails to understand Okubo, taking him for a member of the lower aristocracy. Inversely, Okubo himself fails to understand Kinmaru's use of complicated words, which eventually sparks a fight between the two.
Candlelight - 12th Ward Branch Office attack Arc Kinmaru and Dan fight against Akane Hayashi, a chimera that hops around far too much to be a favourite of the CCG. The fight appears to be mostly even, until Akane latches onto the ceiling and just stays there, which pisses off Kinmaru. Cursing her name and telling her to go die in a ditch, Kinmaru promptly walks off, completely unconcerned for anything she might want to do to Dan or her larger goal for even being at the 12th Ward Branch Office.
Wild, Wild East - 22nd Ward Investigation (Day 2) Arc The great Kurotsuchi encounters a rather shockingly smart ghoul that is capable of understanding sarcasm. Upon showing interest, however, Kinmaru is attacked by the obnoxious creature. After an epic struggle, Kinmaru delivers a powerful neutralising kick against his opponent, disabling him from pursuing the blue blood.
Wild, Wild East - CCG Wrap-Up Arc Wrap-Up Kinmaru makes Shiro Shinjitsu's acquaintance.
Starfall - Duality Arc The Kurotsuchi family hair participates in Anteiku raid, but is quickly taken out by a swift kick to the ribs from Gemini.
Starfall - CCG Wrap-Up Arc Wrap-Up Kinmaru Kurotsuchi runs into Shiro Shinjitsu yet again and decides to chat him up.
Platinum - Apex Arc Kinmaru meets his death at the hands of Sayuri Kawaguchi, a fellow Rank 1 investigator he had gotten to know a bit better in the past few months.
Progress Social At the Quinx unveiling event, Kinmaru speaks to Tatsuo Yamazaki and manages to infuriate him to the point where the other man knocks him out in a single punch.
Index RP Kinmaru discovers that he has to do paperwork, which instantly manages to outrage him. In a bid to outsource his work to someone of "lesser worth", he meets Takane Koujou - a man whose ego appears to be equally matched to that of Kinmaru himself.
A favour owed RP Kinmaru has a run-in with Sayaka Rei and from there on an "intriguing adventure" ensues.

Trivia Edit

  • Kinmaru mistakenly thinks that Okubo is a member of the lower aristocracy.
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