Koji Yokimura
Name Koji Yokimura
Alias Scorpion
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 19
Gender Male
Sex Male
Birthday December 17th
Height 5'7"
Weight 150lbs
Blood Type B+
Affiliations Unaffiliated
Relatives Nozumi Fujioka (Mother, Deceased)
Ward 14th
Rc Type Bikaku
Rating B
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Koji Yokimura, also known as Scorpion, is a ghoul living within Tokyo's 14th ward. He is currently taking classes in Education at a local college, and is an active member of WGR.

Appearance Edit

Koji is 5'7" tall, has mid length, shaggy brown hair, and piercing blue eyes set in a somewhat sharp face. He usually wears a blue sweatshirt with white highlights and the number 8 on its left pocket. His Ghoul mask is a plain white full face mask with two X's for eyes and a slasher smile.

Koji's Bikaku is a pale blue in colour and covered in sharp bone-like protrusions.

Personality Edit

Koji is amicable enough young man, extremely loyal to his friends and associates. However, to those who've strayed down life's darker paths, he becomes a sadistic and unrepentant vigilante, administering torturous and poetic punishments to his victims.

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