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Mio Tanazuki

Mio Tanazuki is a natural born ghoul rresiding in the 20th ward. She is currently not affiliated with any factions.

Mio Tanazuki
Name Mio Tanazuki
User /u/Owling_to_the_beat
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 14
Gender female
Height 155 cm
Weight 53KG
Affiliations None
Ward 20th Ward
Rc Type Koukaku
Rating C-
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Mio is currently suffering from severe memory loss.


Mio has relations to the ghoul Kane Heyma, she is residing in Kane's previous hideout in the 20th ward.


Has a frail body and is unable to utilize her kagune well, relies on hand to hand combat.

Usually in a good mood.

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