Kouta Matsushita

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Right arm not included.
Name Kouta Matsushita
User /u/Paegen
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Affiliations CCG
Nakamori Squad (Formerly)
Matsushita Squad (leader)
Ward 13th Ward
Rank First Class
Honors Calamus Medal
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Kouta Matsushita is a First Class Ghoul Investigator in the CCG. He is currently the leader of Matsushita Squad, although formerly he was a member of Nakamori Squad. He totally doesn't have a catgirl fetish, he just thinks they're pretty cute.

Appearance Edit

Kouta has darkish skin and black hair typically brought up into a topknot. He also has a thin goatee and tends to look slighty irritated.

He favours nondescript clothing when off duty, as he really doesn't like being identified as a member of the CCG by the public.

While on duty, he wears the standard investigator coat, unadorned with any decoration or customisation.

Kouta lost his right arm in a battle with the Soundwave ghoul in the 9th ward.

Personality Edit

Kouta enjoys the company of others and is happy to strike up conversation with even complete strangers. However, he won't talk about his professional life, unless it is to other CCG employees. If someone tries to bring up how he makes his living, he will typically lie and try and change the topic.

Kouta has developed a steadily worsening inferiority complex since joining the CCG, seeing himself as a failure and liability in the field. The other effect of this is the building resentment he feels towards other CCG recruits who he believes have an unfair natural advantage.

He has a tendency to spend large amounts of money on alcohol. Whether this is a coping mechanism or he just likes the taste hasn't been revealed.

Kouta has developed a still growing hatred of ghouls following the death and injury of several people in his life. In addition to this, the loss of his arm seems to have affected him in an increasingly negative way.

Background Edit

Kouta hasn't recounted or revealed information about his past.

He has an elder brother, who he has difficulty talking to.

He went to a university for a period of time, took a relatively nice office job for a time before leaving to join the CCG.

Other than that, his past is largely irrelevant.


Name Details
Ashton Irika Kouta first met Irika at the CCG training event. They sparred briefly, ultimately ending in Kouta's defeat. He sees Irika as a slightly strange, yet ultimately good person. He respects him and regarded him as one of the more tolerable people in the CCG. Kouta feels directly responsible for his death in the Hospital Raid.
Kristof Brandt Kouta's view of Kristof is divisive. Most of him greatly appreciates Kristof, impressed by his selflessness, irrefutably good nature and prodigious strength. Kouta feels indebted to Kristof after the pair fought together in the Railroad mission, believing that were it not for Kristof, he might well have been killed. However, Kouta believes it was his own weakness that got Kristof wounded during the mission. As a result, Kouta has difficulty facing Kristof, feeling guilty for his failure.
Marune Nakamori The squad leader. Kouta holds a great amount of respect for his boss. He trusts her judgement completely and will follow her orders. Their meeting following Kouta's injury further raised Kouta's opinion of his leader.
Tomoyuki Otsuji While Kouta harbours a distaste for Tomoyuki's arrogance, he recognises that it is largely justified. While it is unlikely that Kouta will ever regard him as a friend, he respects his ability and trusts his skills and judgement.
Kosuke Ichijouji Kouta regards Kosuke as tolerable. While he believes Kosuke to be a complete thug and waste of meat, Kosuke has proved that he is at least capable of braining a few ghouls without Kouta holding his hand while he does it.
Okubo Sawamura Oh God.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Physical Strength - Kouta is of above average strength and while he is no match for a ghoul or even several of the other investigators, his strength allows him to wield larger Quinques, as well as ensuring he isn't totally powerless in close combat. Unfortunately, this has been significantly reduced by the loss of his arm.

Tactical Awareness - Kouta is excellent at keeping a track of events during the confusion of battle, noting the position of allies and enemies, giving him the ability to position himself in the location most beneficial to his people.

Equipment - Sidearm - Kouta keeps a small caliber pistol loaded with Q bullets in a back holster. While he recognizes that this pistol is essentially worthless against all but the weakest ghouls, he keeps it more for peace of mind.

- Quinque - Kouta's first Quinque, was a Koukaku type he has named Maximus. The loss of his arm has rendered Kouta incapable of properly utilizing it.

- His second Quinque is a Koukaku type he has dubbed Colosseum. Taking the form of an impractically large cleaver divided into six clear segments, it boasts a great ability to chop and cut. Its great size and respectable durability also allow it to be used as an impromptu shield. Its true strength comes in its ability to transform, the segments separating and the activation of internal mechanisms. In its transformed mode, Colosseum is used as a huge and ridiculously heavy whip. The six segments of its act similar to the barbs on more traditional whips, except scaled up considerably. In this form, it boasts impressive striking power and a potential to cause a great amount of damage. However, it has clear weaknesses in its sluggishness, as time has to be taken to build up momentum on the swings, its great weight, its inability to be used in enclosed spaces and the difficulty in using it while amongst allies.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
The Newcomers — CCG Arc The recently-graduated Commission of Counter Ghoul initiates have been under training as Kouta sparred with Ashton Irika.
Raiding the Railroad Arc During the train operation, Kouta and his partner at time, Kristof Brandt, have been defending the third train car against Atsui Koi and Jack Conklin.
Wintertide — Hospital Raid Arc During the expected hospital raid, Kouta and Irika were fending off against an Aogiri ghoul, Kota Okada.
Wintertide — 20th Ward (Anteiku VS CCG) Arc While defending Sierra Gray from Anteiku's employees, Kouta and his partner at the time, Andrei Fukov, were involved in the battle.
Anteiku (Maid Cafe) Social Kouta has visited Anteiku while it was running a month-long Maid Cafe event. He discovered his cat-girl fetish after meeting Sierra in her cat-girl maid outfit.
Those damn workplace assignments Social Wanting for his laptop to be repaired, Kouta has visited a random electronic store in a shopping mall as he requested for Maki Itokawa to help with repairing it.
Labor Thanksgiving Day (Public Park) Social Kouta was walking through the park as he noticed and greeted Ashton, conversing with him peacefully.
New Employees Social Kouta has visited Anteiku after a stressful week has taken a toll on him. Unwilling to do CCG paperwork, he decided to have coffee in Anteiku as he conversed with Hayato Yoshikune.
A Few Necessary Changes Social Kouta has entered the scene where the newly graduated initiate, Yuna Sakaguchi, has been replacing the old furniture with the new one that she was building. His initial reaction was that of shock as he proceeded to converse with the new initiate.
Hospitable Hospitals Social Kouta, still recovering from his injury, receives several visitors in his hospital room.
The Queen's Musician RP Kouta, Dan Hohen and an Initiate encounter a pair of ghouls. It goes disastrously.
Gimme my Quinque Quinqly One-shot Kouta was staying in his office alone as he was checking his e-mail, reading two messages in his inbox. First one was about the delay of his quinque's preparation while the second was about the unfortunate investigator fatalities in the past twenty-four hours.
CCG Branch One-shot Kouta attempted to save a cat from the tree, succeeding after many curses and foul language were involved.
Bambi One-shot Kouta was involved with a superior in a ghoul investigation, which turned sour as the ghoul turned out to be tougher than expected. Kouta hesitated from killing the ghoul initially as she was feigning innocence before damaging his superior. Kouta was left with burning disappointment from the incident.
Give them questions One-shot Kouta was unexpectedly interrogated by Isadora Tricot, an Anteiku employee. He only told her that Sierra confessed her past actions but he didn't know anything else. He started to get suspicious that 20th Ward actually had an organization after that encounter though.

Trivia Edit

  • Kouta once attempted to discover how much alcohol he could drink in three minutes. In a certain club in a certain ward, there is still a stain from this event.
  • The word 'Railgun' causes Kouta to visibly flinch.
  • Kouta typically spends his free time split equally between angsting over his own weakness, drinking with friends and drinking alone.
  • Kouta supposedly likes coffee but since he always asks for sugar and creamer, an argument can be made against that.
  • He is incapable of repairing anything, so has to seek professional help if anything breaks.
  • Kouta is the first OC in TGRP to reach the rank First Class and become a senior investigator.
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