Mae (매) is a human of Korean origin that lives in the 16th Ward of Tokyo.

Mae (매)
Name Mae (매)
User /u/Xanzinare
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 25
Gender Male
Affiliations Ouroboros
Ward 16th
Rank C-
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Mae has disheveled long brown hair that falls to the nape of his neck and if left unattended then just past his eyes as well. However, due to his hair’s nature it’s hardly ever falling straight down unless wet. His brown eyes are usually icy and distant to newcomers, and his mouth seems to be perpetually stuck in an “I’m unimpressed” expression. His body is lithe and toned, but not muscled like a body builder’s; he’s built more like a distance runner than anything else. He stands close to six feet, although he just barely doesn’t make the cut in that regard and stands at a teasing 5’ 11’’.


He’s pretty cold and calculating while being no-nonsense with strangers, but around his teammates he softens somewhat and shows his true sarcastic nature. He still retains his matter-of-fact attitude, however.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Strengths: ?
Weaknesses: ?
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