Mana Fujimoto
Name Mana Fujimoto
User /u/FogKnight22
Alias Renard
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 44
Gender Female
Height 5'9"
Ward 19th Ward
Rc Type Bikaku
Rating A+
Image Gallery
Mana Fujimoto is a ghoul who resides in 19th Ward. She is employed over at Fomy's management staff, a mobile phone chip manufacturer which is the same company Kaoru Tomori works in. She is known to CCG as Renard

Appearance Edit

Mana has a long jet-black straight hair, which she wears as a pony-tail with usually when she gets out of her house. Her hair also has two long bangs that hide her ears. She has light-blue eyes, freckles around her petite nose and cheeks, and small lips. Mana is 5’9” tall, and has a slim physique.

She usually wears elegantly during her work-hours as a secretary even though she would prefer to wear casually, which she does during her free-time outside of her house. Her favorite outfit consists of a red flannel shirt, dark blue jeans, and black sneakers with vertical white stripes at the sides. She also usually wears sunglasses during her free-time, but places it on her shirt when there isn’t sun around.

Personality Edit

Mana is quite of a confident woman in terms of her opinions and looks, knowingly pursues certain things and getting what she wants because of that as she takes advantage of her superior traits. She would do anything for her loved ones’ happiness.

Mana is quite light-hearted, caring, and affectionate woman towards her loved ones, along with their acquaintances. She also gets easily bored when it comes to her own work, but could handle it as she, for some reason, loves her job even though it could be quite taxing for her stress.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Strengths: Mana is quick in both her movements and reflexes. She also posseses above-average stamina. Mana also has a quite flexible body, along with having a good pain tolerance. She also possesses some experience in street-fighting. Mana's bikaku kagune at its end-point is also quite sharp.

Weaknesses: Even though Mana has some experience in street-fighting, she doesn't have any sort of experience towards different combat situations. She also has slightly below average bikaku kagune, and physical durabilities.

Kagune Edit

Type: Bikaku

Appearance and Mechanics: Mana's bikaku kagune is a long whip-like purple tail which has a blade-like end-point that would seem to look like a sharp machete was connected to it. Her bikaku kagune is pretty similar to Bin Brothers’ one functionally.

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