Miharu Araki is an exceedingly reluctant Aogiri conscript living against her will in the Aogiri base. She has a brother that she loves very much.

Miharu Araki
Name Miharu Araki
User /u/Circle_the_Earth
Alias Ballerina (recently acquired)
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthday November 2nd
Height 5'2" (1.57m)
Weight 115lbs (52.1kg)
Affiliations Aogiri, unwillingly
Ward 12th originally, now 13th
Rc Type Rinkaku
Rating B
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Miharu is a wispy girl that gives the impression of looking “soft” from her large brown eyes, thin appearance, and youthful facial features. Despite that, she is surprisingly athletic due to her extensive dancing background. Her hands, likewise, seem to be delicate but are actually calloused from her various hobbies. She has light-brown hair, on the border between brown and a dark blonde. Her skin is a slightly more tan than the average Japanese, and she offsets how brown she appears overall with brightly colored attire. Desperate to avoid standing out too much given her tenuous position in Aogiri, she often scuttles around the base in a standard Aogiri cloak with the hood up and a standard Aogiri mask.


Being effectively enslaved by Aogiri has left Miharu timid and underconfident in almost everything she does. She loves her little brother, Taki, dearly and being bullied and terrified by the ruffians around her has done nothing to dampen her protective spirit. Miharu would gladly sacrifice anything to keep Taki from experiencing the horrors of their situation. When alone with Taki or allowed to be somewhere that she isn't actively fearing her life, a completely different personality emerges, one that is cheerful and more boisterous. In these times, she enjoys a bit of silliness and teases Taki relentlessly as all older siblings must. There is also a surprisingly authoritarian streak to her in terms of making sure Taki keeps up with his studies and grows up as a morally sound individual. Miharu hates pain, blood, and death.

Unsurprisingly, when not being terrified by others, Miharu has a teenager's rebellious streak and has a tendency to get huffy when insulted. She is sometimes quick to anger under situations of stress.


As always, to be RP'd

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Incredibly Skilled Dancer: Miharu has years of training in dancing, mostly ballet but including other styles. This coupled with a substantial amount of talent makes her an entrancing sight.

Master of Mundane Skills: Relatively independent from a young age, Miharu is skilled in a number of household, non-combat skills including cooking, sewing, and other household tasks. She is proficient in certain hobbies that will be revealed over time.


Strengths: Nimble and athletic, Miharu is good at keeping herself out of trouble. Her natural grace makes her able to keep balance well in destabilizing situations.
Weaknesses: Sorely lacking in power, regeneration, and combat experience. A fast runner but not particularly efficient in terms of strikes or anything of a martial art sort.


Type: Rinkaku

Appearance: Her Rinkaku manifests as two thin-looking ribbons that are light-red almost to the point of appearing pink. They are made of fine scales of kagune, giving them a shimmer when they reflect light. The edges are surprisingly sharp, but the tips do not end in a point but rather a rectangle, much like ribbon would.

Strengths: Light and easy to manipulate. Flexible due to their thinness.

Weaknesses: Not particularly powerful, especially relative other Rinkaku. Can be torn very easily due to their insubstantial nature.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Spotlight - Worldstage Arc Miharu is forced onto the front lines of the TV Tower Sumida raid, though spends most of it hiding behind a concrete barricade. When the investigator Ibuki Tanaka engages her, she mostly spends her time trying to get away and cowering in fear. To her relief, Ibuki lets her go and moves further into the building. Having "done her part," she slips away and hides wherever she can.
[link thread title] One-shot description
[link thread title] Social description
Chance Encounter RP Miharu meets a boy about her age named Yuuto. They clash at first but soon become friends through their collective cowardliness. Both discover that they are looking for their recently missing parents. Learning of Miharu's situation, Yuuto returns with her to the Aogiri base to help her escape. A great deal of trials ensue, but they make it into the base safely. They ultimately decide to sleep on it after Yuuto meets Miharu's little brother, Taki.
Dance of the Sunlit Spring RP Miharu finally manages to secure a room for her to practice dancing away from other ghouls only to have it ruined by Minato. After being thoroughly bullied and having her circumstances coaxed out, Minato allows her to use the room. This is after a "fight to the death" and series of tests. In the end, Miharu is allowed the room and given Minato's tentative "protection" in exchange for apparently forced combat training.
Ward Hopping RP Allowed a rare moment of excursion away from the base thanks to Minato's indirect influence, Miharu takes some time to wander the 14th Ward. While out there, she runs into a ghoul named Rai who proceeds to chat her up. Initially suspicious, she goes along with whatever he's trying to do anyway because she's starved for normal interaction (and also because he's pretty attractive). They go to a temple and have a chat, discovering as most do that they have their similarities and differences. It takes altogether too long to realize that Rai is interested in her, and, while she can't commit yet, they exchange numbers and plan to meet up again.


Name Details
Taki Miharu's little brother. As the only member of her family whose location and safety are certain, she protects him with everything she has. Loves him a great deal but is hardly above messing with him as older siblings tend to.
Ibuki Tanaka Miharu encounters Ibuki at TV Tower Sumida. The investigator threatens to kill her, but Miharu, through sheer luck and cowardice, is able to convince the woman to keep moving and leave her alone.
Minato Tomori A bully, a creep, and a jerk. Miharu feels slightly indebted to him for protecting her from the tormentors that conscripted her into Aogiri. She is now obligated to combat train with him for 2 hours a day, 3 days a week.
Yuuto Kimura Yuuto is a ghoul that is slightly younger than Miharu. They share a similar degree of immaturity and dislike for violence. They've worked out a plan to escape Aogiri together with Taki and hopefully find a more peaceful place. As it stands, they are surprisingly good friends given that they've only known each other a few weeks. Miharu and Yuuto feel similarly protective of each other, perhaps believing that the other needs their protection to survive.
Rai Kamiya Miharu and Rai met in the 14th Ward when Rai decided to chat Miharu up. She was wary at first, having nothing but bad experiences with most ghouls. The two had their fair share of differences, and the first conversation was somewhat awkward, but they shared a mutual interest. Unable to really "date" properly because of Miharu's situation, they were able to set up future meetings and exchanged numbers. For now, it's cute but far from official.




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