Tokyo Ghoul Roleplay Wikia
Tokyo Ghoul Roleplay Wikia
Kota Okada
Name Kota Okada
Alias Fox
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Age 27
Gender Male
Height 168cm
Affiliations Aogiri Tree
Fox Mask Gang (Formerly)
Relatives Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Unnamed Sister (Deceased)
Ward 12th Ward (Formerly)
11th Ward
Rc Type Bikaku
Rating A (True rating)
S (CCG rating)
Quinque "Irika" (Formerly Rei)
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Kota Okada is an Executive of Aogiri Tree living in the Aogiri base in the 11th Ward.      


Kota is short but squat, with a shaved head and slight stubble. His clothes are old, torn and ragged and often wears a thick jacket that has been spared the worst of the wear and tear.

He wears the kitsune mask his previous gang was known for.

Recently has began growing out his beard, and tired of ruining his own clothes in fights has taken to wearing Aogiri robes most of the time.

His kagune takes the form of a thick tail which narrows slightly at the tip to make a heavy blade (similar to the Bin Brothers' kagune). Over a dozen feet long it allows Kota to specialize in mid-range combat.


Kota is lacking in a formal education, a fact he is not proud of and is often quick to anger if reminded of it - though as with most things he is easy to placate. He is Sanguine and a series of losses in his youth left him with a need for company and friendship as well as a craving to be around an authority figure or leader.


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