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Mei Haruko
Mei JokersMaze colour.png
Name Mei Haruko
Japanese Name 晴子メイ
User Edadinasni
Species Human
Status Deceased
Age 13
Gender Female
Height 140 cm
Weight 37 kg
Affiliations Inquisitors
Ward 11th
Rating B
Quinque Scorpion
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Mei Haruko (晴子メイ, Haruko Mei) is a human.


Mei is a pale-skinned young girl with long, pitch-black hair that reaches all the way down to her lower back and forms some bangs that adorn her forehead. Occasionally the hair finds its way forwards and rests on her narrow shoulders and torso. Her body is very slim. This in combination with her height and young age conveys a somewhat frail appearance.

Her dark brown eyes are vacant and reflect no light, matching her unchanging blank expression and non-existent body language. When not using her arms, they simply hang loosely by her sides. She keeps her head slightly tilted downwards most of the time.

Her constant wardrobe usually includes easy to blend-in urban clothing such as hoodies, jeans and sneakers. She has a habit of wearing a dark beanie. She carries a brown shoulder strap bag.

Powers and Abilities[]

Nonexistent Presence: Mei's presence is nearly nonexistent, blending into both the shadows and the society effortlessly. One would need to be ridiculously perceptive to detect her physically among the shadows. She is neither ghoul nor physically threatening, usually making it illogical for anyone to suspect her of anything.

Unreadable: Mei's blank expression and body language make it hard for anyone to get a good read on her.

Nimbleness and Dexterity: Her body is small, nimble and thin, giving her the ability to fit in places hard for the common eye to reach. She has great control over her light body, making her agile and nimble fingers very helpful in many small tasks, and her light feet soundless to all but the most attentive and hearing-blessed individuals.

Bad Fighter: She is physically frail, her only redeeming feature being her above average speed. Is in possession of a Scorpion and might fend off some attacks, but victory in combat seems near impossible.

Involvement (chronological order)[]

Event tl;dr
Snow Garden Mei met Shidu and Ran personally for the first time and became an official member of the Inquisitors. Ran lent her a Scorpion quinque.
Spelling Eternity Scouted surrounding area of Yuureien for the Inquisitors and provided outside information. Observed Hayato, Isadora, Sachi, Ryu and Takahiro. Catched brief glimpses of the Nikki vs Ran fight, and is aware of the blue-haired man's kakuja.
[EYE FOR AN EYE] Phantom Garden [Private RP] Summoned by Shidu. Received info on Maki, Kane, Kotome and Tojo. Was tasked with finding the location of a certain place Aogiri has sent these members to guard. Decided to investigate Kane.
Surveying the 20th ward. Searched the 20th ward for Kane. Spent time at Anteiku, meeting Nikki and Sango. By nightfall, Shidu called her informing of Tojo's location. She met Tojo at an unspecified café and successfully bribed him for the location of Aogiri's lab in the 22nd ward.
[ARC SIGNUP Eye for an Eye — Inquisitors] Met Serafina Baxter. The older mercenary tried to persuade Mei to leave the organization and go live with her. Mei denied the offer and became suspicious of Sera's agenda.
[ARC WRAP-UP Eye for an Eye — Inquisitors Conclusion] Shidu informed Mei and the other Inquisitors on the mission's success. Mei took her reward and left.
Friendly Monologuing Sango taught her a lot of abstract and difficult concepts.
Severed Future RIP


  • Her current apartment is right in front of Yuureien, the third floor right across the street.


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