Maggie Kōmoto
Name Maggie Kōmoto
User /u/qvalador
Alias Raven
Species Half-ghoul
Status Gloriously resurrected
Age 23
Gender Female
Birthday 21 April, 1996
Height 184 cm
Weight 75,6 kg
Blood Type O Positive
Affiliations Anteiku (previously); :re
Relatives Miles Koumoto (Deceased)
Ward 20th
Rc Type Koukaku
Rating B+
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Maggie Kōmoto (河本マギー遥, Kōmoto Magī Haruka) is a female ghoul and an employee at Anteiku.

She is one of Nikki's right hands, and has been shown to be among his most trusted employees. She is a second-year at Kamii University and is majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics.


Maggie is an Asian-American of especially large build. She has the black hair and deep brown eyes common to her race, and a round face with a pointed chin. Her eyes are marked with dark circles, indicating her mild insomnia. She often dresses in heavy clothing and tends to wear an uninterested expression more often than not.


Maggie is unassuming and selfish, although she's been shown to show compassion to those that she appreciates. She's extremely cautious and often shows little pity to those who put her in danger. A keen student and a hard worker, she spends many sleepless nights mulling over her studies only to return to Anteiku and work a full shift.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Maggie has been shown to be a notably weak fighter, relying mainly on wit and scare tactics to compensate for her lack of strength and slow reactions. However, he has acute control over her kagune, and is capable of formulating strategy in mid-battle fairly quickly.


Type: Koukaku

Appearance: Thin but wide, with a glossy sheen and a dark red colouration. It pulsates with crimson light, and wraps in a corkscrew fashion about her left arm.

Strengths: Maggie possesses notable control over her kagune and can manipulate it almost with the versatility of a bikaku, although at a much slower rate.

Weaknesses: Maggie's kagune is a little less than an inch in width, and is thus very brittle. It will shatter if struck directly and cannot be used as a shield unless it is intentionally fortified.

Mechanics: Maggie's special control over her kagune allows her to bolster attacks with any one of her limbs by wrapping her kagune about it in a spiral.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Anteiku Newcomers Arc The new Anteiku employees are taken underground to spar with their employer and each other. Maggie loses to Nikki and suffers a shoulder injury.
Lacuna One-shot Maggie moves into Kamii and ends up in the hospital after a dinner trip with her twin brother gone awry.
Anteiku Social Social Maggie works a busy shift just after her injury and snaps at Nikki for his flirations with Shidu.
Corpse Collector Arc Maggie, paired with Rei, encountered Yutaka and threatened him into relinquishing half a corpse.


Name Details
Nikki Futago Although Maggie normally interacts with Nikki on a strictly professional level, she's been shown to occasionally show some compassion for him and convey her appreciation.
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