Maki Itokawa
Maki 2017
Name Maki Itokawa
Japanese Name イトカワ マキ
User /u/KakujaKun
Alias Incision
Blackguard (Kakuja alias)
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 24
Gender Male
Birthday 13/05/1995
Height 180 cm
Weight 89 kg
Affiliations Three Blades Alliance (Conscripted;Formerly;Destroyed)
Anteiku (Formerly)
Aogiri Tree
Relatives Yamato Itokawa (father)
Masako Itokawa (mother)
Unnamed brother
Ward 12th Ward
Rc Type Ukaku
Rc Level 6872
Unique States Half-Kakuja
Rating SS
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Maki Itokawa (イトカワ マキ, Itokawa Maki) is the current leader of Aogiri Tree and a ghoul originating from the 22nd Ward that goes under the alias of Incision (切開, Sekkai). Being a half-kakuja, his alternative current alias is Blackguard. Previously a computer engineering student, part-time system administrator, and a vigilante ghoul, his former alias was Stake (杭, Kui).

Appearance Edit

Having inherited his dark, raven hair and bright green eyes from his mother that are only further underlined by his light skin, Maki possesses striking features. His usual expression consists in a largely neutral visage with the exception of a small smile. This look of serenity rarely, if ever, changes, usually into a mildly wider smirk. The youthfulness and calm of his face makes him a very appealing person to look at and only reinforces the air of mystery and enigma surrounding him. His athletic body, further refined with time, now boasts clearly defined, considerable musculature. His clothing of choice, both when dealing with ghoul and human matters, constitute a long, elegant black coat, allowed to freely move behind him, a soft onyx shirt, as well as a pair of black trousers. The only-ghoul specific clothing he has is a plain white mask, combined with black leather gloves. When out on business, he is usually seen carrying a regularly-shaped black sheath. In addition, Maki also wears a minimalist steel necklace adorned with an elongated, dark-green emerald beneath his coat.

Personality Edit

Initially, Maki was shown to be quite lazy, light-hearted and easy-going, both in his human and ghoul disguises. He seemed to be rather nonchalant about everything, even topics of great importance. He'd always neglect the seriousness of the situation, at least externally. Internally, he was an idealist at heart - one that believed in justice with all of his soul. He clung to the ideal that his father had bestowed upon him - the only thing that Maki could never fear losing. With time however, despite his stubbornness, Maki's faith in the ability of pursuing this ideal seemed to wane, even if his vigilante killing sprees would remain as frequent as ever.

After the loss of several of his friends, including Juha Weirwight, Kotome Nene and others, Maki took on a very dark demeanour, adopting a much colder and cruel persona. The young ghoul was confident that if he were to protect what was left of his treasured friends and ideals, he had to change, and change he did. Taking on a far more cunning nature, in addition to becoming highly ruthless, Maki wouldn't stop at anything if it meant that he could accomplish his goals. Unfortunately, he did not succeed. Despite his greatest efforts, he continued gradually losing his closest ones until there was nothing left. With that, the teen's unbreakable conviction finally succumbed to the final, fatal blow of reality.

Currently, after the changes Maki underwent due to the deaths of Ayano Morino, Veli Batsu and the alleged death of Jack Conklin, his personality seems to have become rather stable, even if somewhat sociopathic. The young ghoul appears to have adopted a far more light-hearted attitude than ever before and seems to have a more relaxed approach to life, essentially oozing with serenity. Having become completely disillusioned with pursuing justice, the youth no longer cares about his former passion, concluding that pursuing the application of large ideals is futile. The man's views have instead become highly hedonistic, with Maki's only current goal being his own entertainment. He appears to have become happier, as he no longer has any unwinnable battles to fight, nor does he have anything to lose. Instead, his sights have been turned to enjoying life. The Aogiri leader still retains some traits of his cheeky personality, although his short temper seems to be completely absent and his dark demeanour appears to be gone. The ghoul is now mostly uninterested in most of the events unfolding around him that aren't of particular importance, in contrast to his previously curious nature. He seems to have also taken to acting in a more refined matter, refraining from utilising curse words and other generally disrespectful actions, making him appear more mature overall. Maki can now also maintain a hellishly powerful composure, capable of completely suppressing any remote trace of anger during its conception. He no longer engages in vigilantism, although his experiments with cannibalism continue to this day. Additionally, he is still training his body, although now merely for enjoyment's sake. One habit that has persevered is taking pleasure in taunting his opponents every now and then, especially when it comes to those combatants of lower class and the ones that are quick to get infuriated. Despite continuing to find edginess and cheesiness highly distasteful, the ghoul now doesn't react so sharply to it, managing to suppress the feeling of obnoxiousness when he encounters individuals with these two traits and instead opting to calmly mock them about the shortcomings in their personalities. Having completely discarded his moral crusades and vigilante passion, the young man now simply seeks amusement. As a result, he may engage in more cold-blooded acts than before, although he is never needlessly cruel. In that sense, he's become a completely inverted image to his father, who engaged in thoroughly despicable acts for the sake of his 'greater morality'. One trait the two do seem to share is there lack of engagement in the workings of the world. Having long since given up on the goal of peace between humans and ghouls, Maki now only fights to honour the wills of his fallen comrades and in order to make the city of Tokyo his plaything.

Background Edit

Maki was purportedly the son of a famous S-rated Bikaku vigilante ghoul, Yamato Itokawa, also known as Stingray. From what is known about the man's early childhood, he admired his father for his conviction and determination, as well as his unfaltering belief in his ideas, but in the end he resented him greatly. Despite his positive qualities - his strong belief in justice and his loving behaviour towards his wife and children, the man was a complete sociopath when it came to dealing with other ghouls. Showing unnecessary cruelty when dealing with his own species, his inefficient and judgemental moral view on his fellow kin (which excluded his family due to his own bias) and an insane level of fanaticism in pursuing the path of vigilantism and the enforcement in justice, Yamato didn't exactly make for a great role model. In fact, his horrible parenting is referenced multiple times (such as when the man brought his 6 year old son along on his vigilante manhunts, slaughtering as much as an innocent couple in front of his child). In addition, his greatest fault in Maki's eyes is that he was fully aware that drawing so much attention will get him and potentially his family killed, but the blonde-haired man continued his efforts regardless of that. This culminated with the death of Maki's family and the destruction of his childhood home. Considering his mother a martyr for having to suffer a shared love with a psychopath, Maki cherished her deeply. After the demise/disappearance of his closest family, Yamato's brother rescued the fleeing child from the CCG raid and brought the young Maki with him to Kyoto. Unfortunately, he died to another ghoul shortly after arriving there, leaving the child to fend for himself. Left with no other option, the young boy was soon conscripted into the most powerful local gang.

Maki's late childhood and very early teens are spent in the Three Blades Alliance ghoul gang. As a weaker ghoul, he found little respect within the gang and was forced to do menial work for the other members. He met many other ghouls he developed friendships with, such as Hirako, Ren, Buki and Satoshi. However, in a bid to provide his friends with better life conditions, he attempted to become stronger and obtain more influence within the gang, leading to him getting associated with the full members. He then develops a friendly student-mentor relationships with Doku, the man that introduced him to kendo - an art that soon became one of Maki's earliest passions. Eventually, Gozu and Dan, two of the gang's top brass betrayed the organisation and tipped off the CCG to the location of the base, leading to a raid that resulted in everyone except Hirako and Satoshi being brutally killed. Gozu also butchered the two other strongest members of the ghoul alliance, which further worsened the already hopeless situation. Maki seemed to hold a great grudge against the two and was previously obsessed with finding them in order to exact revenge, but lately he has shown no interest in pursuing the traitors, presumably considering that task a needless waste of time and effort.

Maki's early and mid teens (13-17) were spent in Anteiku, where he struggled to adjust. Unable to fully embrace the peaceful philosophy of the cafe, the teen found himself in a small gang of youths dedicated to killing ghouls within the 20th Ward that posed them problems. More often than not Maki's targets were inspired by vigilante motivations. Eventually, after multiple conflicts with the rest of the Anteiku staff over his predating habits, the teen quit the organisation.

Moving to the 22nd Ward, the youth settled in a small, run-down apartment, found a part-time job and proceeded to begin his university studies. For the three years to follow until the start of TGRP's 'on-screen' events, Maki engaged in vigilantism, eventually attracting the attention of the local ghoul gang. During that time he also kept contact with Veli Batsu, a dear friend of his that he'd known since the time he was a waiter at Anteiku.

Story Edit

At the start of the events of TGRP, Maki was a vigilante in the 22nd. He spent some time working alone until he eventually heard of Aogiri, joining them the first chance he got. After the Newcomers arc, he was made Kana's direct subordinate. Eventually he relinquished that title in favour of Jack, given that the man seemed to be more invested into the organisation at the time.

Railroad Arc - Kasumi and Maki engaged in a fight with Jiro and Dan in their train car. After a brief fight in which Jiro was rendered partly incapacitated, the Aogiri team grabbed the package they were meant to retrieve and then ran off with the Quinque steel and RC suppressants.

Wintertide Arc - During Wintertide, Maki and Ayano engaged in combat with Alistair Bake and fought him off. Saving Kasumi and hence securing the only RC suppressants from the Hospital Raid, the two also saved Kotome Nene during their retreat. In the same time period, Maki, Jack and Juha also reacted to a planned ambush by the CCG set in the 22nd Ward that was meant to trap Maki, but instead ended up working to the CCG's disadvantage. In the fight, Junko Kobayashi lost an eye and Kichirou Kurosawa was kidnapped, before then being tortured, experimented upon and turned into a Proto-Ghoul.

Eye for an Eye Arc - During the events of Eye for an Eye, Maki lead a team of ghouls whose goal was to protect Satoshi's 22nd Ward ghoul creation laboratory. Running into Ayano, Maki was shocked to see his friend betraying him and avariciously going for the boons of stealing half-ghouls and research. While the male ghoul clearly had the edge, he was ambushed by the mercenary Serafina Baxter, whom had arrived to Ayano's aid. Temporarily incapacitated, the vigilante was forced to watch as Shidu stole most of the half-ghoul research that he had wanted to send to Juha, as well as liberating the half-ghouls he'd wished to gift his scientist friend for experimentation.

Candlelight - Maki puts on his 22nd Ward alternate disguise when he joins in on the 12th Ward Branch Office attack, opting to steal data from the computers in the CCG server room instead of engaging in combat with ghoul investigators. Eventually, he meets Ayano Morino there and the two smoothen things out, but before they can meet again Ayano is killed by Izumi Okazaki and then turned into a Quinque.

Wild, Wild East - As Maki's ward is investigated by the CCG, Hirako - one of Maki's childhood friends - attempts to impede the CCG. He does, however, fail and die in a fight against the investigators. Having lost almost everyone he'd ever valued, Maki remained largely unaffected by his friend's death and simply proceeded to casually observe the efforts of the CCG to raid the Aogiri safehouse in the 22nd Ward. Eventually, he challenged Daren to a competition on killing CCG personnel, before he ran into Izumi Okazaki, whom he duelled. During the fight, Maki displayed the combat prowess of an S~ rated ghoul for the first time.

Starfall - Calmly observing the CCG raid on Anteiku, Maki had prepared a strike force with which he'd be able to strike at the CCG after they'd finished off Gemini. He did not, however, initiate the attack, concluding that accomplishing anything significant at that battlefield was no longer possible. His reasoning for that statement are unknown. Still, he remained at the site, observing the destruction of a place he once held dear and discussing it with an illusion of his father - result of his repeated cannibalism. After he returns to the Aogiri base, Maki briefly discusses the results of the simultaneous Quinx attack that resulted with the capture of Alisa Volkov. Praising Haruna for her success, the commander then got in contact with an old acquaintance of his for the purpose of selling the Quinx.

Platinum - After reuniting with Tojo, Maki arranges a deal where Aogiri Tree were hired as the guards for the auction of the Rose Club. Additionally, he also sold the captured Quinx to the hedonistic ghoul restaurant members. Using the vast sum accumulated from these two successes, the Aogiri leader establishes the final condition of the deal - Tatsuo Shinoda were to use his skill in forgery and counterfeiting in order to secure several property purchases in place of Aogiri, securing them the 12th Ward prison which they have since adapted into a base.


Name Details
Kotome Nene The two met in an Aogiri event, which resulted in them fighting. At first, Maki was slightly creeped out by Kotome's terrifying demeanour, but as their fight progressed, Maki took a liking to Kotome. After fighting him, Maki greatly respected Kotome's strength. Maki also saved Kotome after the Hospital Raid, grabbing the unconscious ghoul and taking him away from Izumi Okazaki, who had managed to incapacitate the younger Aogiri member. Afterwards, Maki is shown being concerned about his fellow comrade, even though he was quite rude in telling him to keep silent due to his condition. Upon discovering Kotome's charred room, Maki seemed to have expressed distress at his disappearance.
Daren Blackshire Maki met Daren in the Yuureien nightclub when he accidentally spilt his drink on Daren's clothes. The two then had a short conversation and Maki came to consider Daren "a very, very alright dude". Afterwards, they met several more times, where the two got the chance to do discuss many things, as well as have fun (once upon a time there was a snowball fight that may or may not have involved military grade hardware). Together with Veli Batsu, an old friend of Maki and Daren's lover, the trio had a great many enjoyable moments, solidifying their bond. The friendship of him and Daren developed further and further as they spent more and more time together. By the time tragedy started crawling back into the lives of the two men, they had already grown to cherish each other's company immensely. The two simultaneously underwent their transformations, the deaths of Veli Batsu and Ayano Morino finally pushing them over the line. The two only started to share an even deeper, stronger bond than before. With everything they've been through, the two only really truly trust each other. They had become brothers.
Veli Batsu This friendship goes back to the time when the vigilante was 16, while he was still employed as a waiter in Anteiku. Maki shared a close bond with his friend and the two even sometimes trained together. The ghoul had been shown to enjoy teasing Veli, although rarely to great effect. Veli on her own seemed to be protective of Maki, attempting to assist him on numerous occasions. In return, Maki also cared for Veli. The two had quite the funny relationship and usually try to help each other out in various ways. After Veli's death, Maki underwent tremendous mental pain and suffered a transformation that turned him into a colder, more bloodthirsty and hedonistic ghoul, signifying that Veli was a person that was integral to him.
Kota Okada Maki had shown to respect the older ghoul and seemed to value his opinion. He considered him a good friend and gladly tried to help him out whenever possible. Later on, when the two take over Aogiri together with Jack, Maki started seeing Kota as more and more a capable and respectable person and he was on very good terms with the fox-masked ghoul. Kota was also mentioned in Maki's conversation with Shidu, where Maki explained his concerns that even though the two were friends, Kota's moral compass might not fit with Maki's in the future. Afterwards, past the events of Jack's "resignation" from Aogiri, Maki came to respect Kota even more further as he proved himself to be quite the good leader, even though Maki himself found Kota to have become more ruthless than he was when he first met him. After his change, Maki seemed to behave even more casually around Kota, but his relaxed attitude and lack of hyperactive-like behaviour made him seem calmer instead of more excited.
Sierra Gray Maki met Sierra in Anteiku, during a special cafe event. At first he ridiculed the outfit Nikki had made the employees wear, but after some time he started a conversation with her. After a short chat, Sierra appealed to Maki's curious nature due to how mysterious she was about her ghoul life. Maki was curious enough to even consult an information broker in a bid to learn more about what she was up to.
Kana Itsuhara Maki had shown that he considered Kana to be "scary" (air quotes for effect). He seemed interested in knowing more about the new leader of Aogiri Tree. Upon discovering that Kana wasn't actually that worked up about things (if at all), he became more relaxed around the leader of Aogiri, although his faith in her leadership also wavered, put aside that she'd never managed to earn his respect. After the Hospital Raid he was shown expressing dissatisfaction with the way Kana treated him and his team, since despite the general defeat at the hands of the CCG, he, Ayano Morino and Kasumi Mokuzai were the only ones that had managed to retrieve any RC suppressants. Expecting praise but facing harsh treatment, Maki felt insulted. After Kana's disappearance, Maki seemed to harbour some sort of semblance of sorrow regarding her sudden leave. Still, due to only knowing her for a short time and not exactly being impressed with her, he didn't feel particularly impacted and quickly moved on. As he progressed and matured, the changed Maki considered Kana to be a total failure as a leader.
Nikki Futago Not much is known about what exactly happened during Maki's past in Anteiku, but it is shown that he treats Nikki somewhat coldly, although their discussions are pretty civil and somewhat friendly. Following Xeno's kidnapping, during which the Inquisitors framed Aogiri Tree, Nikki Futago approached Maki for information. Following a brief confrontation, Maki admitted to have no knowledge of any Aogiri attack on Anteiku. As Nikki left, the only real impact of the meeting had been Maki's mental change. Now convinced that Anteiku was no longer his home - what, with Nikki, a person he'd known for years, caring more about Xeno than his old friend, the young ghoul discarded the idea of even considering anyone involved with the organisation close to him. Maki then resolved to become stronger in order to protect his new home - Aogiri Tree. As time went on, after Jack Conklin's departure from Aogiri, Maki realised that in order to destroy the Inquisitors, he had to enlist the help of a powerful ally. In order to do that, he started an elaborate plan to get Nikki on his side. During his transformation, Maki recalled Nikki and seems to place a value on him and Anteiku.
Juha Weirwight Maki met Juha at the same Aogiri event he met Kotome at. He took interest in Juha because Juha seemed to be sitting idly away from the fights, just how Maki was trying to avoid combat. In order to express his interest, Maki quickly walked behind Juha, tapping him on the shoulder and saying "You're it." before giggling and walking away. This childish trick easily got Juha's attention, which was exactly what Maki had been going for. Afterwards, using his position as a Direct Subordinate of Kana, he used some of Aogiri's funds to purchase a sophisticated lab for Juha. The two were seen co-operating on various occasions and it appeared that Maki greatly cared for the scientist as is shown when he is horrified upon spotting an injured Juha after the Hospital Raid. Maki considers Juha to be a very intriguing and mysterious individual. He respects Juha's knowledge and skill in science. After Juha's disappearance, Maki was shown to greatly lament his loss and it seemed like gaining back his friend is one of Maki's primary motivations. Upon Juha's retrieval at the hands of Daren Blackshire, however, while Maki does seem to be in a good mood, he's nowhere close to being overjoyed, which speaks much about the transformation he had underwent.
Junko Kobayashi Maki ran into Junko at the same event he met Daren at. After they bumped into each other, Maki and her had some small talk. Maki had a somewhat positive opinion of Junko due to her polite nature, even though he hated everyone affiliated with the CCG. After the 22nd Ward Raid, where Maki initially failed to recognise Junko, which led to him blinding one of her eyes, he was shown to feel some regret about it (that he appears to no longer harbour in present days) and quickly knock her out in order to avoid injuring her further. As time went on, he encountered her yet again during Aogiri's storage attack. There, due to his carelessness caused by the intense, blinding rage he carried at the time, he was temporarily incapacitated. The two had a conversation at her home later that day and Maki decided that there's still some light in the world worth fighting the good fight for. Of course, this was all rendered nil when he was eventually forced to undergo his mental change due to Jack Conklin's supposed death. Currently, he doesn't care for Junko or her fate, but does find the idea of observing her to be quite amusing.
Kasumi Mokuzai There is little connection between Kasumi and him, given that they have only met a couple of times. He doesn't seem to have a negative opinion of her, however.
Kouta Matsushita He was shown to be quite invested into Kouta's story, listening to it with interest during his temporary assignment in the electronics store.
Atsui Koi The two seemed to establish a friendly connection after the discussion they had at the electronics store Maki was in charge of running.
Ayano Morino Ayano and Maki had been shown to be in friendly relations, frequently teasing each other. The two then meet again at the Hospital Raid, where they were put together in a team and they faced off against Alistair. Meeting again a couple more times after that, the two seemed to enter an infant friendship that got killed in development rather swiftly by the events of the Lab Raid, during which Ayano turned on the Aogiri member and attacked Maki. Emerging victorious, Maki did not kill her, but he felt severely betrayed and angered by the event. Upon meeting Ayano at the 12th Ward Branch attack a long while later, Maki seemed to reluctantly accept Ayano's apology and organised a meeting during which the two were meant to work things out. Unfortunately, Ayano died during the same event, leaving Maki to lament her fate and express further rage at the situation. Currently, the young man is completely over her death, although he seems to assign some sentimental value to the Quinque that Izumi Okazaki had had made out of her.
Shidu Originally, Maki and Shidu met in rather casual circumstances. It was implied that he found her company to be enjoyable, in addition to considering her somewhat attractive. He was also shown to have some interest in her position as a leader of the Inquisitors. Later on when he met her in Yuureien to discuss a possible job that the Inquisitors could do for Aogiri, Maki was slightly surprised at her sudden change of demeanour and of how easily she adopted such professional, cold behaviour. With the meeting growing to turn into a more casual and relaxed event, however, Maki seemed to enjoy the conversation he'd had with her. After their encounter at the Lab Raid and the result of it (Jack Conklin leaving Aogiri and the loss of important materials that were meant to draw Juha Weirwight back to Japan) Maki considered her to be an enemy and coldly looked forward to destroying her organisation. Following the tip-off he gave to the CCG, the Inquisitors and Yuureien were completely wiped out, leaving Maki with a sense of deep satisfaction at his vengeance.
Xeno Akizaki Maki seemed to be quite neutral about Xeno, listening to the Aogiri member whenever he has something to say.
Jack Conklin The initial meeting of the two in front of the Aogiri base resulted in a rather pleasant, friendly discussion. The next time they met, however, was when Jack challenged Maki for the title of Direct Subordinate. Finding the opportunity to fight against the former soldier quite entertaining, the vigilante engages the American ghoul in a duel. As the battle gradually began to become more and more prolonged, Jack eventually abandoned the fight, taking his leave out of the building - seeing that his opponent did not truly care for the Direct Subordinate position, the older ghoul saw no purpose in fighting further. Despite the circumstances, Kana whimsically decided to make Jack her Direct Subordinate, presumably having grown bored by the status quo. Following the fight, Maki became quite close to Jack, however, with the two co-operating in events such as the 22nd Ward Wintertide raid for quite some time to come. The celebrations the two share with Juha Weirwight are some of the more pleasant memories that Maki retained from that time. After the two took over Aogiri, Maki's respect of Jack only increased, with the younger ghoul considering him to be a voice of reason. During Maki's conversation with Shidu at Yuureien it is revealed that Maki considered Jack a person that's easy to get along with and valued him as a comrade, although he expressed his disappointment in himself for consistently failing to figure out Jack's true, inner motivations. When Jack left Aogiri, it became apparent that Maki greatly valued him as a friend, with the vigilante being concerned that if Jack were to no longer benefit from the protection provided by the Tree, he'd be killed. The man had such an effect on Maki that after the meeting, the young ghoul went on a rampage and made it his goal to wipe out the Inquisitors, whom he deemed to be the reason for Jack's departure. Upon discovering that Jack died (something that is actually untrue), Maki seemed to have undergone severe mental trauma at losing yet another one of his few still-living friends. This is also one of the triggers to his transformation into a hedonist.
Marune Nakamori Maki and Marune met in a coffee shop, where they had a friendly encounter, exchanging a bit of information about each other. Later on, Maki met her at the 22nd ward raid and attempted to fight her, but soon after recognising her, deciding that he didn't want to combat another person he knew. Abandoning the scene together with his comrades and another captured CCG investigator, the ghoul held some concerns about having wound up hurting not one but multiple people he'd known under his human disguise. During the post-22nd Ward fight private celebration in Aogiri's base between Maki, Juha and Jack, Maki is seen telling Juha how he found Marune to be "cute" (which is later repeated during his discussion with Kichirou, where he also pointed out that he found Marune to be adorable - something that is, quite frankly, true).
Izumi Okazaki The first meeting of the two swordsmen occurred in very standard circumstances - a simple coffee shop. The two quickly started a conversation, that spanned multiple topics, including their passion for kendo and even some philosophical discussion. Maki also discovered that Izumi was a CCG investigator armed with a sword-based Quinque - something that the youth was quite interested in obtaining at the time. He even went as far as researching Izumi online with the purpose of finding out more about him and his weapon. Upon finding nothing, he even decided to contact an information broker for the sake of gaining more intel. The two met again at a dojo during the winter, where they had a friendly duel and discussed kendo. At the end of their fight, Maki wondered if going for improvements aimed at his swordsmanship was the correct choice, given the clear advantages held by sword-zealots that dedicated their entire lives to mastering the blade. Following the events that stemmed as a result of Jack Conklin's supposed death, Maki encountered Izumi yet again at the 22nd Ward investigation, but this time he was a changed man. The two fought viciously solely for the sake of Maki's entertainment, with the later eventually acknowledging Izumi's edge in swordsmanship, before proclaiming that a ghoul doesn't even need a sword in the first place. Using his kagune blade, the two fought to a standstill, causing enough collateral damage that the environment could no longer hold. With their match being ended prematurely, the ghoul is still searching for a chance to meet Izumi again. Maki appears to hold some interest in the investigator, finding him particularly entertaining, most probably due to his combat ability, superior to that of any other human.
Kichirou Kurosawa In the past, Maki used to pity Kichirou, attempting to make the proto-ghoul's stay in Aogiri as best as possible and going as far as to even have offered the failed experiment that he'd take care of any ghouls that annoy him. He thought well of the proto-ghoul and expressed interest in learning more about where his future laid. One thing that the Aogiri leader is pleased about is Kichirou's obedience and the ease of which he complied to orders. Following Maki's change, the ghoul's opinion of Juha's little experiment has become fully neutral, although the hedonistic man also feels disappointment about the proto-ghoul's inability to be intriguing and pique his interest. Considering him boring, Maki shows no particular curiosity about Kichirou's actions or existence.
Haruna Suzuki Maki respects Haruna's goals, showing interest in her scholarly hobby and offering her any support that she might need to further pursue knowledge. Considering the scribe to be an intellectual, the Aogiri leader holds profound belief in her ability and appreciates her company. Still, the youth expresses disappointment in her lack of self-confidence and meekness, encouraging Haruna to grow bolder. She is also one of the only two people to hold a more intense bond with Maki from before his transformation. For that reason, Maki considers her a dear friend, putting his trust in her. He cares for her, wishing to see her flourish and develop further, both as a person and a fighter. The two are as close as they can possibly be, with the ghoul historian being Maki's most treasured subordinate, surpassing everyone else in terms of importance and doing so by a large margin. The bond they share seconds only to the one Maki holds with Daren.
Katherine Maki seems to think well of Katherine, although he's mostly neutral in his feelings about her. He finds her to be rather entertaining to be around.
Kane Heyma Maki used to consider Kane reliable due to Kota's recommendations, however he found the ghoul to be kind of creepy and definitely weird. He was also pissed at Kane for not following the plan at the Lab Raid. In recent days, after hearing that Kane had attempted to betray Aogiri, he seemed a lot less lenient, threatening to torture the other ghoul for hours if he'd refuse to confess to his actions. At the occurrence of Kane's second betrayal, Daren simply executed him, with Maki showing no interest in dealing with his former acquaintance.
Tojo Maki seemed to consider Tojo an OK guy to converse with and he didn't think badly of him, but enjoyed his company somewhat. After seeing how damn clueless Kane is and not believing Kotome to be the traitor at Lab Raid, Maki became certain that it was Tojo who betrayed Aogiri. Despite that, months later when the two reestablished contact, this time with Tojo being a representative of the Rose Club, the two got along quite nicely, arranging a mutually beneficial deal. In addition, Maki also stated that he valued Tojo's company, however briefly he enjoyed it.
Kaoru Tomori Having met Kaoru back at Anteiku, Maki seems to consider her to be a nice person and is somewhat interested in her.
Minato Tomori His first impression of Minato being that he is a little brat with little potential, Maki expressed doubts about the younger ghoul's reliability. In time, however, his suspicions were proven wrong, with Minato becoming a somewhat high functioning Aogiri member. Having gained some followers within the organisation, as well as presenting consistently decent performance, Maki decided to extend the boy an offer to become an Executive for Aogiri Tree

Powers and abilities Edit

General Attributes: Edit

  • High speed combatant: Given his nature as an Ukaku, Maki is very fast - even compared to other Ukaku ghouls, he's quite mobile and his manoeuvrability is formidable.
  • Tenacious fighter: Boasting a sturdy and durable frame that enables him to keep going strong in a fight even when facing serious hits, the youth is capable of engaging in prolonged fights without having to worry about taking too much damage. This ability makes him a challenging foe to take on, especially so for individuals that lack the means to inflict heavy injury.
  • Sub-par regeneration: Maki's regeneration seems to be somewhat below average, slowing his recovery from deep wounds.
  • Crafty combatant: The ghoul has been shown to be crafty and creative in fights, performing various strategies and tricks in order to get ahead of the enemy.
  • Skilled bladed weapons wielder: Due to his experience with knives, kendo and fencing, Maki is quite capable at using bladed weapons in fights.

Skills Edit

Hand-to-hand Edit

  • Proficient Aikido practitioner: Maki is a powerful hand-to-hand combatant, displaying considerable skill in Aikido. He's an experienced fighter that excels in blocking and dodging enemy attacks, as well as utilising grappling moves and techniques.

Swordsmanship Edit

  • Kendo/fencing practitioner: In the past Maki has studied and experimented with Kendo and fencing as hobbies. These skills allow him to be quite competent in wielding his "makeshift Quinques" and other bladed weaponry. Despite no longer feeling as enthusiastic about kenjutsu, the youth is still interested in honing his ability further.


  • Ukaku: The appearance of the Ukaku is that of a small, 20 x 20 cm gaseous cloud that highly resembles a flickering flame of radiant orange-red colour. This kagune is formidable at all distances. Unlike other Ukakus, he produces relatively huge projectiles that are one meter in length. He can propel these projectiles at ridiculous speeds and at very long ranges while retaining high accuracy. His kagune is capable of launching multiple RC spears at rapid succession, although that takes a considerable toll on his stamina. As a result of the high RC cell consumption of his Ukaku, Maki is only able to use it to shoot a limited amount. With his power increasing, this limitation has become considerably less pronounced. Additionally, Maki's RC spears are very energy-consuming not just because of their size, but also because they don't dissipate like normal Ukaku projectiles.
  • Ukaku Blade: Having attained a more advanced level of kagune manipulation, Maki is now capable of generating and enveloping a kagune blade around his arm. The kagune blade is fairly sharp and it is also durable enough to enable its use as a blocking and parrying tool. Boasting incredible lightness, it doesn't slow him down in the slightest, neither in moving, nor attacking. The blade offers him a reach as long as his arm and extends it a further 45 cm. It is a slim weapon and glistens in a mix of bright orange and yellow, much akin to a sunset.
  • Ukaku Wing: With his increase in power and continuous cannibalism, Maki's RC count has increased to the point where he has developed a second kakuhou - this one on the left in contrast to his previous one on the right. He now has the ability to generate a more standard wing from that kakuhou. The wing is very pale red in colour and is almost translucent. That kagune form is crystal-like, akin to other Ukaku, although even more so, appearing to be crystallised at all times. The wing is fairly standard except that it doesn't extend directly from the kakuhou - first, there is a two-three meter long, thin, crystal protrusion that is capable of movement. Only at the end does it spread into the the rather large wing, which is about two-three meters in size.


  • RC Sword: Maki has been shown to be capable of constructing his own weapons - RC swords that use his kagune projectiles as blades. The weapon consists in an RC spear from his Ukaku embedded within black steel casing and looks like a normal sword with a crimson blade. The RC spear, as a part of a kagune, is very robust and sharp, but the steel casing is not always tough enough and it's been shown that the weapon can be dismantled by stronger hits. It appears that strong Bikakus are the best at breaking the RC sword apart. Maki has shown considerable skill utilising this weapon.


  • Scorpion: The Scorpion Quinque is the first Quinque that Maki has managed to obtain. He acquired it in a fight against Alistair, much like how Alistair himself acquired it in a fight against Sado. Maki is skilled in wielding bladed weapons and is good at using the dagger in combat on its own, although he prefers utilising it as a parrying knife in combination with a larger weapon (such as his RC sword, for example). In recent days, he much rather prefers to use it as a utility tool, favouring his kagune over any other weaponry.

Gallery Edit

Bibliography Edit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
The Newcomers - Aogiri Tree Arc Maki meets Juuka during an Aogiri competition event.
The Newcomers - Factionless Arc Maki spars with his friend Veli at Miruno's training center.
Aogiri - The No Eyed King Arc Maki meets Juha, Kotome and Kana during an Aogiri recruitment competition event. He fights Kotome and manages to emerge victorious, resulting in him gaining the position of Direct Subordinate under the No-Eyed King.
Raiding the Railroad - Sign up Arc Maki prepares for the train attack and has a short conversation with Tatsuhiro Owari.
Raiding the Railroad Arc Together with Kasumi, Maki fights Jiro Horikoshi and Dan Hohen. The two Aogiri ghouls manage to run off with the RC suppressants, which results in their victory.
Raiding the Railroad - Aogiri/WGR Conclusion Arc Maki celebrates his victory in the train raid.
Wintertide - Aogiri Tree / Rogues - Sign up Arc Maki prepares himself for the hospital raid.
Wintertide - 22nd Ward Arc The CCG initiate an operation to neutralise Maki and his activities in the 22nd Ward.
Wintertide - Just according to keikaku Arc Maki notices the trap laid by the CCG and instead decides to disrupt the plan of the investigators, attacking from an unexpected location and calling reinforcements. As a result, some members of the CCG endure permanent injuries (such as Junko Kobayashi losing her eye) whereas others were kidnapped by Aogiri (such as Kichirou Kurosawa).
Wintertide - Hospital Raid Arc Maki participates in the hospital raid, retrieving a case of RC suppressants together with Ayano Morino and Kasumi Mokuzai. Maki and Ayano also briefly fight Alistair Bake. As a result of the fight, Alistair is forced to back down whereas Maki gains a new Quinque - Scorpion.
Wintertide - Aogiri Tree Conclusion Arc Maki is shown conversing with his fellow Aogiri members, as well as expressing his disappointment about Kana's harsh reaction.
Wintertide - The Unpleasant Reunion Arc Maki is confronted by Nikki Futago who wrongly thinks that Xeno Akizaki's disappearance has been caused by Aogiri and Maki. After a brief, one-sided fight, Nikki allows Maki to leave combat relatively unscathed.
Eye for an Eye - Aogiri Tree/Shuukaku - Signup Arc Maki is shown guarding the 22nd Ward lab belonging to Satoshi. During that time, he speaks to Kane Heyma and Tojo.
Eye for an Eye - 22nd Ward Lab Raid - Inquisitors/Aogiri Tree Arc Maki looks around the lab before Ayano Morino and Serafina Baxter move in on him. He then eventually starts a fight with Ayano, all the while Serafina remains hidden. Maki defeats Ayano after a short skirmish, but Serafina manages to take him out with a surprise attack and disables him with her Q-gun. Later on, Shidu herself shows up and has a brief talk with Maki in which she also mocks him and his abilities as a leader as he packs some of the documents belonging to Satoshi. This causes Maki to become rather hateful towards Shidu in the future.
Eye for an Eye wrap-up - Aogiri Tree/Shuukaku Conclusion Arc Maki makes his recovery inside an Aogiri hideout, speaking to many various members of the organisation.
Colourful Vocabulary Arc (statutory) Maki fights members of the Colourless, leading up to him getting recruited into the vigilante organisation.
Candlelight - Aogiri Sign-up Arc Maki prepares his equipment for the 12th Ward Branch Office attack.
Candlelight - Aogiri/Factionless/CCG Arc Maki participates in the Branch Office attack, meeting Ayano again, as well saving Kane from Kichirou and also managing to steal ghoul data from the CCG.
Candlelight - Aogiri Wrap-up Arc Maki "works out" Kane's discipline and betrayal issues by having a quick, nice talk with him. He also interrogates him about the events that occurred during the lab raid and asks him if he knows anything about Tojo or Kotome Nene.
Candlelight - Aogiri Tree/Anteiku Arc As Aogiri stage an attack on Anteiku in a bid to frame the Inquisitors, Maki, Minato and Kichirou have a small pretend-fight in order to make the ploy look more convincing.
Wild, Wild East - Aogiri Tree Build-Up Arc Maki meets up with Kota Okada and subtly discusses some of their plans. Kota also seems to express concerns about Maki overstepping his boundaries as a co-leader, which Maki quickly puts to rest by explaining his reasoning as to why Kane Heyma had to be spared.
Wild, Wild East - 22nd Ward investigation (Day 3) Arc Maki and Daren observe the CCG attack onto the 22nd Ward safehouse before they both dive into battle themselves. Maki encounters First Class Izumi Okazaki and an epic battle between the two acquaintances ensues.
Wild, Wild East - 22nd Ward Investigation (Day 4) Arc The ghoul evades a CCG attack launched against his apartment after Izumi Okazaki uncovered Maki's identity.
Starfall - Duality Arc The Aogiri leader observes Anteiku raid. Claiming a present impossibility to create "The Key", however, the commander and his troops remain inactive and merely spectate.
Starfall - Aogiri Wrap-Up Arc Wrap-Up Engaging in a brief discussion with Haruna Suzuki, Maki experiences cannibalism induced hallucinations of his father for yet another time.
Platinum - Apex Arc Observing the carnage at the Rose Club, Maki instructors Haruna on what to do. Later on, he has a run-in with Junko Kobayashi.
Platinum - Aogiri Tree Arc Wrap-Up Maki enjoys the new base Aogiri inhabit. Additionally, he calls for Minato Tomori, starting a meeting where he offers the boy a chance to become an Aogiri Executive.
Monochrome - Birds of Prey Arc Observing the battles led by Daren and Minato, eventually Maki decides to stage a little event, pitting Natalia Hana - the former Quinx squad leader - against the Quinx themselves.
Monochrome - Aogiri Tree Wrap-Up Arc Wrap-Up A meeting between Minato and his leader goes awry as Maki's Kakuja is revealed.
Spotlight - Half and Half Arc Build-Up Maki rounds up the ghouls that have previously fought the Quinx squad for the purpose of exchanging information and determining the true threat the Quinx project poses at large.
Spotlight - The Gambit Arc The Aogiri leader oversees the attack on the transport carrying Jack Conklin.
Spotlight - Old Wounds Arc Build-Up The Aogiri commander finally reunites with his old friend Jack Conklin after months of believing that he's long since been killed.
Spotlight - Aogiri Tree Intro Arc Intro Maki initiates the attack on TV Tower Sumida.
Spotlight - Worldstage Arc The Aogiri leader broadcasts his message and also has a run in with an old acquaintance.
Spotlight - Aogiri Wrap-Up Arc Wrap-Up Incision gives a victory speech in front of the new recruits.
Ascension - King Arc Maki initiates the Aogiri attack on Shibuya, then meets Asao Shirogane in combat. As the two men probe each other's defenses, Maki receives a scrape from Asao's quinque Thorn - a weapon made from Shidu's kagune. Prompted by the flood of memories, Maki's half-kakuja emerges and his rampage begins. Fortunately for Asao, he is joined by a determined Tadashi. Eventually, the conflict escalates into the most important one on the battlefield.
Ardent appearance One-shot Maki kills several human thugs and a 22nd Ward ghoul.
Important lessons One-shot Maki's university life sees light in this one-shot, as well as Maki's relationship with his friend Take.
Knock knock One-shot Maki hunts down a dangerous ghoul called "Little Giant" and kills him.
How to crash a tea party (pt.1) One-shot Maki fights and defeats a ghoul working for an information broker network.
Infamy One-shot Maki's activities get a mention on TV.
How to crash a tea party (pt.2) One-shot Maki establishes contact with the information broker for the first time.
Bite club (Parts 1-4) One-shot Maki goes out to a nightclub with his friend Take, only to get shot, encounter some ghouls and get ran over by a car.
Bite club (Part 5 - conclusion) One-shot Maki makes it back from the nightclub to the 22nd Ward, where he is intercepted by the local ghouls but later saved by his childhood friend Hirako.
Dream play & favourite role One-shot Maki has an ambiguous dream mostly about his past which inspires him to build a flamethrower.
X marks the spot (Part 1) One-shot Maki's first run-in with an Inquisitor.
X marks the spot (Part 2) One-shot Maki's first run-in with an Inquisitor.
Call Center One-shot Maki prank-calls Gozu (who's hiding in Siberia), the person who is responsible for the death of most of his childhood friends as well as the demise of the Three Blades Alliance.
To Redo; To Remake (featured) One-shot Maki gets his mask repaired as well as getting a new one at Tatsuhiro's shop.
Wildfire (Part 1) One-shot Maki's past part 1.
Wildfire (Part 2) One-shot Maki's past part 2.
Wildfire (Part 3 - Conclusion) One-shot Maki's past - final part.
Stalkception One-shot Maki ends up fighting several investigators who tried to ambush him, killing some of them with his new flamethrower.
(POP)Corn-I-Cool-Am One-shot Maki steals some RC suppressants for Kana.
Hello neighbour One-shot Maki goes on a date.
Trespasser /ambiguous/ One-shot Maki has a run-in with the 22nd ward ghouls.
O(H)M(Y)iNOES One-shot Maki finds out that fresh kagune markings similar to those his deceased father was leaving have been appearing around the city and goes investigating the matter.
A reference One-shot Maki recalls his past.
Hello again neighbour One-shot Maki looks up Izumi Okazaki on the internet in order to find out more about him and his sword Quinque.
Assuming Direct Control One-shot Maki decides to get his life in order as he starts working hard on improving his physique and ghoul abilities. He also reminisces over some of the events of Wintertide and those following shortly after. Finally, he claims the 22nd Ward from the local ghoul gang and declares it to be under Aogiri dominion. Maki reduces all ghoul activities in the area except for one - investigator killings, which are now handled by a mysterious ghoul named Kabuto.
A dish best served deadly One-shot Maki reflects on the events that had occurred in the recent past and reports Yuureien - as the base of the Inquisitors to the CCG in order to take his revenge.
Blackhole One-shot Maki undergoes severe changes due to the deaths of his friends.
Blur One-shot Directly following his fight with First Class Izumi Okazaki, Maki takes the underground tunnels up to the surface. Throughout his journey, he is kept company by an illusion of his father, marking the first cannibalism-induced hallucination that the ghoul has ever experienced.
The Royal Key One-shot Maki reunites with Juha Weirwight and both of them explore the science behind One-Eyed Ghouls (OEG reveal).
Anteiku Social Maki goes out and meets people in Anteiku.
Anteiku 2 Social Maki goes out and meets people in Anteiku.
Celebration at Yuureien Social Maki goes to Yuureien, meeting Daren Blackshire and Junko Kobayashi and establishing friendly relationships with both individuals.
Licking the Wounds Social Maki recovers from his wounds after the No-Eyed King's challenge upon her first appearance and celebrates with his comrades Kota, Juha, Kotome and others. He appears to become rather close with quite a few of them and treats them all with respect.
Those damn workplace assignments Social Maki temporarily works in an electronics shop, meeting several new people as a result.
Lukewarm Coffee Social Maki goes out to a coffee shop where he ends up encountering various people.
The Favour Social Maki makes a purposeful visit to :re.
The Season of Giving Public RP Maki buys gifts for various members of Aogiri.
Christmas Sales! Public RP Maki goes shopping and ends up meeting various people, including Shidu and Xeno Akizaki.
Trip to the Treehouse (Aogiri) Public RP Veli visits the base of Aogiri and meets Maki and company.
Kagune training, not for the faint of heart Public RP Maki meets Jack.
Challenging the Subordinate Private RP Maki is challenged for the Direct Subordinate position in Aogiri by Jack. Maki loses the fight and hence the title.
Snowball Fight and Ice Skiing Public RP Maki, Daren, Veli and Takahara engage in a snowball fight involving military-grade hardware.
"Ow-giri" Public RP Maki, Jack and Juha celebrate their 22nd ward success. Additionally, later on Kichirou gets publicly tortured.
Working Hard and Hardly Working Public RP Maki assists Veli with her training center.
Shibito Public RP Maki meets Kichirou Kurosawa after his transformation into a Proto-Ghoul.
Poor Man's Yalta Private RP Maki, Kota and Jack discuss the possibility of taking over Aogiri and leading it.
A new dawn Public RP Maki gives a speech about the future of Aogiri, subtly announcing his takeover together with Kota and Jack. The members are free to discuss the changes between each other and with the new leaders.
A Bloody Meeting Private RP Maki meets Katherine in the 11th Ward and discusses Aogiri with her, leading to her being recruited.
Just a little, super casual chat with the Inquisition Private RP Maki goes to Yuureien to discuss business matters with Shidu. He also meets Daren and Ayano.
Growing branches Private RP Maki, Kota and Jack have a meeting discussing their options in terms of expanding Aogiri's influence over the neighbouring wards.
J.K. Investigations Private RP Maki visits The Broker and asks about information regarding the Colourless and also provides The Broker with some information regarding his son, Kichirou Kurosawa.
Swift Farewells Private RP Maki discovers Juha's goodbye note, which leads to him reacting sharply due to his friend's sudden departure.
The Scribe's Archives Private RP Maki meets up with Haruna and she hands him in some information regarding the stronger ghouls she knows of, as well as a "rose tinted" version of ghoul history. Later on, Maki tries to arrange for a meeting between Haruna and the leadership of the Inquisitors in order to help her out in finding more information regarding Nikki Futago, the One-Eyed Cat abd the ghoul 'Patient'.
A change of pace Private RP Jack announces that he's leaving Aogiri to Maki and Kota. Seeing that yet another one of his friends is leaving him, Maki undergoes a severe mental breakdown which results in heavy consequences.
A walk in the park Private RP Maki stalks the area around Anteiku in a bid to extract information from a member of the group. While for the most part, he fails to learn significant new information after interrogating Kazuki Eiji, he still succeeds in framing the Inquisitors by killing Kazuki and disposing of his body close to Anteiku for Nikki to find
Console.WriteLine("Hello Forced Work!") Public RP Maki is forced to organise an event that promotes programming by his Operating Systems professor as a punishment for his low attendance. As a result, he ends up meeting various different people there.
A small piece of Kyoto Private RP Maki meets Izumi inside a dojo and the two proceed to have a friendly spar which Maki loses. Izumi gives him a few tips and tells him about his philosophy when it comes to swordfighting. Maki takes the advice, although he doesn't really pay it too much mind. Instead he mulls over whether he would truly need to improve his swordsmanship in order to achieve his goal of destroying the CCG or not.
Storage Wars Japan Private RP Maki starts a hit-and-run attack over a small CCG storage in a bid to take his revenge on the CCG. Shockingly enough, he finds out that he's pitted against Junko Kobayashi. The meeting with the long-familiar investigator helps return some of his sense right back in his head, however a fight still ensues. Due to his arrogance and carelessness, Maki takes two strikes at his blood vessels that are particularly effective, causing him to bleed quickly. He then attempts to escape, but fails. Junko then rescues him and takes him to her apartment, where Maki makes his recovery.
SENSATIONAL Private RP Maki rejoins Anteiku in order to be able to manipulate Nikki into fighting the Inquisitors.
The Branches of the Tree Private RP Maki and Kota assign ghouls to become their personal guard and appoint their lieutenants. Maki selects Katherine and Haruna to be the people that help him run his half of Aogiri.
Spring Haze Private RP Maki meets Kaoru and Minato at Anteiku and starts friendly conversation. He seems to be rather fond of Kaoru, although he's mildly wary of Minato whom he find to be rather hostile.
Something edgy Private RP Kichirou and Maki are told by Haruna that Jack Conklin is dead. As a result, Maki suffers a mental breakdown which later contributes to the severe changes to his character.
The Scribe's archive part 2 Private RP Maki meets Haruna and the two discuss various topics.
A change of duties Private RP Meeting Katherine, Maki speaks to her in order to inform her of her new position in Aogiri and in order to get to know her better.
Chain of Command Private RP The Aogiri leader gives a speech in front of the members of the Tree, explaining how the ghoul organisation will be led and inspiring his soldiers to fight against the CCG. Additionally, he also gets a chance to show what happens to people who engage in insubordination.
There and back again Private RP Maki receives a phone call from Toki, Jack's wife.
Lens Private RP Pleasantly surprised by a visit from Daren, Maki and his best friend spend a bit of time engaging in some good old casual talk.
Reality - The Scribe's Regret (2/3) Private RP Approached by Haruna for a conversation, Maki welcomes his trusted friend into his office.

Trivia Edit

  • While Maki used to be actively on the lookout for a sword Quinque to replace his RC sword with, it appears that the weapon now carries some sort of sentimental value to the young man. It is unknown whether he's still seeking a sword Quinque at all.
  • The ghoul has been noted to be somewhat excessively curious.
  • Maki enjoys playing chess and he also liked teasing his friends before all of them except for Daren died.
  • Maki had been shown to engage in frequent monologues. This trait of his has been diminished to essential non-existence after he matured.
  • Maki used to hate people who get too worked up over things, the CCG, debt, change, hypocrites and his former co-worker Takiwara. Following his transformation, he has really only retained his dislike for hypocrites. Of course, he doesn't exactly harbour fond memories of Takiwara.
  • Maki used to like sleeping, hunting annoying ghouls and totally ridiculous over-the-top action movies. After having matured, the ghoul largely enjoys exploring new horizons and trying out new things, no matter what type. He's grown to have quite the hedonistic nature. He has also developed a soft spot for wines.
  • It has been noted that Maki often evades questions that put him in a hard spot. After he matured, the ghoul still opts to avoid questions from time to time, but solely because he finds the possible result of it entertaining. There are no questions that can put him in a hard spot anymore.
  • Maki's Ukaku projectiles don't dissipate, which enables their usage as bladed weaponry.
  • Maki was shown to be obsessed with Quinques. After having matured, Maki's interest in the weaponry has persisted, although it's grown a lot milder and he's no longer excessively passionate about them.
  • Despite being a speed-based combatant, ironically enough Maki has been shown stating that he hates fighting speed-based combatants. Furthermore, he has also stated that he hates fighting Ukakus, even though he himself, is, an Ukaku ghoul.
  • It is very strongly implied that Maki cooks his "food" and eats using cutlery. It is hinted that this habit has been adopted from his mother.
  • Maki's Scorpion dagger is the oldest Quinque on the subreddit and has passed through the hands of more users than any other Quinque.
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