Megumi Hashimoto
Name Megumi Hashimoto
User /u/Hydrocalypse97
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 18
Gender Female
Birthday December 12th
Height 5'4
Blood Type B
Affiliations Aogiri Tree
Rc Type Rinkaku
Rating C-
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While she mostly appears to be a typical Japanese girl with her armpit length hair, 5’4 stature and fair skin. Megumi sports a rather curvaceous frame much to her displeasure. With a rather impressive bust and wide hips, features that she considers strange and that should probably be covered. She enjoys wearing baggy clothes since she fears vulgar attention from men. Also she’s isn’t very fond of the bright purple color that her hair took. Her eyes are a lovely shade of green though.


Having lived a rather sheltered life in a strict orphanage north of Tokyo, Megumi is used to following rules and orders to get by. Growing up, she learned how to become a self sufficient ghoul who has no problem killing and hunting her prey. She’s quiet and obedient with an academic spirit, curious about the world around her. Taught to be a composed young woman, she tries her best to hold back dangerous emotions such as lust, anger, sadism and pride. Believing them to be self destructive

Megumi believes that ghouls should strive for survival and feels like they’re better due to their enhanced abilities, but knows they’re outnumbered by the damned humans and their quinque. Feeling like living in fear is the only way they can get by. She isn’t great with people and has trouble understanding them as one would expect from a young shut in.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Strengths: Her speed rivals Ukakus and she excels at regenerating wounds, Megumi would find herself comfortable at mid range distances in battle. Her average stamina is nothing special, but would prevent her from burning out as quick as a Ukaku.

Weaknesses: Despite some training, Megumi lacks much combat experience. Her body is fragile by ghoul standards and her physical strength is lacking as well. As a fighter she is quite reliant on her kagune.


Type: Rinkaku

Appearance:Two light blue Rinkaku tentacles that possess rather sharp points and some scales over it

Strengths/Weaknesses: Her tentacles are sharp and able to stab into precise targets, the scales that decorate it offer a fair but limited amount of defense. But the tentacles aren’t very thick and the scales only protect 65% of each one, a decent eye could slice through the exposed flesh or heavily damage it with a well placed blow. As useful as her kagune is, repeated attacks and movements of it drain her stamina. A fact that makes her awful for drawn out battles.

Mechanics: They can spin for drilling into durable kagune and quinque, though this process wouldn’t as easy it would sound. She also wields a masterful amount of control of it, understanding it’s reach and how much time she has to use it.


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She enjoys reading books and has an especially strong interest in internet usage and TV, having been denied such things growing up.

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