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Toba Makura (枕鳥羽, Makura Toba), is a Ghoul working for The Colorless. He's currently living somewhere in the 14th Ward, but can occasionally be found lurking in the 3rd Ward keeping eyes on a redheaded little girl.

Toba Makura
Name Toba Makura
User /u/Evil_Idol
Alias The Scythe (大鎌, Oogama)
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 24
Gender Male
Birthday May 31st
Height 5'10" (177.8cm)
Weight 160lbs (72.5kg)
Blood Type AB
Affiliations The Colorless
Ward 14th Ward
Rc Type Rinkaku
Rating B+
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Toba stands at 5'10" and he's topped off with shaggy purple hair. He has a thin, lean body that is noticeably muscular, but not overly so. His eyes are a dull lavender color that almost blend with the whites of his eyes the in right lighting. He also has a pair of reading glasses and a tattoo of his daughter's name on the underside of his right forearm.

While hunting he dawns a black reinforced sleeveless hoodie, dark colored pants, and black combat boots. He wears a mask that only covers from his nose down, but manages to keep the motif of his old mask, a laughing skull. His Colorless bandanna is usually wrapped around his right forearm.


A bit closed off and likes to keep his deeper feelings to himself. However, that doesn't stop him from interacting with others given the opportunity. Toba likes to be a bit of a smart alack and loves his sarcasm. But he takes personal matters rather seriously. He has a high regard for respect and family.


In his teenage years, Toba befriended a human girl named Anna, Noko's biological Mother.

-More to be revealed-

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Strengths: Toba excels in what most Rinkaku Ghouls excel at, his brute strength and regenerative prowess. He also is fairly athletic, being able to remain in combat for long periods of time with out tiring. Toba is also quick to adapt to his opponents, predicting their next move more accurately as he learns their attacks.
Weaknesses: Toba is rather fragile in terms of his defensive capabilities, when he gets hit he gets hit hard. He also isn't particularly fast. While his fighting style presents him with a unique advantage in combat, it also slows his maneuverability and thus weakening his defensive options as well as offensive follow ups. Toba tends to get overconfident in battle and ends up being overaggressive and overextending, putting himself in dangerous situations. Also, if one were to threaten his daughter, he usually loses focus and succumbs to the anger felt by such a threat, causing him to fight recklessly with no concern for his own well being.


Type: Rinkaku

Appearance: His Kagune is a deep, shimmering violet that he usually manifests as one curved scythe-like tentacle, hence his alias.

Strengths: Toba's taught himself to wield his Kagune like the weapon it resembles as opposed to the typical way of fighting with a Rinkaku. Think of it as if he was using his own Kagune as a Quinque. He uses this style to his advantage in unique ways to fend off attacks and strike back with fierce skill and precision.

The serrated edges of the scythe’s handle enable Toba to tear the flesh from any opponent he can get close enough to or tries to block the handle without proper protection.

Weaknesses: The way he wields his Kagune makes him almost as slow as Koukaku Ghouls. He also doesn't utilize the multiple tentacles very well at all, sticking to using just one instead further restricting his defense.

The serrated edges are very much a double edged sword. An opponent, given the opportunity, can use the serrated edges to grind into Toba. Also, improper handling of the scythe could easily cause Toba to damage himself.

Mechanics: Being a Rinkaku, it's natural form is to be manifested in several tentacle-like structures. However, Toba prefers with wield it similarly to a Koukaku user, spiraling it around his left arm and extending into his hands for him to hold. While using it like this, the end of his kagune curves outward into a blade resembling the blade of a scythe.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Wild, Wild East - House Call Arc A month after his last tangle with Aogiri, Toba is paid a visit by a familiar face.
Platinum - Apex Arc Toba's first real mission as part The Colorless. The vigilantes infiltrate a despicable Ghoul auction house, but when the CCG and Aogiri are both present, things go haywire!
Dark and Warm One-shot Another day for the Teacher's Assistant in the 11th Ward.
...Today, huh? One-shot Taking place after his run in with the Aogiri Ghoul Kamen, Toba desperately needs to feed to heal and the only nearby source of food is his daughter.
Once a Year One-shot Sometimes one can only watch from afar on a night like this.
A Nice Day Social Toba brings his daughter to the park on such a nice day. What starts as a normal day becomes meetings with all new faces with their own motivations.
To Old Friends & New Social A father and his daughter find themselves in the 20th Ward and stop by a popular Coffee Shop.
Where Everybody Knows Your Name Social After a rough few weeks, Toba stops by a Ghoul friendly bar in his home Ward and reunites with a familiar Albino.
A Night on the Town RP The Scythe runs into an unexpected guest while hunting, The Hangman.
Scavengers RP Toba gets stuck working late and when he finally returns home something, or someone, is missing.
Training With Sensei RP Toba's been away from deadly combat for too long and needs to practice. How convenient that The Colorless' new base of operations is hidden within a dojo owned by their very own Junko Kobayashi.
Let's Talk, Father to Father RP After a long absence from The Colorless, Toba is called in to speak with Abdullah Yousef, one of the new leaders, to explain himself.


Name Details
Makura Noko His six year-old daughter. While not biological, Toba loves her as though she were. A Dove currently has custody of her after discovering she was recovering from a Ghoul attack in a hospital on the border of the 11th Ward.
Silas Aberdeen Toba met Silas while he was out hunting for food in the 11th Ward. He knows him by the alias The Hangman, and took an interest in his vigilante ways. The two ended up fighting side by side as part of the vigilante group The Colorless, Silas becoming more of a mentor to Toba as their relationship progressed. Silas having now retired in his old age, leaves Toba short on allies he can truly call "friend."
Kamen A ruthless member of Aogiri who introduced himself by kidnapping Toba's daughter. They've battled each other twice since meeting and both times Toba has been the one on the losing end, surviving once by Kamen's mercy and the other to The Hangman's rescue. In both their battles Kamen has seen fit to lecture him on being a better father to Noko, as though he has some twisted affection for the child. Whatever his motives may be, Toba does not plan to lose next time they come face to face.
Haruna Suzuki An oddly dressed scribe Toba caught writing about him and his daughter while they were spending a day at the park. While he has his suspicions about the albino, Noko has taking a liking to her and was even gifted one of her bandages to wear as a headband. Toba has maintained a positive relationship with her and was introduced to The Colorless and its original leader, Tadashi Hisakawa through her.
Tadashi Hisakawa Former leader of The Colorless and introduced to Toba courtesy of Haruna Suzuki. Toba is thankful for Tadashi giving him a goal when he was clouded by insecurity and doubt.
Junko Kobayashi Former Dove and fellow member of The Colorless, they first met upon Toba's return to the fold. Upon recommendation by the leader of Colorless, Toba was to enter under Junko's tutelage to ensure he was combat ready for what's to come. Beyond the Student/Teacher dynamic, they seemed to along easily. Toba enjoys her company.
Abdullah Yousef Another member of The Colorless Toba met on his return to the front lines. The two became fast friends and shared a bond over their status as parents. They've since worked together on several missions and look out for one another.
Rai Kamiya A newer member of The Colorless, Toba helped initiate the young Ghoul by sparring with him at the Dojo. Toba likes the kid and sees him as a little brother of sorts.




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