Mieko Mizushima
Name Mieko Mizushima
User /u/2manyarlongs
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthday 5th August
Height 165cm
Weight 54kg
Blood Type B
Relatives Kenjiro Mizushima (Father)

Abbigail Mizushima (Mother)

Ward 8
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Mieko Mizushima is a professional roller skater currently residing in the 8th ward where she lives with her family.</p>


She has long aqua blue hair parting in the middle, heart-piercing dark blue eyes, soft brown skin. Prefers to wear her gym kits and jogging uniforms when going out. Wears glasses as she has very poor eye-sight.


She comes off as being a brim and cheerful person bursting with energy. Her positive attitude and aura provide others around her that are depressed with a source of warmth and care. Having lived in the States for practically all her life, she is not a fluent speaker of Japanese but she is practicing! When the going gets tough she tends to get a bit rough.


She was born in Tokyo, daughter of a happily married Swedish and Japanese couple where they resided in the 8th ward with her family before they decided to move to America for unknown reasons. In the states she took up on education at a local school where she founded a Slalam skating club. She dropped out of middle school to pursue a career in her hobby, slalom roller-skating. Shortly after winning the national championship, her family decided to take a flight back to 8th ward, Tokyo to celebrate new year with their Japanese relatives residing there.</p>


Athletic Fitness - Being a regular performer at events she has had to train her body to reach new heights of athletic fitness granting her a lot more speed, jumping capabilities and strength than most girls at her age. However, her true potential is being held-back by her under-developed body so if she over-exerts herself too much she may end up pulling a muscle. Professional level rollerblading skills - Having started riding rollerskates at the age of 6, she has pro-level slalom rollerblading skills. She has now competed in multiple local and regional competitions as well as a national level junior women championship coming out on top. She can spend up to even a full day travelling on her roller skates and has traveled distances greater than 100km. She has very little to no fight experience or knowledge having never been in a fight.

Relationships Edit

Name Details
Velvet Devoré She was the first Tokyo native outside of her family that Mieko met who also happened to speak English. Mieko sees Velvet in a good light after they met inside the 22nd Ward's Book-store "Book Joint".


  • She has been developed to be the almost panaramic opposite of Kotome Nene.
  • One of the happiest humans in the whole of TGRP.
  • Is a really good fisher.


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